Best Places to visit in Lyon

Lyon is the capital city in France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, sits at the junction of the Rhône and Saône rivers. Traboules, covered passageways between buildings, connect Vieux Lyon and La Croix-Rousse hill. The city is recognized for its cuisine and gastronomy, and historical and architectural landmarks. This place is also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. France’s third-largest city, the country’s gastronomical capital, these 12 impressive sights, historic landmarks, and fun traditions of the city make it well worth a visit. The best time to visit Lyon is between September and October. Some of the best places to visit in Lyon are:

La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière

Best Places to visit in Lyon

The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière is a minor basilica in Lyon. It was built with private funds between 1872 and 1884 in a dominant position overlooking the city. The basilica is at the top of “the hill which prays”. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is listed as a historical monument, registered to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, considered as the emblem of the city of Lyon. It has got 4 towers, 48 meters high, which represent the cardinal virtues. Composed of 3 big naves and 3 vaulted spans, gothic arches, the whole of the higher church is supported by 16 columns. The sanctuary Notre-Dame de Fourviere is “the Marian soul of Lyon”. For centuries, it has attracted more than tens of thousands of pilgrims from all around the world. From April to November, free 30-minute discovery visits take in the main features of the basilica and crypt. It is surely one of the Best Places to visit in Lyon.

Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Best Places to visit in Lyon

Lyon Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church located on Place Saint-Jean in Lyon, France. The cathedral is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, and is the seat of the Archbishop of Lyon. A colourful mass of craft shops, restaurants, ice-cream vendors, old postcard sellers, buskers and bars, it is punctuated by two churches and a Cathedral – St Paul, the furthest up stream, known to have been the commercial area during the Renaissance, St Jean Cathedral in the middle, home to wealthy aristocrats, and St George downstream, the craftsmen’s district. Just think of the Beatles, but without Ringo. Built in the 6th century, rebuilt in the 11th century, it contains within its walls some elements of sculpture from the original building. Its neo-classical porch was added in 1771 to house the tomb of three of the first princes of the House of Savoy: Humbert aux Blanches Mains (the founder), Amédée “la Queue” and Boniface “le Roland”

All year round: open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Gallo-Roman Museum of Lyon-Fourvière

Lugdunum, formerly known as the Gallo-Roman Museum of Lyon-Fourvière, is a museum of Gallo-Roman civilization in Lyon. If Fourviere’s substantial Roman ruins make you thirsty to get more ancient history, this contemporary museum is on location to give you some history. The museum offers a fascinating and fun visit for all the family. Discover treasures such as the Lyon tablet, an ancient bronze tablet bearing the transcript of part of a speech given by Emperor Claudius. Outstanding items worth mentioning are a series of spectacular polychrome mosaics; the sarcophagus of the triumph of Bacchus; and especially the Table Claudine, reproducing a speech by the emperor Claudius. Worth seeing in the surroundings is the Gaelic-Roman site of the large theatre and the Odeon. The shop sells books, magazines, mock-ups, and copies of objects d’art. On top of this, there is a workshop to entertain and occupy children.

Place Des Terreaux

The Place des Terreaux is a square located in the center of Lyon, France on the Presqu’île between the Rhône and the Saône, at the foot of the hill of La Croix-Rousse in the 1st arrondissement of Lyon. Center of the animation of the city, this place was the scene of the execution, in 1642, of Cinq-Mars. It was redesigned by Daniel Buren who gave it a granite paving matched with 14 pillars and 69 water jets. Night lighting completes this arrangement. A path that can also be taken by scooters and other two wheels. As for Lyon Métropole, we want to be reassuring and we promise increased dialogue. The key: a cleaner, safer and more touristic place. The work will be completed in November 2019. The work will cost just over six million euros. It is truly one of the Best Places to visit in Lyon.

Hotel de Ville, Lyon

The Hotel de Ville de Lyon is the city hall of the City of Lyon and one of the largest historic buildings in the city, located between the Place des Terreaux and the Place de la Comédie. Running out of money, the consulate on March 13, 1492 sold the town hall to Barthelme Bellièvre, clerk, notary and tabellion, and to his wife Françoise Fournier. He thus became a tenant of the building until February 23, 1501, when he bought it back. The building burned down during the night of March 18 to 19, 1513. The fire ravaged “the main room [which contained part of the archives] and upper rooms”, but spared the lower parts where “the consulate room” was located. And the “little paper room”, as well as the shops below.

So these are some of the dishes you must try in Lyon:


This is a pike mousse dumpling bathed and baked in langoustine sauce.


Andouillette is a strongly flavored sausage made from pig intestines and tripe. It’s often served with mustard or red wine sauce.

Tarte Aux Pralines

It’s a pastry shell with praline filling, made from sugared almonds, and a hefty dose of pink food coloring.

Salade lyonnaise

This delightful starter is a green salad, often frisée, topped with crispy bacon lardons, a poached egg, and croutons.

Cervelle de Canuts

Cervelle de Canuts is a cheese spread, also known as “silk workers brains,” and consists of fresh cow’s cheese, fromage frais, mixed with herbs, shallots, olive oil, salt, and pepper. 

So these were some of the must-try recipes in Lyon. But what about Shopping? So here are some of the market places you must visit in Lyon If you are a shopping lover:

1. Marché Saint-Antoine

2. Marché Jean Macé

3. Marché de la Croix-Rousse

4. Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse

5. Marché de Monplaisir

So these are some glimpses of Lyon. But these are just not enough to introduce this city. So if you are a Honeymooner and thinking of coming to the France. So Lyon could also be your dream place.

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