Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

L.An as everyone calls it is among the world’s most famous cities of all time. It’s a dream city for many to visit in their life. The second-largest city in the United States after New York City, Los Angeles or officially known as the city of Los Angeles is the largest city in California. Well, you must have also thought of visiting it someday, but do you know about the city? If not, then you are going to know simply by going through this article. We are going to go on a trip to discover about the famous city, its most attractive features and the activities you should do whenever you get a chance to visit L.A. The city of Los Angeles is famous for its Mediterranean climate which simply means it ranges from mild to hot all around the year and is mostly a dry climate. The home of the best film industry better known as Hollywood attracts people from all over the world for its high-class ethnic diversity and rich surrounding. A city always has many things which attract the masses, and mouthwatering food is always one of the major attractions that feed the masses for the city. As we say the way to people’s hearts is food. And well LA is famous for its high-quality tasty cuisines, which will definitely make your stay in the city a memory worth remembering. Let’s see what LA has for you and see the Best places to visit in Los Angeles.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

In the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles lies one of the most famous spots in the city. This place has attracted visitors from the farthest corners of the world and is known as Universal Studios Hollywood. It is a film studio and a theme park which has things to offer which you could only dream of and see in the movies. It tops the list of Best places to visit in Los Angeles. Offering a tour of the world’s most famous studio along with such thrilling rides for people to enjoy their time in LA This place is a must-go for everyone who gets a chance to be there. Who has not heard the fanatical adventures of the majestic Harry Potter, everyone has. Ever wondered if you could get to a trip to the world of sorcerers? Yes, it is possible here, only in Universal Studios Hollywood.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, one of the best experiences to explore is here. They say Hogwarts is here in Hollywood. Many people have got the chills of living the dream, don’t miss out on this. Next comes the adventures of the world of dinosaurs. The Jurassic World ride is a horrific and more chilling ride visiting the ancient dead dinosaurs in real. You can enjoy Raptor Encounter, DinoPlay, Isla Nu-Bar, Jurassic Café, and Jurassic Outfitters with all your senses in awe.

Fast &Furious-Supercharged, is another iconic ride that is set in a 50,000 square foot building. With more than realistic super effects and the boasting high-power engines and the tale of the family of the fastest and furious people on the planet. Another family-friendly epic adventure that is offered to everyone who visits the theme park, Springfield- The Simpsons Ride brings you a roller coaster virtual realistic ride in the Krustyland. The Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, which is inspired by the movie hit Despicable Me is a motion simulator ride attracting the kids and families of those kids together. The joy it brings is worth an outing. The Studio Tour, one of the most classic attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood offers the guests to get to see through naked eyes the working of a real Hollywood movie studio. It takes you from the sets of films like Psycho, Jaws, War of the Worlds, and more. Many more things which the theme park offers are the Halloween Horror Nights, shopping, and entertainment at Universal Citywalk. The time you spend here will be a memory of your life for sure.

Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory

Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Lying in the eastern end of the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles, Griffith Park is a big municipal park. It is spread in an area of about four thousand three hundred and ten acres of land and is well known for inhabiting the Los Angeles Zoo, the Griffith Observatory, a museum, and its presence in the movies of Hollywood. You can start your tour along this park by hiking in the blissfully scenic trails of the park. Cover the best parts of the total fifty-three miles of hiking by the Fern Dell, the Bronson Caves, and also keep the trek o to the Griffith Observatory. Inside the Griffith Observatory which has been a landmark in Los Angeles since nineteen thirty-five, you can entail through the artistic style building and have a beautiful view of the city of Los Angeles and its whereabouts.

It is surely a site to ponder and hence should always be included in the list of the Best Places to visit in Los Angeles One of the attractive parts of the Griffith observatory is the Samuel Oschin Planetarium which lands you among the stars.

Next up you can hop on a horse and enjoy a tomboy experience capturing through the most famous Hollywood sign and the chaparral-covered hillsides sloping down below. Go for a swing on the ancient nineteen twenty-six Spillman merry-go-round which inspired Walt Disney to build the Disney world.

Disneyland Resort

Most famously known as Disneyland is an entertainment resort that gathers huge public visiting from all over the world created by Walt Disney. The Disney Resort lies just outside the city of Los Angeles and is a major attraction for the kids, couples, families, and all in all humans. The resort has two theme parks which are well known as Disneyland Park and the Disney California Adventure. With so many things to look at around the park as follows the Main Street, U.S.A, Tomorrow land, Fantasyland, Mickey’s Toontown, Frontier land, Critter Country, New Orleans Square, and Adventureland. What do you dream of in a fancy world? Pirates, Fairies, deep intense jungles, standing beside the stars. Well, you can experience all these things in a single place the Disneyland. There are rides that will turn you upside down and you will need to be in the best of your fitness to enjoy all the fun of Disneyland in a single day. Well, it might still not be possible to cover all the joys in a single day but what say, you will already be delighted to have these experiences even if you miss some of the few.

The Disney California Adventure Theme park is never the less. It has a life and aura of its own marking glorious California and making you an avid follower of the place. It is also a land of dreams which takes you many savoring trips. Some of the highly attractive things you should be known to are the ride in the Red car Trolley, a rafty adventure on the Frizzly Peak, a trip through route 66, a fancy rollercoaster ride through the amusement park, and more. The Disneyland resort is bound to be one of the Best Places to visit in Los Angeles. 


Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

A trip to Los Angeles is incomplete without a journey through Hollywood. H.J. Whitley well known as the father of Hollywood was the man who founded the lace. It is named Tinseltown. Hollywood is surrounded by the famous franklin Village, Little Armenia, Spaulding, Thai Town, and many more. It can be termed as the heartthrob of Los Angeles and is one of the Best Places to visit in Los Angeles. The biggest industry in the world which dominates the filmy world is a major tourist attraction. A lot of famous movies have been made in this space and are still getting generated from this place. The beautiful weather with mild hotness which is famous all over the world is highly comforting and gives a blissful feeling of joy to many. Be it any season of the year Hollywood always remains the key to the journey in Los Angeles. The filmy world is inspired and is run from here. You want to see the lavish world of the celebrities, visit the hotels in which even the celebrities feel warm and cozy. The standard of life here in Hollywood is high class. From budget hotel to luxury, all your demands are sure to be met here. Some of the most attractive things in Hollywood are the Walk of fame, the Hollywood Sign which is an iconic site, La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, the Hollywood Boulevard which is rich in nightlife, the TCL Chinese theatre which is also known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and more.

The Getty Center

Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Richard Meier is the Pritzker Prize-winning architect behind the world-renowned Getty Centre. Located on the hilltop in the Santa Monica Mountains it is a twenty-four-acre land which has the Getty Research Institute, the Getty Conservations Institute, the Getty Foundation, and the Getty Trust of J. Paul. It has a permanent collection of pre-twentieth-century European painting, decorative arts, sculptures, famous ancient manuscripts, and more. Much to the attraction of the public, it is a hub to more than one and a half million people every year. People visiting there have some of the main delights of capturing many masterpieces through their own eyes. Some of the most acclaimed pieces are the Irises, Rembrandt Laughing, Cardinale Seduto. Photographs from the earliest days of its invention are displayed on a seven thousand square foot Centre for Photographs. This collection of pictures is a delight to the audience located in the West Pavilion of the Getty Center. The flamboyant display of historical as well as most distinguished art makes this place the Best place to visit in Los Angeles.

Petersen Automotive Museum

Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

You have many more things to get astonished by in Los Angeles. Cars are a symbol of modern world power and grace. With a rating of number one in the world, the Petersen Automobile Museum is definitely among the Best places to visit in Los Angeles. It has roots of high dedication works and technology leaders in the field of producing four-wheelers. The museum is famous for the display of many enriching cars on the display. The Petersen Automotive Museum has about twenty-five galleries displaying more than three hundred and fifty vehicles. The avid lovers of cars find it hard to fathom and act like children’s yearning for flying airplanes as they have a glimpse of all the stories associated with the cars and their different models. You must be wondering what the cars are so good to take a whole day to see. The museum has many Delahey’s, Bugatti’s, Mercedes Benz, and many more. This museum not only displays cars in its vicinity but it is also known for its exploration in the technical analysis of automobiles the old and the new.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

The Natural history Museum of Los Angeles County is the largest natural history museum with about thirty-five million species. It is famous for its wildlife collection of ancient times, along with a historical collection of other activities. One of the most famous tourist attractions that the building possesses is the Dinosaur Hall. This hall has a distinctive display of many dinosaurs who are not found anywhere else. The beauty of these historic creatures is displayed in an ethnic state by the Natural History Museum. Hence, it is among the list of Best places to visit in Los Angeles. The skeletons of different species of dinosaurs are displayed in the fourteen thousand square foot long hall. This hall is full of a collection of extinct species.

The museum also stores the historically admiring artifacts of California and other parts of the world. It is an enlightening experience to know the history of the places displayed in such elegant manners inside this great museum. Also, famous the Age of Mammals is an exhibition that dates back about 65 million years of the evolution of mammals. Some of the other species of animals that are a part of the museum are the seasonal insects, the Butterfly pavilion displaying species of butterflies, African animals, and ancient American art.

California Science Center

Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Located in the exposition park, Los Angeles lies the California Science Centre. It is open to the public free of charge. Some of the major exhibits are present here, one of them is the Space Shuttle Endeavour. The California Science Centre allows families to enjoy a valuable experience together. Many families bring their children for exploring and teaching them about the world of science in a fun and interactive way.

It has a seven-story IMAX that showcases multiple films every day and is heavily trafficked.

It also has an Outdoor Aircraft Exhibit which showcases an A-12 Blackbird training plane. It is one of the many aircraft which are usually parked there for visitors. Some of the known activities are knowing about Mission 23: The Bug Endeavour, which is displayed at the Samuel Oschin Pavilion.

The Science Center also covers topics as living creatures, the world of technology, and surroundings. Its highly knowledgeable and fun learning activities attract kids and hence make it one of the Best Places to visit in Los Angeles.

The Broad

Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles

Eli and Edythe Broad were the founders of The Broad which is located in two hundred and twenty-one S Grand Ave Los Angeles. This building is popular for the more than two thousand artworks that are there in this building. They have displayed with the veil and vault concept and the museum is an attention seeker among art enthusiasts all over the world. Hence it is among one of the Best Places to visit in Los Angeles.


The City of Los Angeles is not just called the most famous city in the world, but it is one. The city is full of dream savvy world. It captures so much attraction of the tourists because of such giants attracting them. The home of the best film Industry, the land of many great parks which are the best in the world. Everybody dreams to visit Los Angeles for having the joy of getting lost in the madness of joy that the city offers. Tourists all over the world have tours on their bucket lists. Many of those people are still not able to fulfill their dream to enjoy the city life of Los Angeles because of its high budget extravaganza lifestyle. They also help you explore the Best places to visit in Los Angeles with different packages at your convenience. But, it has been possible for many people with the help of growing travel agencies. These agencies have built their connections all over the world and are capable enough to help people meet their needs. According to the needs of the people, these agencies supply them support to fulfill their wishes along with their friends and families. Los Angeles is a city of dreams, but it exists in reality. Have a trip to Los Angeles and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.


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