Beaches near Boston

The capital city of Boston lies in the state of Massachusetts which is known as the City of Boston officially is one of the most popular cities of this state. Many tourists have been seen flocking in the large city which covers an area of forty-eight-point four square miles all over. One of the most attractive things about this beautiful city is its beaches in and around the city. The Beaches near Boston are really worth visiting. The sands of these beaches along with the culturally rich history of this great city adds a different flavour to the landscapes. These beaches are so lovely that you might like to spend more than one day as it might take time to enjoy yourself here with your friends and family. One of the best things about these beaches is their location as they lie close to the city premises. Tourists like to engage in site seeing across these beaches as they are the natural epitome of beauty as we all know. These benches allow people to sit and relax in the calming atmosphere as well as enjoy the splashing waters across the sandy beaches. The natives of the city are also seen to be visiting these beautiful beaches to spend some quality time with their loved ones as life across the city while working is quite hectic. So, do not think twice if you get to visit the city then go for it and have a great time through these beaches.

List of Beaches Near Boston

Spectacle Island

Beaches near Boston

This spectacular island lies in the Boston Harbour Islands National Recreation Area which is not much far from the downtown area. On Harbour Island, this place is home to one of the few beaches which have a sandy surface along its bay. The month of summer brings more delight to the people who visit the place and the surrounding area is also quite safe as there are official lifeguards appointed to protect the people. It is among the best Beaches near Boston. The beach offers really delightful views across the skyline and it is said to be most adorable when the sky is clear. Large numbers of tourists and native people are seen to be flocking around the spectacle island to enjoy some of the best times in Boston. There is quite good marine life as well as good hiking trails of up to five miles for the visitors The tourists will definitely love this spot as this beach is in the city area. Some of the best hotels which lie nearby are the Boston Harbour Hotel and the Inter-Continental hotel which are quite popular among visitors.


Beaches near Boston

The many wanderers of the city and the area around it like to spend time in the famous beach along the south of the shore. Many people are seen to visit the beach for enjoying themselves with their friends and families as they are able to engage in many fun activities. The summer season becomes a delight for many as the place will give you quite a relaxing and comforting environment away from the city. The sandy beaches here will give you immense pleasure as you will be able to enjoy and spend quality time with your people. People like to walk around the sandy beach and get lost in the beauty it offers to all. The natural environment of the waters and the surrounding area is worth visiting for all. The place is great for kids as they are seen quite regularly with their families on the weekends and vacations. Some of the best-known activities people engage in are playing volleyball with teams as the sport is quite popular on any sandy beach. The various athletic fields are also free to explore and have fun. This is also among one of the best Beaches near Boston.

Castle Islands

Beaches near Boston

The beach at the Castle Islands is really cool as compared to other beaches. The wind around here is said to be running all time of the year and even in the summer season, it offers coolness to the tourists who come here. The historic fort Independence also lies just near the castle islands which is visitors by the tourists who come here. The fort is also surrounded by the waters of the beach which lies here. People like to engage in capturing the beautiful sunset and sunrise views at this beach. The sites of the water and the rich flora and fauna of the surrounding area is also great and quite attractive to the eyes. There are large areas around the beach where tourists and the people of the city can be seen to gather around and enjoy picnicking with their loved ones. The Boston Seaport hotel lies just near the beach which is also visited regularly by the people for parties and much more.

Wollaston Beach

Beaches near Boston

Quincy is a popular place lying in the south of the city. This place is famous for the historical sites which are present here. Many people like to explore and know the history and move to one of the best Beaches near Boston which is Wollaston Beach. The beach is beautiful and visitors and the natives are seen to come here for enjoying their vacations. The beach also offers a long two-mile walking area around the waters. Many people who are fitness enthusiasts and quite regular in running, walking or exercising come here and enjoy their routine along with the scenic beauty. The crowd that comes here is good for family people. The people of the city come to spend time with their families on the weekends and have great fun here. The beach lies along the Quincy shore drive which is quite a popular street. People can have great beachside restaurants, cafes and local street foods here. It is said that the street food is the best here. The fresh New England fish and related dishes are well known among the natives as they enjoy the delicious food which is famous here. The people who have already visited the beach will tell you about the rich atmosphere which the area offers. The beach adds to the beauty as well as a help to the people who run businesses along the streets. All in all this beach in Boston is surely a must-visit thing for anyone who wants to capture the experiences on a beach. You can do many activities here like walking around the street just gazing at the area around, spending some picnic time with family and much more.


The Beaches near Boston are among the really famous ones as these are in the capital city of the state. Move around them, capture the best scenic beauties of nature, enjoy street foods, picnic with your friends and families, play volleyball on the sandy beaches and much more for your own entertainment. Some of the other well-known beaches which are also near the capital city are Walden Pond beach, Crane Beach, the Nahant beach, the Revere beach, Constitution Beach Park and many others. These beaches which lie near Boston will let you have a great time in the state of Massachusetts. Visit the capital city of the state and enjoy spending time at the best beaches which lie here. These are a must-do thing whenever you visit the city of Boston with your friends and family or even alone. Make the most of your trip and visit the beaches as you have seen in this article.


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