Best State Park in Texas

Texas offers some of the top state parks in the country. The scenery varies significantly between areas, including lakes, forests, marshlands, gorges, and dunes. There is something especially special about a summer family campout in Texas. That may sound like a heated, buggy prospect to some. Being prepared might help you avoid the heat and bugs, allowing you to focus on the pleasure. It’s also critical to know where to go to optimize your family’s good experience. 

At the moment, Texas state parks remain available for day use only, with limited overnight camping available. Visitors visiting state parks are required to wear masks and maintain a safe social distance. We’ve produced a list of the Best State Park in Texas that can be great camping spots for families.

Jacob’s Well

Best State Park in Texas

Jacob’s Well, just southwest of Austin, is a wonderful summer destination for a group dip in a natural spring. This popular sandstone swimming hole is nourished by the Holy Groundwater, which lies 140 feet below ground and eventually empties into Cypress Creek. Its blue-green lake and surrounding rock resemble cenotes found in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. This well has been explored, surveyed, and documented as part of Jacob’s Spring Exploring Project, making it a safe alternative among natural swimming holes. 

Nearby Camping Locations: Wimberley Park

This Best State Park in Texas is located on five acres in central Texas’ beautiful hills, only four kilometers south of the well. Wimberley’s historic village is close by for a lunch with the families after just a busy day of hiking, bicycling, or swimming.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Best State Park in Texas

Palo Duro Canyon, located in Texas’ Central Plains, seems to be the third canyon in the United States, trailing only the Rocky Mountains in Arizona. Palo Duro is a less congested alternative to the Canyon, but still provides excellent chances for hiking, camping, and mountain biking in one of the top Texas adventure destinations. Camping may even take in a musical performance at the Best State Park in Texas natural amphitheater. The canyon bottom is just 800 feet deep, so take a trek down to the Red River and have lunch while gazing up at the huge, artist’s color scheme canyon walls.

Nearby Camping Locations: Honey locust Campground

Hackberry Campsite is centrally located in Palo Canyon National Forest and is ideally suited for automobile camping parties. This campsite features an abundance of facilities, such as outdoor tables, electricity and water connections, at each campsite.

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Big Bend National Park

Best State Park in Texas

Big Bend National Park is snuggled against the Nueces River in far-western Texas, near the border with the Countries of Latin America of Juarez and Puebla. Big Bend National Park is one of the least frequented in the United States, in part owing to its distant location and harsh weather conditions. Although it is difficult to visit, the magnificent remoteness of this nature reserve preserves its unique features more and enables gazing from nearly everywhere in the park extraordinary. Furthermore, there are several chances for hiking and trekking to complement your camping stay at this Best State Park in Texas. When hiking or camping in Big Bend, it’s critical to be mindful of the weather and prepared for desert conditions.

Nearby Camping Locations: The Paint Gap

The Paint Gap is a popular basic site within Big Bend National Park due to its easy access to backcountry routes and unmatched seclusion. Numerous sites are located along the route. Beyond the third location, visitors are advised to bring four-wheel drive. Along with camping, visit Terlingua, a historic tourist attraction that has been rebuilt into an artistic, tourist destination.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

Best State Park in Texas

This Best State Park in Texas, located around thirty minutes from Austin, is ideal for a group aquatic trip. This crystal clear, natural pool, with its curving sides reminiscent of an amphitheater, inspires awe. This Texas adventure destination is ideal for escaping the scorching Texas sun, with the option to dip in the pool and experience the mist from the neighboring 50-foot waterfall. Visitors stroll through dense woodland a short walk from the parking lot. Between soaks, relax by sunbathing or picnicking. Parking is limited, so arrive early. The pool is encircled by limestone slabs, which provide a striking, jade-green hue to the water.

Nearby Camping Locations: Pedernales Falls

Although Pedernales Falls State Park is located 21 miles south of the Alexander Pool Preserve, it is one of the campgrounds closest to the pool. The state park provides a variety of camping alternatives, many of which have amenities, but also some rustic campsites for those seeking true seclusion. There are 69 electrical campgrounds with picnic tables, water connections, fire rings, and bathrooms and showers nearby.

Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake is one of the top Texas adventure sites and the Best State Park in Texas for family or buddy canoeing or kayaking. This canoe path, located on the Louisiana border, greets travelers with gigantic Cypress Trees wrapped in Spanish Moss that line a lengthy bayou. Canoe enthusiasts go to this location, which has a tranquil, quiet scenery surrounded by characteristic southern vegetation. You won’t need to bring your own—the park lends boats and kayaks to guests. Paddlers can join at Wood Mill Pond and explore approximately 50 kilometers or any length they wish. In contrast to paddling around the bayou, families may go fishing and hiking. There are 46 campgrounds located throughout the lake.

Nearby Camping Locations: Caddo Lake

Camp amidst towering pine trees against the backdrop of the water at Caddo Lake State Park’s freshly updated amenities. The park features 46 campsites equipped with a range of facilities and overlooking gorgeous streams. Moreover, five ancient cottages are available for rent, accommodating between two and eight people based on the severity.

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Gorman Falls

Gorman Falls, located in Colorado Bend State Park, is a magnificent paradise of the 70-foot waterfall flowing with luxuriant moss and flowering plants ferns. The round-trip journey to the falls is about three miles, giving it an accessible trek for youngsters and seniors. The journey to the waterfalls is dry and hot, with hundreds of cactus around, so bring plenty of drink and a camera to capture blossoming desert vegetation. 

Nearby Camping Locations: Colorado Bend 

There are 15 RV-friendly cars driving campsites. The remaining 28 sites are walk-in, while two are primitive, ideal for those seeking more quiet and river views. For hikers willing to put forth a little extra effort in exchange for greater solitude, hikers may go a kilometer to the Wilderness Windmill area, which features authorized backcountry campsites.
This ends our list of Best State Park in Texas. We hope you will enjoy camping at all of them.


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