Best Beaches in St. Thomas

If you’re looking for a relaxing coastal getaway, St. Thomas in the Caribbean is the place to go. This jewel has several lovely beaches to uncover and is one of the best Virgin Islands to visit.

The best environment for a leisure trip is turquoise waves, white sand, and warm sunshine. There’s a stretch of sand for everyone on the island, whether you want to relax and read or be active and participate in water sports.

Along its sun-drenched shores, St. Thomas offers approximately 40 major beaches. A beach bum can have a lazy-lazy day on strands with crystal blue sea and swinging coconut trees. There are sandy coves with attractions like windsurfing and kayaking for the restless beachgoers. Some beaches are rocky and rugged, providing beauty, isolation, and the opportunity to imagine being a castaway.

There are also well-known bays with services such as restaurants and chair rentals. This St. Thomas Beach Guide includes descriptions of 10 of the island’s most popular beaches. You’ll find everything you need here, including snorkeling, a family beach, and the ideal location for your beach wedding!

In the Virgin Islands, you can find your ideal tropical getaway as the best beaches in St. Thomas range from tranquil coves to vibrant oceanfront delights.

Lindquist Beach

Best Beaches in St. Thomas

The Smith Bay Beach Park and Eco Reserve, located on the island’s eastern shore, is a picture-perfect beach location. The renowned Lindquist Beach is part of the 21-acre park. The azure waters invite you for a swim, and the light pink beaches are ornamented by coconut trees. As you relax in the sun, take in the coastal ecosystem of this conserved marine park.

This secluded coastal hideaway is great for anyone seeking complete relaxation in a less populated location. Here you can spend time seamlessly strolling on the sand, searching for seashells, marveling at the pristine waters, reading a book, or simply napping. The bay’s western shore includes shallow waters that are ideal for families with young children, as well as tide pools to explore. From this stretch of sand, take in the vista of St. John and the British Virgin Islands.

Rated as one of the best beaches in St. Thomas, with golden sands and sparkling blue waters, Lindquist Beach is a true tropical paradise and one of the most picture-perfect coves in the Virgin Islands. Swim with schools of colorful fish in the sea, or unwind in the shade of the trees and savor this idyllic stretch of beach.

Several projects have been planned for the property throughout the years, but none have ever been built due to opposition from locals, government officials, and environmental groups. The government bought 21 acres (8 hectares) of neighboring land in 2006, establishing a protected natural park.

Sink your toes into the silky sand and take in the breathtaking views of the ocean. Take your pick of the nicest sunbathing areas or relax under the shade of the trees that murmur in the breeze. If you can pull yourself away from the vista for a moment, search for reptiles and birds in the foliage.

This beach allows people to swim among schools of fish without being distracted by neighboring boats or Jet Skis. Make your way out to the reefs on either end of the bay for the best snorkeling experiences. These reefs are home to a diverse range of marine species, especially turtles and rays.

Between Footer Point and Sapphire Beach, Lindquist Beach is located on the eastern extremity of St. Thomas. The beach is about a 20-minute drive from Charlotte Amalie, and the entrance is via a gravel road with no signs. There will be a lifeguard on duty. To enter Smith Bay Park, where the beach is situated, visitors must pay a modest charge.

Honeymoon Beach

Best Beaches in St. Thomas

Another small island with a gorgeous beach, just offshore from St. Thomas, is considered as one of the top honeymoon sites in the Caribbean. Water Island is a famous beach site for vacationers and is located on the southern shore of the island, just west of Charlotte Amalie. This quiet length of sand, accessible by ferry or small passenger boat, is one of the best beaches in St. Thomas to spend the day sunbathing, swimming, and taking in the tropical beauty.

Kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are also available and provide a fun opportunity to explore the island’s seas. Honeymoon Beach and its clean, peaceful waters are ideal for snorkeling. Snorkelers will most certainly come across brilliant coral reefs, schools of unusual and colorful species, and perhaps even sea turtles. On the beach, you may hire any type of athletic gear.

A beach bar and grill offer drinks in a relaxed setting. A day to cherish will be a genuine Caribbean BBQ set against this sun-drenched background. If you want to venture beyond the shore, the old Fort Segarra is well worth a visit, as it offers 360-degree stunning views and scenery.

The US Virgin Islands’ Honeymoon Beach is situated on the north side of St. John. The beach has gentle white sand and slowly slopes in the upper and close shore areas, causing the water to steadily deepen. The water is usually calm and a stunning crystal-clear turquoise blue, almost pool-like in appearance. Swimming and paddling are both enjoyable at Honeymoon Beach.

Large sea grape trees and coconut palms line the shores of Honeymoon Beach. As a result, you can lay your beach blanket near the trees to benefit from the natural shade. This is one of the best beaches in St. Thomas for renting a private tent to enjoy some shade and luxury. For small groups and families, this is a fantastic option. Choose a space on the sun-kissed sand to set up your towel or beach lounger if you prefer to soak up the rays.

The vista is spectacular, whether you’re lying on the sand or splashing around in the sea. From the beach, you can see St. Thomas in the distance, as well as the surrounding islands of Grass Cay, Mingo Cay, and Lovango Cay, as well as boats sailing past and a wide range of blues and teals in the ocean. The beach and the lush green slopes of St. John’s island are visible from the water making it undeniably beautiful.

Sapphire Beach

Best Beaches in St. Thomas

Sapphire Beach, on St. Thomas’ eastern shore, entices with the promise of beautiful blue seas, white sand, and plenty of suns. While sunbathing on this beach, visitors will be able to see the nearby island of St. John in the distance. The silky sand is lapped by gentle waves, producing a soothing beach noise.

Windsurfing is a popular beach activity for individuals searching for a thrill. Kayaks can be rented for paddling through clear seas while looking for tropical fish and sea turtles from above. Alternatively, take some snorkeling gear and explore the fascinating underwater environment to learn about the fascinating marine creatures.

Sapphire Beach is a lovely stretch of white sand. Beachgoers can find cover on the right side of the beach, while sunbathers can enjoy the sun on the left side, where there are fewer trees. On the left side, near a man-made pond, iguanas and ducks are frequently observed. A water sports station rents out windsurfers, kayaks, and snorkeling equipment, as well as chairs. You can rent jet skis or go paragliding at the neighboring marina.

Sapphire Beach is one of the best beaches in St. Thomas to relax and enjoy water sports. On the right side, a shallow rocky ledge and reefs provide excellent snorkeling. A tiny open-air grill, a drink shack, and the adjoining restaurant all serve food and drinks. The Sapphire Beach Resort, Condos, and Marina are all located in the vicinity of the beach.

With its reef at Pettyklip Point, located on the edge of the cove, Sapphire Beach is one of the top snorkeling places on the island. For a relaxing day at the beach, bring a picnic lunch from the local bar and grill and eat it in the shade of palm and sea grape trees.

Magen’s Bay Beach

Best Beaches in St. Thomas

Magen’s Bay Beach, located on the northern coast of St. Thomas, is a beautiful cove surrounded by turquoise waters and is one of the nicest and best beaches in St. Thomas. The powdered soft white sand runs for over a mile, giving beachgoers plenty of room.

Swimming in the warm sea while the sun changes color, will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a postcard from heaven. The sandy ocean floor and gentle tides make for an ideal swimming and beach environment for families.

For a relaxing beach experience, there are numerous facilities, shower rooms, rentals, and snacks available. This is a great place to spend the entire day because there are picnic tables and plenty of shade. Take a short detour to Drake’s Seat on your way to or from this beach from Charlotte Amalie for a magnificent perspective of the island.

The most popular beach on St. Thomas is Magens Bay. Arthur Fairchild dedicated the lovely one-mile stretch to the people of the Virgin Islands as a public park. It is one of only two beaches on St. Thomas with an entrance fee, which is used to pay for the upkeep of the amenities and the beach. The water is normally quiet and clear, with no waves or movement, making it ideal for floating and swimming.

The water gradually deepens as it approaches the beach, making it ideal for kids. Along the rocky coast, snorkeling is feasible, however, Magens Bay is not recognized for its snorkeling. Paddleboats and kayaks are available for rent at a water sports station. At the concession stand, you can rent beach chairs, floats, and snorkel kits.

A bar and restaurant serving burgers, pizzas, and other refreshments, as well as a gift shop and a hair braiding business, are all located at the concession. On days when there are multiple cruise ships in town, the beach is a great stop on island tour schedules and can get busy. Most vacationers choose a spot near the restaurant, so you’ll find fewer people if you walk down the shore, a little further away from the cafeteria. Residents can be found relaxing after work and getting some exercise on weekday afternoons. Residents frequent the beach on Sundays and holidays, and events ranging from modest picnics to public events are usually on those days.

Buck Island

Best Beaches in St. Thomas

Buck Island, just south of St. Thomas, is a snorkeling paradise with some of the nicest white-sand beaches in the Caribbean. This secluded island getaway is a coastal and natural reserve and one of the best beaches in St. Thomas, where you can go snorkeling and explore the sea life in crystal clear seas. Numerous varieties of birds, tropical fish, and marine life occupy the ocean reef encircling this rocky island, which is home to the National Wildlife Refuge. Although you won’t be able to tread on the island due to its status as a protected wildlife sanctuary, you’ll be able to take in the sights and sounds from the ocean and on the boat.

Just off the coast of Buck Island, a shipwreck provides ideal circumstances for a diversity of water life. Buck Island may be explored by sailing and catamaran cruises. Turtle Cove, located to the northwest, is home to numerous endangered sea turtles that you can snorkel with.

Coki Point Beach

Best Beaches in St. Thomas

This little bay in one of the best beaches in St. Thomas’ northeastern region, is a great beach with something for everyone. Coki Point is a fantastic choice for a relaxed day at the beach, whether you want to sunbathe or go snorkeling.

If you require refreshments, there are snack and drink huts on the beach, as well as chair and umbrella rentals. Reggae music is occasionally played from the bar to contribute to the beach’s relaxed atmosphere. Jet skis, snorkel equipment, and stand-up surfboards are among the water sports available for hire on-site, and a dive facility is also available.

Coral World Ocean Park, located nearby, allows visitors to get up close and personal with a wide range of aquatic species, including dolphins, stingrays, sharks, turtles, and more. Adding a trip to the Ocean Park with a visit to Coki Point Beach on St. Thomas makes for a fun-filled island excursion.

Coki Point’s beachfront is a stretch of white sand with a few tiny rocks. Only a few huge trees dot the shoreline, providing natural shade. The view from the beach is of a beautiful turquoise ocean with Thatch Cay in the background.

The crystal-blue water is normally tranquil and progressively deepens. It’s a great place to go swimming and snorkeling here is suitable for beginners near the shore in a rocky area. The amicable fish is a great appeal for snorkeling at Coki Point. Tourists have been urged to buy dog treats to hand feed the fish throughout the years.

Being surrounded by fish is a fun sensation, but it’s also unnatural. Stay environmentally conscious of the fact that feeding fish is bad for the marine ecosystem. Do some research on the practice before making a decision.

When the tours begin to arrive at Coki Point, the atmosphere changes to that of a tourist attraction. When there are several cruise ships in dock, it can get quite congested.

Brewer’s Bay Beach

Best Beaches in St. Thomas

Brewer’s Bay lies on the southwest side of St. Thomas, between the airport and the University of the Virgin Islands. While relaxing in the sun and sand, you’ll have the chance to view jets take off and land. Just offshore, this beach provides excellent snorkeling opportunities, with the possibility to see colorful fish, sea turtles, and eagle rays in crystal-clear water. Green and Hawksbill sea turtles have been spotted in this location, particularly among the seagrass on the beach’s left side.

For families with infants and toddlers, the m\oderate slope and sandy bed provide for easy wading and safe swimming. This secluded, low-key beach is one of the best beaches in St. Thomas for children to play in the tranquil sea. Food trucks featuring a variety of burgers, hot dogs, seafood, and roti are frequently located right outside the beach.

Near the lake, the sand is usually soft and fine. The sand, on the other hand, is a mix of fine and coarse sand, as well as small rocks. It’s a lovely beach for strolling and surf fishing. Look for bits of coral, shells, sea glass, and other items washed up on the beach by the tides. After you’ve finished gazing at the shells, be sure to return them to the beach. In the Virgin Islands, it is unlawful to collect shells from seashores.

Brewers Bay is part of the University of the Virgin Islands’ 388-acre St. Thomas Campus. It’s just off a major thoroughfare. On the extreme left of the shore, you’ll find the Maclean Marine Science Center. Despite this, it has a solitary vibe to it.

Because most visitors overlook Brewers Bay, it is usually calm and minimally crowded on weekdays. When cruise ships stop in Crown Bay, the beach attracts a few cruise passengers. It’s a popular spot for residents to have family gatherings and events on weekends and holidays. Except for once a year, when the beach hosts the Annual Texas Chili Cookoff, it is rarely busy.

A lovely public sauna with sanitation facilities and outdoor showers is available. One of the best beaches in St. Thomas for foodies, on any given day, there are generally two roadside food vans. They sell a variety of local meals such as pates, johnnycakes, fried chicken, rice, and beans, among other things. In addition to nibbles, the food vans offer beverages such as water, sodas, and occasionally local fruit drinks. There are no further facilities or a resort on the premises. You will need to bring your own snorkeling equipment, beach chairs, umbrellas, towels, and any other beach-related stuff.

Hull Bay Beach

Best Beaches in St. Thomas

Hull Bay Beach, located just west of the famed Magen’s Bay on the north side of the island, offers a peaceful, less noisy seaside atmosphere. Hull Bay is a popular fishing site and a local favorite. Although the water is clean, swimming is made more difficult by the rough ocean floor.

Inner Brass and Outer Brass Islands, adjacent Tropaco Point, and resident pelicans seeking lunch will all be seen from this peaceful length of sand. Hull Bay is one of the best beaches in St. Thomas to choose between sunbathing and relaxing under the cover of the beach’s trees.

If you enjoy snorkeling, the rocky ocean floor provides excellent hiding spots for a variety of sea life. Swim along the right side of the bay to see tropical fish, shy squid, and gorgeous coral formations. From the laid-back bar and grill, where you’ll find wonderful cuisine, beverages, and company, you can watch surfers tackle the waves.

The coastline is narrow, with white sand, pebbles, and small boulders are strewn about. The right side of the shore is dominated by tiny stones. Maho trees dominate the tree line, with a few seagrape trees, genip trees, and pink poui trees thrown in for good measure.

On most weekdays, the beach is deserted, and you can be the only one there. In the late afternoon, a dozen or so locals walk to Hull Bay to relax, hang out with friends, or have a few beers while the sun goes down. The beach fills up a little more on weekends, largely with locals, and a few bring their pets.

Hull Bay is one of the few best beaches in St. Thomas where dogs are allowed. It’s also the only beach on St. Thomas where you can get a haircut while you’re there! “Ed the Barber” has a little barbershop directly behind the restaurant, across the street from the beach. If he’s around and you need a haircut, walk-in for a cut and a talk.

“Hull Bay Hideaway” is the name of the restaurant on the beach. You may either take a bucket of beers to the beach or eat in. The other amenity at Hull Bay is a dive store, which has varying hours. Chair rentals, umbrellas, souvenir shops, and other resort facilities are not available.

Lindberg Bay Beach

Lindberg Bay, located just west of Charlotte Amalie and on the opposite side of the airport from Brewer’s Bay, are a lure for visitors. Because of the hue of the ocean, this stretch of sand is also known as “Emerald Beach.” People with younger kids will enjoy wading in the warm, clear waters and swimming in the shallow areas provided by the beach.

Jet skis and other water sports equipment can be rented to get out on the water with a side of excitement. Relax on a rental chair or refuel at a local bar and restaurant. Lindberg is an excellent choice if you want to swim or relax.

Lindberg is one of the best beaches in St. Thomas with nice open-air beachfront bars where you can chill and enjoy the trade winds while sipping a cool drink. There are several eateries where you may have a wonderful lunch or some snack. Kayaks, snorkeling, diving, pedal boats, and windsurfers are among the enjoyable activities available at a water sports station. Iguanas are frequently seen in the hotel gardens and along the rocky coast near the playground. Lindbergh Bay is adjacent to the airport and a short commute from Charlotte Amalie’s main area.

Vessup Bay Beach

Best Beaches in St. Thomas

Vessup Bay Beach is a wonderful stretch of sand on St. Thomas’s east coast, near the fishing community of Red Hook, where you can watch ferries depart and return from the adjacent islands. This beach’s view of St. John will provide a stunning backdrop for sitting, swimming, and fishing.

Weekends are bustling, with music, beach barbeques, and social gatherings. Make a point of visiting Red Hook, which has eateries, a marina, pubs, stores, and a lot of island charm.

Vessup Bay is one of the best beaches in St. Thomas as the coast is largely unexplored, with diverse vegetation including sea grape trees, cactus, and century plants, among others. The lengthy stretch of sand is ideal for strolling, and the tranquil seas are ideal for swimming. Seagrass is frequently found in the waves and washes up on the shore. The beach is usually deserted during the week, but on weekends it is a popular spot for homeowners hosting birthday parties, barbecues, and family picnics.

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Dorothea Beach

Best Beaches in St. Thomas

Dorothea Beach on St. Thomas’ northern shore offers the perfect stranded island experience and is one of the best beaches in St. Thomas. The remote beach is rocky and has stronger waves than most of St. Thomas’ other beaches. This gorgeous beach is surrounded by greenery and hills, and you may have the entire beach to yourself.

This is an excellent beach for individuals seeking solitude and rustic natural beauty. Because they’re so near together, this beach can be paired with Hull Bay Beach. The environment is wonderfully soothing and is great for sleeping, reflecting, or meditating. On the beach, there is a small residential condo complex. There are no facilities provided.

A luxury cruise to St. Thomas will bring you to these lovely beaches if you’re looking to make your tropical beach fantasies real. The best beaches in St. Thomas range from hidden, tranquil coves to bustling expanses of sand with opportunities to snorkel with friendly fish or participate in water sports. Explore itineraries and start planning your tropical vacation today.


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