Ancient Ruins

The Mayans, a civilization dating all the way back to 1600 BC, were dominating native inhabitants in Mesoamerica. The Mayan empire’s golden era lasted from 250 to 900 AD, with both the sixth century marking the height of its dominance and strength. Unlike other native groups of their day, the Mayans were equally competent in a single geographic area, most notably what is now known as the Yucatan Peninsula. That is why this territory of Mexico now is practically teeming with Mayan ruins!

The Ancient Ruins were renowned for their arts and culture, which included hieroglyphic writing, ceramics, timetable, maths, and, of course, contemporary art. The Mayan monuments in Mexico attest to their capacity to construct beautiful structures and towns within the confines of a tropical rainforest environment. Additionally, they are an excellent resource for learning about Mayan history, customs, and ways of living.

The Maya people continue to live today, with an approximate seven million Maya descendants residing in Central and South America. Over 4,400 Mesoamerican sites exist across Latin America, with the majority of them in Mexico. One may easily spend a lifetime investigating Mexico’s ruins. However, given that you are unlikely to have a millennium to spare while in Mexico on vacation, here are some of the top Mayan and Ancient Ruins sites in Mexico.

Chichen Itza | Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins

Chichen Itza is always a must-visit Mayan Ruins site in Mexico. These are likely the very well-known Ancient Ruins in the world, located not that far from Cozumel. Further, it is a National Monument. You cannot miss the Temple of Kukulcan (alternatively referred to as La Castle), the 30-meter cone with columns that dominate the grounds.

Apart from that, there seems to be a lot to discover in this about six-square-mile Ancient archaeological complex. There are dozens of ruins to examine, with the Grand Balls Courts and the Sanctuary of Tigers being particularly noteworthy.

If you come at the October or springtime summer solstice, you’re in for a special treat, as Chichen Itza transforms into a carnival-like environment to commemorate the event. Furthermore, the movement of foreground and background light on La Castle will be a visual treat. Make a point of spotting the weird yet amazing sight of a colossal serpent descending the monument!

Tulum Ruins

Ancient Ruins

The Tulum monuments are incredibly lovely when set against the Mexican shoreline. They’re well worth visiting if you’re visiting in Riviera Maya, particularly if you’re staying in Tulum because they’re only a 15-minute walk from town.

The Maya ruins are set against a steep cliffside, and you’ve assured breathtaking vistas all around. While the Castillo is undoubtedly the most spectacular structure on the site, don’t overlook other structures like the well-preserved Dome of Murals.

Another wonderful element of the Tulum remains is the isolated beach under them. Due to the popularity of the Tulum ruins, it is preferable to come early morning or before they close.

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Coba Ruins

Ancient Ruins

For a less crowded place, visit the Ancient Ruins near Coba. For a less crowded place, visit the Mayan ruins near Coba. Coba is a significant Ancient architectural marvel located about 25 miles south of Tulum. How large is it? Over 50,000 Mayans formerly lived here in an area covering around 50 miles of rainforest.

Coba is among the few Mayan remains in Mexico where visitors may climb the hills, so be prepared to take the 120 stairs up Nohoch Mul. It’ll be worth it once you see the remainder of the Baystate site and the lovely flora surrounding you! There is a lot of lands to cover in Coba, so it’s advisable to hire a bike and cover as much land as possible.

Ek Balam

Ancient Ruins

If you’re looking for more preserved Mayan ruins in Mexico, travel to Ek Balam (which translates as “black jaguar” in the Original language). This historical site contains about 40 surviving structures, which provide an excellent representation of what this Ancient Ruin looked like. 

If you’re looking for more preserved Mayan ruins in Mexico, travel to Ek Balam (which translates as “black jaguar” in the Original language). This historical site contains about 40 surviving structures, which provide an excellent representation of what this Ancient Ruin looked like.

As with Coba, Ek Balam is yet another Mayan ruin with a major pyramid which you may climb – so don’t miss it! The vista is quite magnificent. Other activities include a plunge in the X’Canche volcanic crater and a search for remnants of paintings and handwriting preserved inside the structures. Due to Ek Balam’s proximity to Chichen Itza, you may see both sites on the same day.

Uxmal Ruins | Ancient Ruins

This tourist destination is popular for a reason: it is an important Mayan archaeological site that has been named a World Heritage Site. The Uxmal ruins, located near the capital of Merida, are an excellent example of Puuc craftsmanship. In contrast to other sites’ pitched pyramids, the constructions at Uxmal are uniformly smooth and somewhat hut-like.

Uxmal was founded on the Egyptians’ astronomical knowledge, and the area is regarded as a pinnacle of Mayan art. The Hierarchy of the Magician, which has five stories and looms over the site, is the most prominent structure in this Mayan ruin.

The nicest part of seeing Uxmal would be that the remnants are mostly intact and have several fascinating embellishments. If you’re spending the entire day in, you may also want to remain till the sun goes down to see the nighttime light and sound display.


This Prehistoric monument in Mexico appears to have been plucked straight from an Indiana Jones film! These sites, located in the beautiful forests of Chiapas, are components of a National Register Of Historic places and provide an exceptional example of ancient Maya construction.

The Palace of the Engravings is probably the centerpiece here, as it is a well-known structure in the Mayan world. Four ancient inscriptions here were documented about 175 years of the city’s history — incredible! This Ancient Ruin exudes an intriguing aura of mystery and magic!

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Teotihuacan’s magnificence should be a must on every visit to Mexico. This ancient monument, located 60 kilometers from Mexico City, is perhaps the most renowned in Mexico, attracting people from all over the world.

At its height, it is estimated that this ancient metropolis encompassed only nine square miles and was home to nearly 100,000 people. Although the city’s beginnings are buried in obscurity, historians think that it was residence to the Yucatan, Teochew, and Aztec peoples through time.


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