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Best Waterfalls In Oahu

Best Waterfalls In Oahu

Best Waterfalls In Oahu: Oahu is an island paradise boasting some of the world’s most stunning waterfalls. From cascading waterfalls to thunderous falls, there are plenty of opportunities for visitors to explore and discover the best waterfalls in Oahu. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family adventure, these waterfalls will provide you with beautiful scenery and an unforgettable experience. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best waterfalls in Oahu and what makes them so special.

When it comes to locations for vacation, Hawaii in the USA is a regular that comes to mind. That’s because of the uniqueness of the place and it’s culture. Hawaii is located in the Pacific ocean and consists of over a hundred and thirty volcanic islands. It is a small state with a population of 1.4 million.

One of the popular Volcanic islands is Oahu, the third largest Hawaii island and most populous. Oahu is known for its beautiful beaches and the location for the Pacific fleet, known as USA largest naval fleet. It is a host to one of the oldest aquariums and a host to a lot of movies and shows. One major attraction to Oahu is their waterfalls known to be beautiful and serene. We will explore some of the serene and popular waterfalls.

1. Manoa Falls

Manoa Falls

The Manoa Falls is known for two attractions, the falls and the Lyon Arboretum, a home to endangered plant species. It is located in Honolulu and at 150 feet. The Manoa falls Trail leads to the Manoa falls and the hike going and coming back takes an hour at most.  Swimming is discouraged because of a known risk of getting disease or infection, asides that the rainfalls are surrounded by beautiful scenery that gives the rainfall a paradise look.

The fall empties into a small pool of water. The rainfall is located in a tropical forest making the heavy rainfalls making the area of the trail pathway muddy. It is normally advised to visit during the summer as there is less rainfall. It is a popular site for film making, home to films like Jurassic Park, Aquaman 2, Jurassic world and over 100 Tv shows and movies. The falls is also believed according to Hawaiian Travels to be protected by the goddess Laka and is traditionally known as Walhui Nui.

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2. Maunawilli Falls

Maunawilli Falls

The Maunawili Falls is tucked away deep in the Maunawili Valley below the towering Pali Cliffs. Though currently closed, it is meant to be opened summer of this year to tourists. The trail leading to the falls is known as Maunawili trail, the paths are usually muddy from heavy rainfall. The rainfalls are most popular because of of it’s scenery. It is 20ft in height and is open to swimming and relaxing.

3. Waimea Falls

Waimea Falls

Waimea Falls has a park that surrounds it. The park serves as a purpose of entertainment and education to the tourists. There are workshops put in place where tourists are educated on Hawaiian history and culture, surrounding places , animals and species that call the place home. Works of arts and demonstrations are used. The Waimea park has staff rich in knowledge and helps guides tourists in learning about the falls. The hiking trail to the waterfall isn’t far and there are shuttles to transport those who cannot hike.

The tourists to the park enjoys dinner with the locals which consists of cultural demonstrations and Hawaiian entertainment. The Waimea valley that leads to the falls are home to wildlife birds, ponds and plants. A bridge leading to the falls has photos of past Hawaiian Monarchy portraits, ancient tools and instruments. At the side trails are Hawaiian houses known as Hales, giving the hike beautiful scenery.

According to Hawaiian Travel blogs, the fall is located deep in the canyon and tourists can get a good view from the swimming pond close to it. It is recommended to wear a life vest and a life guard is put in place to ensure safety.

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To access the waterfall, the entry fee for the botanical gardens must be paid ($25 adults/$12 kids).

4. Waimano Falls

Waimano Falls

The Waimano Falls is very populous in Oahu, It’s an intermediate hike, but it’s also beautiful and rewarding. It’s also one of the best places to cliff jump on Oahu. The hiking trail that leads to the falls can be termed difficult to hike but the falls is worth it. It is one of the most popular falls in Oahu and a good place for cliff jumping in the right weather. Like Manoa , it has a pool at its base that is good for swimming. It also has ropes that are above that adds to it’s fun.

The hike takes approximately 2 hours and has a gate leading to it. The trail is muddy due to heavy rainfall but have ropes to guide the tourists. There are also about 2 pools to swim in and is known as very busy.

5. Waipuhia Falls

Waipuhia Falls Oahu

The Waipuhia Falls is known as the upside-down fall of Oahu and is one of many strange phenomenon. It is known as the reverse waterfall, where the water is blown upward due to the strong winds which in this case comes from Mount Konahuanui. The trail hike is short but not easy, however, it is visited by many daily. This hike is on Restricted Watershed land managed by the Board of Water Supply. Access is restricted and not open to the public.

Other waterfalls that one could visit in Oahu are;

Alhualama Falls

Hapena Falls

Jachass ginger pool

Waihahalulu Falls

Haipapau Falls

Oloupena Falls

Li’keke Falls

Lake falls

Lulumahu Falls

Our team has been able to provide you an amazing tip on the best waterfalls in Oahu, should incase you are planning for your next hiking and waterfall trip, you already know the best places to visit we this our amazing tip.

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Have a wonderful hiking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Waterfalls in Oahu

What are the most popular waterfalls in Oahu?

Manoa Falls is unarguably one of the most popular waterfalls in Oahu. It was the location for the popular movies like Jurassic Park, Aquaman 2, Jurassic world and over 100 Tv shows and movies.

What is the tallest waterfall in Oahu?

Oloupena Falls is tagged as the tallest waterfalls in Oahu. It is measured at an estimated height of 2,953 feet and located on the northeastern side of Molokai.

Are there any safety tips to keep in mind when visiting waterfalls in Oahu?

  • It is advisable to start hiking earlier
  • It is important to pack food and water
  • Come along with an insect repellent especially when visiting during summer
  • Dress properly, we advice you to wear something you are free and comfortable in
  • Make sure it has been raining in the past few days so the waterfall is flowing
  • Please know when to quit

Are there any hidden gems or secret waterfalls to explore in Oahu?

The Li’keke Falls has a lot of hidden gems to explore, try and see for yourself whenever you visit

What is the best time of year to visit waterfalls in Oahu?

The best to visit waterfalls in Oahu is towards the ending of winter rainy season, which is around February, March, and April.

Are there any special permits needed to access certain waterfalls in Oahu?

Yes, most of the waterfalls sits on a private land, so it is advisable to get a permit to avoid trespassing

How can I find detailed information about the best waterfalls in Oahu?

Carefully go through this article, it is a well detailed article on the best waterfalls in Oahu.

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