Best Honeymoon Destinations to Visit in Thailand

Congratulations to be a fortunate person who will be getting married soon. So what’s the first big thing which comes to your mind? Is it honeymoon? Well, it is okay to be shy to accept it but it is completely alright. A honeymoon is a prestigious occasion that also marks the beginning of your happy married life. The next question must be, where should you go for a honeymoon? You have landed exactly at the right place to get your answer. Straightaway lookup for Thailand. It has gained an exotic name for rising in people visiting the place for honeymoons. It is not random. The growth of tourism in the country is the cause of it. Thailand is a country officially named the Kingdom of Thailand, which lies in Southeast Asia. Covering vast space of five lakh thirteen thousand square kilometres of land (513,000 sq. km), it accommodates a population of around sixty-six million people and more. Many places in Thailand have become so popular among tourists that the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand are also some of the best in the world. Hence, more and more couples have started to visit Thailand and enjoy the ambience that the place offers. Don’t worry there are many reasons for this huge attraction among the couples and in this article we are going to discuss the best Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand which will do the same things to attract you. And who knows, it can occupy the top position on the list of honeymoon destinations in the world for you. Let us see.


The largest island of Thailand, Phuket is also one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the country. The island has a vast number of things to capture your attention and bring you right here for your honeymoon. Endowed with clean and mesmerizing beaches and a sublime coastline which make it a perfect spot for romantic couples to spend time, it gives you exactly what you need. Promthep Cape or Laem Promthep as it is called is the most beautiful sunset viewpoint across Phuket. Couples enjoy walking at this place romanticizing the clinical beauty of nature and themselves. Phi Phi Island or Koh Phi Phi which lies near Chalong bay is an internationally renowned place. You can enjoy snorkelling, Scuba diving and some astonishing sites with your naked eyes. Next, you should visit the Senses Spa which offers various things to help you relax and get ready for other activities.

Visit one of the best beaches in Phuket the Nai Harn Beach, which is ideal for those who want to chill out in the sun or have a good swim. They have the biggest show in Phuket called Fantasea where talented trapeze artists as well as performing elephants will delight you and your partner to just have a memorable evening in the show together. Some of the other activities you can enjoy are visiting Wat Chalong, the most famous Buddhist temple, a romantic dinner on the balcony with exquisite dining services, shopping in the Central festival the largest shopping centre in Phuket along enjoying the nightlife in Patong. Each of these activities will make it a memorable experience which you should have with your partner. Hence, it is among the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand.


Lying on the southern Thailand West coast, it is a province having intense limestone cliffs, mangrove forests, and numerous offshore islands. It is a good place for honeymoon couples because it is less populated than the other destinations in Thailand. And also there are many things to do around Krabi. You can start your trip by visiting Bamboo Island which will take you to a scenic route of beauty and calmness. The Tiger Cave Temple also called the Wat Tham Suea can be the next thing you visit in Krabi. Couples enjoy spending time on beautiful beaches like PhraNang Cave beach, Railay beach, Ao Nang Beach and others. Next, you can visit the list of many beautiful islands like Poda Island, Tup Island, Hong Island, and Chicken Island to enjoy the calmness among nature.

It is one of the most adored Honeymoon destinations in Thailand for its soothing beaches and natural beauty. Krabi Elephant Sanctuary, the Railay Viewpoint, Lagoon, Khao Ngon Nak, Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail, Monkey Trail and shows like the Ao Nang Snake show is other popular places that you should visit when you stay at Krabi.

Koh Samui

This is Thailand’s second-largest island on the gulf of Thailand way off the east coast. It covers an area of about two hundred and twenty-seven square kilometres and has a population of around sixty-seven thousand people living with peace. Couples are attracted to this place to enjoy the biggest beach parties in Thailand. To start with a spa treatment at the Vana Spa for couples would give them relaxing energy to enjoy the most in other places. Couples can get surprised to have a private beach experience only for them in Koh Saami. It provides an intimate scene for couples to have quality time together.

On the Go, they can visit the timeless Bophut Fisherman’s Village which has the historic shopping streets of Thailand. Where you might enjoy a variety of products you want from fancy clothes to jewellery to name a few. Couples can enjoy shopping together at night in this sleeping town. Stay at the Vana Belle Resort offering the best beachfront services to enjoy a breeze BBQ dinner and make love spending ecstatic time together. Couples can also enjoy another activity which is experiencing underwater life through snorkelling at Koh Tao and Kao Nanagyuan. This can be once in a lifetime experience to savour. Couples can also enjoy scuba diving offered by the various beaches and resorts. So many more things to cover that’s how it makes a place in the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand.

Hua Hin

One of the favourite spots for the Bangkok natives is a pretty beachside town on the Gulf of Thailand. Hua Hin is known to be among the perfect and best Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand. It has many beachfront resorts which offer ambient services for every range and category of people. These places ignite the romance between the couples living there. Some of the well-known resorts are V Villas Hua Hin a Luxury resort, Devasom Hua Hin Resort, Anantasila resort lying beside the sea and more.

Enjoy a walk through the Cicada market which has handmade products, trinkets, souvenirs, and a lot of things at a not too expensive price. Delight your taste buds by enjoying the seafood in the market. Have a fun day in the Vana Nava Water Jungle amusement park. Which is a famous place for couples to enjoy their day doing many fun activities all at the same place. It is Asia’s first one of a kind jungle with incredible world-class facilities. Enjoy spending time on the Hua Hin beach on an early morning walk. You can also enjoy the Hua Hin night Bazar, a visit to the Chopsticks hill, go to the beautiful Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, which is also one of the best places to go through in Thailand and visit the unique sandstone caves.

Chiang Mai

It is a city present in the northern part of Thailand among the mountainous region. It is most famous for its ancient temples which are a delight to watch. The mountainous region allows many mystic views and places that couples can visit on their honeymoon and enjoy. Some of the well-known places which you should visit are the Kanta Elephant Sanctuary, Elephant rescue park, ancient ruins of the Wat Chedi Luang Varavihara and more. The Wat Phra That Doi Kham known as the Temple of the Golden Mountain is a special museum that can be given a tour of about 30-40 minutes. The temple is famous for the offerings which they make at the temple for having good luck by their side. It is a beautiful place for honeymoon couples which has a lot of greenery all around the city.

For the shopping fanatics, you can have a variety of night shopping in the Night Bazar, Saturday night Market Walking on the Wua Lai Road, the Kad Luang market and the Ploen Ruedee Night Market. You can also enjoy the Mae Sa waterfall which also has good picnic spots around the place to sit and relax. A famous Lantern festival known as Yi Peng and Loy Krathong is also celebrated here with great anticipation. Couples can have a good time all through the festival. Endowed with many such things it is among the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand.  Couples can further enjoy their stay at posh hotels like the Dharuk Devin Chiang Mai Luxury hotel, Puripunn Baby Grand Boutique Hotel, Zensala Resort and more.


The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is a large city known for its street life and various cultural places. Couples and tourists from all over the world visit Bangkok as one of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand. It provides many services to love birds at affordable prices and paves the way for spending romantic honeymoons all around the city. Apsara River Cruise is one of the many cruises in the city but is the best when it comes to delicious food and the luxury of stay. It entrails the couples and makes them have the best time in Thailand.  With a unique shape and design, the Vertigo rooftop dinners are a famous activity that every couple should enjoy on their honeymoon. It can be an immensely romantic way of celebrating their cute occasion together. Bang Kra Jao cycling adventure can be a sporty ride along the canals and jungle to avail in the afternoon.

Some of the best accommodations which can be found for the stay are in The Siam a Luxury place, Ariyasomvilla, Casa Nithra and many other hotels. The best thing is you can found places to stay at costs affordable per. You can also go on a shopping spree in the streets of Bangkok with your mate. Visiting beautiful temples like the temple of the reclining Buddha, the grand palace and many Buddhist temples.


Located on the eastern Gulf coast of Thailand, it is also among the best Honeymoon Destination in Thailand. Many couples have enjoyed spending the time of their lives in various places in Pattaya. It is well known for its beaches. The night hub in Pattaya is known all over the world as really famous among tourists from all over the world. Places, where couples can visit and enjoy together, are The Sanctuary of truth which is a place of wisdom and knowledge. Some of the other well-known places in Pattaya are the Ramayana Water Park which is a huge amusement park, Koh Larn, the Big Buddha temple, Pattaya Park tower and more. Some very romantic hotels for couples are The Royal Cliff a luxury hotel, Amari Ocean Pattaya, Signature Pattaya hotel to name a few. Couples enjoy exploring popular beaches like the Central Festival Pattaya Beach, Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, Tawaen beach and more. The Walking Street Pattaya is also a famous street to enjoy the nightlife in Pattaya. The Pattaya Floating Market is also famous as a riverside attraction to many tourists visiting the place. Some of the best places to have food are The Coffee Club, Garden Cafe Restaurant, and The Big Fish among many.

Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Island is a bunch of islands between the Phuket and the Malacca coast of Thailand. Couples who have visited the Phi Phi islands have known that why these are among the best Honeymoon Destination in Thailand. The islands are exotic places where couples can enjoy various adventures throughout their journey. It is also known popularly as “Thailand’s gem”. It is a part of the Andaman Sea. Phi Phi Islands have as many resorts and villas for couples and people in different ranges as they could afford. Some of the luxurious hotels are the Zeavola Resort and Spa and the Phi Phi Island Beach Resort. They are of world-class quality and give the best services to their people. The best places to feed your stomach present here are Monster Burger, Aroy Kaffeine, and Mama Ping among many others.

Couples can enjoy the best activities like scuba diving and snorkelling. Going through the underwater world for a scenic tour which is rare in people’s lives can be a rich experience to ponder.  The crystal clear water offers the couples the opportunity of seeing the vibrant marine life. We all know the country is rich in nightlife. You can enjoy the nightlife carrying many activities like enjoying fire shows at the beach, pool parties on various beaches, watching Thai boxing matches in the local clubs. Come visit this place and enjoy many things on your special honeymoon in one of the best Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand.

Koh Tao

One of the most popular islands in Thailand, Koh Tao is very small as compared to other islands having many beautiful beaches, spectacular sites, popular bars and many more activities to enjoy. Snorkelling places in Koh Tao are Tanote Bay, Hin Wing Bay, and Shark Island for couples to seek adventure in nature. They can visit the King Rama V Monument on the Sairee beach, also spend the time watching the sunset in the Beach Bar in the Sairee Beach. The couples can also hire a kayak and have a tour along popular beaches like Tanote Bay, Sairee Beach, and the Beach of Chalok Baan Kao among others. They can enjoy the luxury of hotels like The Place Luxury Boutique Villas, Koh Tao Heights Boutique Villas, and ViewPoint Resort etcetera.


Thailand which is also said to be “The land of Smiles” is aptly suited to be called one of the best destinations for couples in the world. With so many beautiful and ecstatic places to visit in the country, it is bound to attract couples from all over the world. A fully Buddhist country Thailand is a gem of mystic natural beauty with so many beaches, museums, temples to visit. It is a safe, affordable, beautiful country offering diversity to the tourists visiting the country. It offers so many things it generally becomes hard for people to decide which places and how they should cover a whole successful trip. From this article, you will definitely get to know a lot about Thailand tourism and how you should start your planning. One of the best ways to have a tension-free and comforting honeymoon trip is couples should take the benefits of availing of the help of various travel agencies present at your place.

Travel companies have very good packages to visit Thailand and they might also have offers for the lucky honeymoon couples. Thailand is rich in attracting couples from all over the world because of the many luxurious and popular Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand. Planning for a romantic honeymoon trip, go to Thailand without a doubt and see the wonders with your lovely partner.


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