Best Places to visit in Sydney

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. It is one of Australia’s largest cities. Sydney, spectacularly draped around its glorious harbor and beaches which has visual wow factor like few other cities. The best time to visit Sydney is from September to November or March to May. Some of the Best Places to visit in Sydney are:

Sydney Opera House

Best Places to visit in Sydney

Sydney Opera House is a popular opera house located on Port Jackson also know as Sydney Harbour in New South Wales, Australia. It has unique use of a series of gleaming white sail-shaped shells as its roof structure. Its beautiful architecture makes it one of the most-photographed buildings in the world.

Its roof is made of 2,194 pre-cast concrete sections that weigh up to 15 tonnes each. The Sydney Opera House is a building that anyone can visit at any time. Standard tours at the Sydney Opera House are based on a variety of languages and cost AU$42 for adults and AU$22  for children. The best time to visit the Sydney Opera House is around sunset. It is truly one of the Best Places to visit in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Best Places to visit in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge is the largest steel arch bridge in the world. This Harbour Bridge is an excellent landmark spanning one of the finest harbours known to mankind. It was opened in 1932, the bridge is also known as Coathanger by Sydneysiders.

The two steel halves of the towering arch met in the middle on 19 August 1930 at 10 pm during construction. You can walk and cycle across the bridge and can feel the wind through you or you could climb to the top for extremely gorgeous views. Ìf you heading towards Sydney you must visit this place.

Sydney Mardi Gras

Best Places to visit in Sydney

The Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras is also known by more other names like Sydney Mardi Gras or Mardi Gras. It is an annual LGBT pride parade which is celebrated as a festival in Sydney, Australia.

This festival is attended by the hundred-thousands of people from around the world. It is one of the largest such festivals celebrated in the whole world and the largest Pride event in Oceania. Upcoming Sydney Mardi Gras festival will be going to be celebrated on the 6th of March, 2021.

Royal Botanical Gardens

Best Places to visit in Sydney

Royal Botanical Gardens are located at Mrs. Macquaries Rd, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia. This was opened in 1816 and is the oldest scientific institution in Australia and is one of the important historic botanical institutions in the whole world.

The enchanting Royal Botanic Garden at Sydney is a tranquil oasis on the edge of one of the world’s great natural harbors. You’ll enjoy spectacular views over there.

The Royal Botanic Garden offers a number of tour experiences, including the Heritage Tour, a free guided walk, and bespoke heritage tours. Free Wifi is also available throughout the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. You can also download the free app for self-guided audio walking tours, Garden map, and information on the latest events.

Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower Eye is located in the Westfield Shopping Centre which is at the corner of Pitt Street in the heart of Sydney’s retail precinct. Sydney Tower is Sydney’s tallest structure and the second tallest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere.The tower stands 309 m above the Sydney central business district.

This tower was designed by Australian architect Donald Crone. Public access to the tower began in August 1981. In 2009, the base building was closed and stripped for a major refurbishment. Four sections of the tower are open for the public from which three being used by Sydney Tower Dining. The observation deck, currently called the Sydney Tower Eye, is located on level four of Sydney Tower. If you want to the victim the beautiful scenic view than you should visit this place.

Some of the famous dishes you must try in Sydney are:

Hamburger with beetroot

We can eat burgers all over the world, but nothing is more Australian than slinging a piece of beetroot on top a pattie made with Australian beef.

Green chicken curry pie

Green Chicken curry pie is the Thai chicken green curry inside a pie casing. This is one of the most famous food in Australia.

Chicken and corn soup

We all had tried Chicken and corn soup once in a lifetime but believe me Australian Chicken Corn Soup is extremely delicious than anywhere.


It is the milk chocolate candy-coated with caramel all over. It will make you feel to eat more and more.

Crab sticks

Don’t go with the name, this delicious dish doesn’t contain a single piece of crab instead it is white fish flesh which is shaped as to resemble the crab leg meat.


This dish gets its name from the aboriginal language which means ‘Large Scale River Fish’. It is a fish steak with some herbal oil.

Grilled kangaroo

As kangaroos are low in fat and Australians don’t afraid to eat their national animal, this is one of the most famous dishes eaten by Australians.

So these were some of the must-try recipes in Sydney. But what about Shopping? So here are some of the market places you must visit in Sydney, If you are a shopping lover:

1. Carriageworks Farmers Market

2. Glebe Markets

3. Kings Cross Market

4. Paddington Markets

5. The Rocks Markets

6. Kirribilli Art, Design and Fashion Market

7. Bondi Farmers Markets

8. Rozelle Collectors Market

These were some of the Famous activities to do in Sydney. Don’t forget to make a trip to Sydney if you are thinking about coming to Australia.




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