Best Places to live in New Zealand

For many, the decision of living in New Zealand is like a fantasy of living in Lord Of the rings or Cape town: bizarre and magical. The two main lowlands that comprise this fantasy kingdom – North and The south – are densely forested and have dramatic landscapes. Furthermore, the country has a small population, which means that would not have to fight for front vistas and prime locations. Moreover, Young People, or Kiwis as they are popularly known, have a character for rural friendliness, which benefits immigrants.

Once you’ve made your decision to move to New Zealand, you’ll want to investigate the Best Places to live in New Zealand. The country is organized into sixteen sections, each with its own specific characteristics and benefits. We’re going to be looking at the most major areas in the South and North island for ex-pats.

Kapiti Coast (Best Places to live in New Zealand)

Best Places to live in New Zealand

Kapiti Coast is situated on New Zealand’s North Island, approximately 60 miles north of Wellington. The majority of Wellington residents work in the city and travel to work. This is within an hour’s drive of the bigger city of Wellington’s facilities and activities. This city’s allure is what attracts so many. It is the perfect haven for individuals seeking a relaxed, calm, and tranquil way of life. 

Here, you may choose between woodland treks and beach hikes. Although this is primarily a retirement community, many are learning how pleasant it is to reside here. There is a tennis court and a horse racecourse in town. It’s a city with a large number of bikers and several Tai Chi and yoga clubs. Kapiti Coast has beautiful flora and wildlife, and housing is less expensive than in Wellington. 


Best Places to live in New Zealand

Wanaka is another of the Best Places to live in New Zealand. Although it has its drawbacks, the majority of this city’s characteristics are beneficial. It is well-known as a safe city with excellent air quality and an optimal humidity level. The folks are pleasant, and it’s an excellent venue to meet new people and conduct business. 

The area’s roadways are safe, and the majority of the population abstains from cigarette smoking. If you’re raising children, the school system is well regarded for its excellence and diversity, as well as its acceptance of members of the LGBT community. The city’s living costs are slightly higher than average, owing to its high attractiveness and livability rating.

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Auckland (North Island)

Best Places to live in New Zealand

Auckland is regarded as New Zealand’s economic powerhouse and is a popular destination for foreigners. It is quite cosmopolitan, having a sizable Polynesian population. With a population of little more than 1.6 million, it is the most desirable city for migrants to reside in, although it has a higher standard of living. Nonetheless, Auckland has a name for being the finest city in the world in search of employment, healthcare, schooling, and overall quality of life. 

Moreover, it boasts a thriving creative community, with the greatest variety of cuisine and entertainment. It is bordered by rainforests ranges of highlands, with over 53 volcanoes contributing to the city’s exceptionally picturesque character. This captivating frame has an abundance of natural beauty ideal for weekend excursions. Thus, Auckland appears to have earned its spot among the Best Places to live in New Zealand.

The West Coast

Best Places to live in New Zealand

The West Coast of New Zealand is situated on the South Island. This region has developed a reputation as among the most peaceful. It’s off the usual route, and many people have never heard of it, but it boasts several of the most breathtaking landscape in the country. 

There are some excellent hiking areas and several tourist attractions. This results in employment creation. There are lots that you can do if you enjoy sunbathing which indeed makes it the Best Places to live in New Zealand. It’s a beautiful spot to unwind and find happiness at a slower tempo during the off-peak festival season.


Raglan is the ideal destination for everyone who appreciates spectacular landscape, stunning beaches, and the world-class surfing. It provides access to a variety of features. Raglan is a peaceful neighborhood that is known for its artisan cafés and some of the greatest coffeehouses in the country. There are numerous live music performances to enhance the experience, and though lodging is not inexpensive, it is affordable. 

It’s a generally safe neighborhood and a popular tourist destination. If you prefer sunbathing and beach activities, this is among the Best Places to live in New Zealand. Raglan is located in the western part of the Waikato region’s Northern Territory.

Whangamata Beach

Best Places to live in New Zealand

Whangamata Beach is another town with a beach and recreational activities. It is often regarded as having the nicest beachfront in the nation. Whangamata is located on the Waikato Peninsula. One of the reasons this is such an outstanding site is that it includes two wonderful natural components. You’ll have accessibility to a wonderful beach, but it’s also close to a rainforest, so you’ll benefit from two distinct advantages. 

While there is excellent surfing and surf fishing, the rainforest is gorgeous and provides some excellent opportunities for picturesque treks. Whangamata is home to a variety of enjoyable outdoor activities, including surfboard, trekking, canoeing, beach festivals, and concerts. It’s a laid-back and tranquil community for the most part, and the city has plenty of inexpensive homes.


Dunedin is among the Best Places to live in New Zealand if you’re seeking reasonable homes and a community that values its residents. It is among the safest areas to reside in the nation and is home to New Zealand’s only castle. There is a vintage rail station in the city, as well as the world’s largest steepest street, gorgeous gardens to explore, and amazing fauna on the surrounding Dunedin Peninsular. There is indeed a university nearby, and in the winter, you will be close to some fantastic ice snowboarding slopes.

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Hamilton is roughly 45 minutes from Aukland. It is located at the confluence of the Waikato River, which adds to the city’s natural attractiveness. Hamilton has a cheaper cost of living than many of the metropolitan areas, but industry flourishes here. There are several work opportunities accessible. Furthermore, it is close to global surfing, the lovely Hamilton Gardens, as well as other attractions.

This concludes our list of the Best Places to live in New Zealand. If you are planning to move to New Zealand alone or with your family, do take into consideration one of the places mentioned above.


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