Best Waterfalls in Maui

The beauty of the waterfalls in Maui can leave you stunned and because of that Maui is called the ‘Valley Isle’. Couples can spend a quiet romantic holiday on this magical romantic island amidst nature. You might not have heard about Maui but whenever you are planning your next vacation put Maui on top of the list of your holiday destination list. Maui is one of the four islands in Maui county which is a part of Hawaiian Island.

It is less popular than the largest Hawaiian island, Oahu but you will definitely find solace here because of the greenery and laid-back nature of the place. If you take a close look at the shape of the island you will find striking similarities with that of a dumbbell. The island is mostly formed by volcanic ash and some of the volcanoes are still active. Broadly the island is divided into two parts and they are East Maui and West Maui. In both places, waterfalls can be found on the northeastern side.

Other than the waterfall hikes, East Maui is famous among the tourists for the amazing sunrise and sunset points whereas West Maui is popular for having Iao Valley state park which is a great place for families. No matter whether you go alone on any one of the hikes or you want to go there with your partner or with a full family one thing that we can assure is that you will enjoy your stay in Maui and your visit to the waterfalls.

Another advantage is that you will not face any difficulty to reach the starting point of these hikes as they are not very far from the highway. Moreover, you will get a chance to get really close to mother nature and you will also come across some of Hawaii’s very own plants and animals. Not only hiking, but you can also participate in some of the fun activities such as plant sample collecting, diving, swimming et cetera.

We have talked enough about Maui and the waterfalls from which Maui gained its popularity among the wanderlusting souls. It is time to make a list of some of the best Waterfalls in Maui which will give you a better perspective of things and you will be able to decide which one is ideal for you. So without any further delay let’s find out Maui waterfalls that you should definitely visit during your stay in Hawaii.

Best Waterfalls in Maui

Twin Falls

Best Waterfalls in Maui

You might have guessed by the name of the waterfall that there are two waterfalls. This makes it unique and if you are looking for a pool where you can swim right under the waterfall then this is one of the best Waterfalls in Maui where you can go. The waterfall is located inside of a private property called Wailele Farm but you can enter there without paying any kind of entry fee. The trail is divided into two sections. In the first part, you have to go through a dense forest where you will see various colorful flowers. You can complete this part of the hike within 10 minutes. Here you will see falls in the lower tier and thereafter if you want to explore more then you can go beyond a certain point. There is a warning which says that you need to be an experienced hiker to go to the second part of the hike but in reality hiking, this part is not so difficult because of the flat land which is surrounded by streams and rocks. Finally when you reach the twin falls you will come across a swimming hole which looks like an exquisite location.

Honokohau Falls

Best Waterfalls in Maui

Are you ready to take the experience of your trip to the next level? Then you should consider visiting the Honokohau falls. You might have seen this waterfall in the Hollywood movie titled ‘Jurassic Park’ and if you were stunned by the beauty of the waterfall on screen then you will not be disappointed by looking at it in real life. This is arguably the highest waterfall which is more than 1000 feet tall and is divided into two tiers. Here you need to take a chopper ride to get a top view of the waterfall. The waterfall is located in a remote mountain valley in West Maui which can not be accessed by car and not even by walking. The helicopter will hover around the valley filled with the jungle for about one hour. If you have kids with you then they will surely enjoy the splendid view from the helicopter. 

Waimoku Falls

Best Waterfalls in Maui

Pipiwai trails which lead to the Waimoku falls have a four miles roundtrip distance. Not only the 400 feet cascade waterfall which comes dancing down the steep cliffs there are several other things to attract the visitors such as a quiet bamboo forest, a years-old banyan tree which has withstood the test of time, and apple trees which produce apples that taste great. The culmination of so many exciting things makes the waterfall one of the best Waterfalls in Maui. Does that sound exciting to you? Well if the answer is yes as it should be then don’t give it a second thought and take a drive to Hana and start hiking. Once you reach the topmost point do not forget to keep your camera ready and in your hand, as you will not want to miss the chance to click the amazing view of the waterfall from the top. 

Alelele Falls

Best Waterfalls in Maui

The roundtrip of the hiking trail is approximately one and a half miles and within 10 to 15 minutes you will reach there. That is what makes it the best Waterfalls in Maui for children. You need to drive through the Piilani highway and after crossing the 39th-mile marker you will find the trailhead on the right side of the Allele bridge. You can park your car there and then there is only one way to reach the 50 feet waterfall and that is from the eastern side of the stream. The stream that we are talking about here is another piece of attraction and kids enjoy crossing the stream and playing in the water there. Though the waterfall is shorter compared to some of the best Waterfalls in Maui, it can be said that it is a heaven on earth just because of the sheer beauty of the place.

Seven Sacred Pools

Best Waterfalls in Maui

The word ‘Oheo’ means something different or something unique in the Hawaiian language. One of the most sought-after destinations of Maui is seven sacred pools which are a part of Oheo Gulch located along with the Kipahulu coastline, which you might have heard about while searching for the best waterfalls in Maui. Its beauty can be easily compared to the Eden Gardens. Here you will get the wow factor that you are seeking by looking at all seven freshwater pools and the number of pools increases when the water rises during the monsoon. Nature has created all these swimming pools and short waterfalls have been created from the water of the pools. The water of these falls flows directly to the sea through the waterfall. So, wherever you go to East Maui don’t forget to pay a visit to seven sacred pools. You will definitely find solitude here because of the quiet and peaceful surroundings.

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Hanawi Falls

Best Waterfalls in Maui

While searching for Hawaiian waterfalls the images that will be displayed on your screen by the search engine will definitely include a picture of Hanawi falls. The palace is extremely beautiful and you cannot imagine the beauty of this place. This waterfall can be divided into two parts, the first half is a cascade waterfall which is only 30 feet tall and the next half of the waterfall falls from a height of 200 feet. To reach the lower part of this waterfall you need to hike a trail through the Nahiku village. If you are not afraid of heights then you can take some of the most beautiful pictures of the cascade part of the Hanawi waterfall from the Hanawi stream bridge.

Makamakaole Falls

Best Waterfalls in Maui

If you are looking for an adventure-filled hike where you will get a jaw-dropping view of the surrounding nature then you can definitely make Makamakaole falls your first choice. The waterfall which is close to 270 feet tall can be divided into multiple tiers and if you don’t want to take the trail you can also get a distant view from the valley. The total length of the trail that you need to cover on a roundtrip is 5 miles. The stream that comes directly from the Makamakaole waterfall will come a total of 13 times in your way which makes it fun and also challenging at the same time. The experience that you will get by going on this trail can not be expressed in words as along with the waterfall you will come across holes filled with water for swimming and also tall grasses and land covered with bamboo trees.

Upper Waikani Falls

Best Waterfalls in Maui

To have the glorious view of the Upper Waikani falls you need not even step out of your car. You will get a clear view of the waterfall from the Hana Highway. But to admire this marvel of nature, get down from your car and take a close look at the waterfall which is also known as the Three Bears waterfall. Most of the visitors find it difficult to get down the slope where there is a swimming pool which adds more charm to this place. If you manage to reach the bottom point of the waterfall you will get amazed by the astonishing beauty of the waterfall which is divided into side-by-side sections.

Waikamoi Falls

Just take a few steps from the highway and you will be able to see the water coming all the way down to a clean freshwater pool from a cliff. It is a conglomeration of two waterfalls. When you cross the first waterfall you will come across the second waterfall which is much larger and higher compared to the first one that we just talked about. You can sit by the pool and can even walk on the water bed of the stream when less water is present. A parking facility is also there just after the 10-mile marker on the Hana highway from where you can easily reach this waterfall.

Punalau Falls

Best Waterfalls in Maui

This is another waterfall that you will find along the Hana highway but unlike other best waterfalls in Maui, this one is not visible from the road. You will reach the Punalau falls within 30 minutes but you will find it a little difficult to reach the top point of the hiking trail from where you can get a nice view of the 100 feet high waterfall. The biggest challenge that you will face in your way is the difference in which the stream will come in your way multiple times. The short distance and little time that is required to reach the waterfall is what makes it easy for the little ones of your family who usually do not have much experience of hiking.

Kopiliula Falls

Kopiliula falls which is also called Kopihula falls by the locals of the Maui is a hidden gem. You can take a sneak peek of the waterfall from the highway. Very few people know about this waterfall and that is why you will find solace here. If you do not have the expertise in hiking then you should not go on this hiking trail as the way to reach the waterfall is extremely steep and slippery because of the mud. The place was discovered during cattle ranching several years ago and it is also the home of some of Hawaii’s native plants and animals such as Taro groves. Once you cross the 21-mile marker on the Hana highway you will see the 0.9 miles long sideway which will lead to the waterfall. So, if you want to spend a peaceful day and want to relax then go on this hike which is full of adventures.

Makahiku Falls

Best Waterfalls in Maui

A horsetail-shaped waterfall which is 184 feet tall to be specific can be seen alongside the popular Pipiwai trail located in the Oheo Gulch. Take a short 0.5 miles-long hike to reach the point from where you can get a clear view of the Makahiku falls which is a part of Haleakala National Park in the district of Kipahulu. The starting point of this trail is located near the 42nd-mile marker on Hana highway. If you crave more, you can simply climb up the hill to reach the infinity pool there which looks like it creates an illusion for the viewer that it is touching the sky. During the flood you should not swim in the infinity pool as the close to 200 feet of Makahiku falls is just under that. You will get amazing views of nature all the time whether you are relaxing in the pool or walking through the lush greenery that comes in the way of the Makahiku falls hiking trail.

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Makapipi Falls

Makapipi falls usually remain dry so it is better that you visit the waterfall during the monsoon when rainwater will be splashing down from the hills. You can stand on top of the waterfall and can take pictures from the Makapipi bridge and from there you can get a top view of this waterfall. From this bird’s eye view, you will not only see the pool beneath but will see the water rushing through the rocks into the pool, which is an amazing experience that can not be described in words. You will find it much easier to get to the waterfall compared to the other waterfalls on the Hana highway.

Pua’a Ka’a Falls

Don’t like traveling too much before hiking then you should consider the Pua’a Ka’a Falls hike as an option where you can reach easily without any kind of hassle. In this hike, you will come across two waterfalls. Reaching the first waterfall is easy as a way has been paved out of the rocks. You will reach there within 10 to 15 minutes after parking your car. This first waterfall is a shooter in height (somewhere between 15 to 20 feet) compared to the other waterfall that you can see in this trail. Walk a few steps more from the first waterfall and this path is not as smooth as the first one. On your way to the second waterfall, you will find the Pua’a Ka’a State Wayside Park where you can take a break while hiking. Facilities such as picnic tables, restrooms are present there which makes it one of the most likely places and best waterfall in Maui to go with family.

Wailua Falls

Best Waterfalls in Maui

You just cannot miss the view of Wailua Falls while riding through the Hana highway. This place is great for clicking pictures so do not forget to take your camera with you. If you want to take a closer look at the waterfall then take a stroll down to the base of it. A plunge pool is also present at the base where you can refresh yourself by taking a dip in the crystal clear water. It is also a nice place to buy souvenirs. Several vendors sell handmade artifacts close to the highway, near the trailhead.

Nemo Falls

Best Waterfalls in Maui

Another well-kept secret of the Maui island. Very few people know about the Nemo falls which is located in the deep forest of Koolau Forest Reserve. The hiking trail goes through the dense wood and in your way you need to cross a slender wooden bridge. Though the hike is time-consuming, it is worth visiting because it has a lot to offer. The waterfall is divided into several sections and this multi-tier waterfall also has a plunge pool at its base. The final few yards of the hike are filled with slippery rocks and the journey is uphill which makes it more difficult. As the waterfall is deep inside the rainforest, it is highly recommended that you take the help of a professional guide who can guide you through the jungle to save both your time and energy.

Lower Puohokamoa Falls

Puohokamoa falls is divided into two parts and here we are talking about the lower division of the waterfall which is Lower Puohokamoa falls. The upper section of the waterfall can be accessed easily and due to this, it remains crowded most of the time. After reaching the Upper Puohokamoa falls you may not realize that there is another section of the waterfall. Most of the waterfalls in Maui island are located on either left or right side of the Hana highway but unlike other waterfalls, this one is located just beneath the Hana highway. Both upper and lower sections of the waterfall are part of private property and you require special permission to take the hike to reach the 200 feet tall Lower Puohokamoa falls and you need to have past experience of hiking as the hike is tricky and there is a high chance of sleeping so we will recommend that you take proper precautionary measures before hiking.

Final Words

Hope you have found our recommendations about the best Waterfalls in Maui useful and now you know almost every detail about these places. Undoubtedly you will fall in love with this place but you should always keep the safety of yours and your loved ones in your mind. You can take the tour which is offered by the Hawaiian government as well as by some of the private agencies to travel to these places without worrying too much. The weather at Maui island remains pleasant throughout the year and most of the waterfalls are surrounded by rainforests. The temperature never rises above 25 degrees Celsius and the average temperature is 20 degrees celsius which makes it easy for the hikers to hike. They all are worth visiting and we wish you a great time when you will be there in person amidst nature. If you are a visitor and thinking about your stay on this Hawaiian island then you need not worry about that as several resorts and hotels can be located in close vicinity of all the waterfalls. Along with accommodation you will also find quality food in the local restaurants so enjoy that too alongside hiking and visiting these amazing waterfalls of Maui island. 

FAQs About the Waterfalls in Maui

Which one is the biggest waterfall in Maui?

Honokohau Falls is considered the biggest waterfall in all of Maui which falls from an astonishing height of 1100 feet. The waterfall is located in a remote valley and you cannot reach there by road. The only way to take a look at this waterfall which has been featured in the movie ‘Jurassic Park’ is by taking a helicopter ride.

Can we swim in the waterfalls of Maui island?

Most of the waterfalls in Maui have swimming pools located close to the base of the waterfall. Yes, you can swim in these freshwater pools but be careful and don’t swim during the monsoon as the water level rises during this time.

Where are the waterfalls located in Maui?

On the eastern side of Maui island, you can find most of these waterfalls. Very few waterfalls are there on the western side of the island. You can reach the best waterfalls in Maui by taking a ride through the Hana highway.

How many waterfalls are there in Maui?

The exact number of waterfalls located on Maui island is still unknown. Approximately 15 to 20 waterfalls are there and all of them look stunning.

Are these waterfalls located on the road to Hana?

The majority of the waterfalls such as Twin Falls, Waikamoi falls and others are located on both sides of the Hana highway. You can follow the mile markers to find the waterfalls and to reach the base of the waterfalls you need to hike either uphill or downhill.

How much time is required to reach the waterfalls?

The time required to reach the waterfall depends on which waterfall you choose as for different waterfall trail hikes, the distance that you need to cover differs from one another. How much expertise you have will also determine the time that you will take to reach the waterfall.

Is it illegal to swim in the waterfall of Maui?

Some of the waterfalls allow the visitors to swim in the pools while in some others you just can’t take a dip in the water. You should always consider safety as it is highly unsafe to swim in these pools when the water level rises during the monsoon. If you don’t know swimming or just don’t know the depth of the swimming pool then do not try to swim irrespective of the fact whether it is legal or illegal to swim.

Is it safe to swim in Maui waterfalls?

There is nothing unsafe in swimming in the pools at the base of the waterfalls. All you need to know is how to swim and whether it is restricted or not for swimming.


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