Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin

Popularly known as “America’s Dairyland”, Wisconsin is a well-known state in the U.S. It is located in the Midwestern side on the bay of two great lakes Michigan and Superior. It is one of the biggest producers of dairy products in the U.S and hence gets its nickname. On the west of Wisconsin lies Minnesota, in the southwest, it is surrounded by Lowa, the Michigan Lake to the northeast, and Lake Superior on the north side. It is ranked at 20th place on the basis of population in the US with approximately 6 million people living together happily. It has an overall rank of 8th in the categories like healthcare, economy, infrastructure, natural environment, and education. The climate in this region is said to be continentally humid. It simply means that it has snow-chilly winter and a hot and humid summer season. People visit there for fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, and vacationing with joy. It is a major tourist attraction and is famous for many beautiful waterfalls located in the state. Also known for its American Native Culture it has been named the 6th best state to live in according to surveys. With the cost of living at an affordable range and many beautiful waterfalls to visit, it is a tourist hub. Some of the Best Waterfalls in Wisconsin will be discussed further in this article.

Big Manitou Falls

Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin

A very famous waterfall located on the Black River arises from the Nemadji River. It comes under the area of Pattison State Park in Douglas County, Wisconsin. It has got a name from the native people which is” Gitchee Manitou”. It is very interesting to note that this name has been given by the natives because people who are settled they’re used to hear the voices of Great spirits around the roaring of the falls. 

A large number of tourists visit and enjoy trekking up the falls and have a great experience seeing the beauty it has. It is the largest waterfall in Wisconsin, approximately 165 feet high up around Pattison State Park. The park is normally visited by people all over the years. This helps the tourist to enjoy the waterfalls both in the cold winters as well as the humid summers.

Big Manitou Falls is also the 4th highest in the U.S on the east side. The park is full of natural beauty, the thundering roars of the water add to the surrounding of the park making it more tremendous for the tourists. It has twin falls on the upside in the form of Little Manitou Falls each having a height of 31 feet. The majestic beauty of this fall should be on the top of your list if you are going to visit the Wisconsin state of the U.S. Lying along Highway 35, 15 miles south of the Superior River in the northwestern corner, it is one of the Best Waterfalls in Wisconsin.

Copper Falls

Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin

Copper Falls State Park is located in the boundary of Wisconsin’s North Central Forest. For nature enthusiasts, this place is a wonder. With many things attracting their attention leave an awe-inspiring adventurous walk through this waterfall.  Some of the species of the plants which have gained admiration from the tourists are beautiful hemlock, white pine, red oak, white cedar trees and other hundreds of species of plants are present.

A trip to Copper Falls State Park is ideal for enthusiasts who enjoy seeing different species of plants, mammals like black bears, gray wolves, red squirrels, and a variety of fishes. Many people also enjoy fishing in the Copper Falls State Park. Birdlife is also abundant here with a list of great pileated woodpeckers, eagles, turkey vultures, and more. They also have a variety of reptiles, amphibians, and insects in the park which add to its diversity.

All the flora and fauna, deep gorges, and ancient lava flow along with the splashing waterfalls make this one of the most scenic parts of the state of Wisconsin.

The park contains 17 miles of hiking trails along with beautiful scenery for the tourist to enjoy the ambiance and richness of the park. It is managed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and is one of the Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin.

Upson Falls

Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin

A very small wonderful campground located along the Potato River is the Upson falls. With no specific paths made along the path to the top, it’s a natural campground and picnic spot for the people to enjoy harmoniously. Follow the west direction on highway 77 and take a right into Upson on Hoyt Road lying on Highway 122 to reach the Upson falls easily. Located in the Iron Country, which has the most number of waterfalls in the states, you can plan a successful trip of a day or two. With good camping facilities available in the midst of nature and many other waterfalls near this waterfall you can plan to enjoy the versatility they have and visit Upson Falls among the Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin.

Upson falls is an 18 foot tall nice walking near Upson city. Go for this cute little ride along with your friends and family and enjoy the calmness of the woods along with visiting nearby sites like the area of Rouse falls, Little Balsam Falls, wild Wren Falls which lies near the Forks river, and Foster Falls, another high waterfall on the Potato River not much away from Upson are nice places to visit.

Morgan Falls

Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin

The tall Morgan Falls located into the Carp River is a wild waterfall. The more well-known and hard-to-visit Carp river falls are just half a mile away from the Morgan fall. The people who visit the place know it is more than just a waterfall, it can be easily traveled through with a four-wheeler. And is a charming sight to the eyes.

It is a beautiful place for children to visit and enjoy their picnic. It also has covered areas for parties and is a soothing neighbor park. The natives enjoy their evenings and mornings in this park with their families. The river-side park has a space of 30-acres of land and a clear view of nature. People visit it to capture the sunset while relaxing in the park.

Morgan Falls is a 70-foot waterfall with beautiful views of the Apostle Islands and Lake Superior. The falls are about 15 miles south of Ashland. The narrow falls pass through granite ledges, all the way in a small pool. The path to reach Morgan Falls is 1.2 miles round-trip and is easily accessible to all.

Willow Falls

Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin

It is located at Willow River State Park, which is around 10 miles from the Hudson Wisconsin. If you are looking for the best hiking routes in Wisconsin state then Willow falls is the most popular destination for your trip to see the Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin. This lavish waterfall is endowed with many drops and covers approximately 100 feet of land. During heavy rainfall, the sight is a treat to watch and enjoy with loved ones. On its way down it meets with the much larger St Croix River.

The route to Willow Falls is pretty easy and friendly. There are proper sets of trails that help us lead to our location. Some of the other waterfalls which lie nearby are Cascade Falls, Minnehaha Falls, and the Vermillion Falls which lie in the southwest. There is a constant flow of water in this fall from the falls and dams around the place. In the winter season, it becomes so chilly that even ice and snow drift from the fall. This makes it more amazing to visit and capture the moment.

Twelve Foot Falls

Among the Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin, the twelve Foot Falls is the well-known sliding waterfall. It is located near Dunbar in the northeast part of the state. It has easy trails and features very cool smaller waterfalls along the way. The park allows various activities around the waterfall-like camping and trout fishing. It is a famous picnic spot for tourists who visit the state.

It becomes more slippery in the monsoon season. Whereas for adventure seekers, it adds to their joy to travel through this waterfall and have fun around its scenic beauty. As the name suggests it is twelve-foot high up the ground. Also just near the twelve-foot fall lies the Eighteen Foot Falls, which are also well known in the area. After a heavy shower of rain, the waterfalls have whitecaps that flow through the forested area.

You can have a look at the waterfall from the walking trails in Twelve Foot Falls County Park in Marinette County. You will need to buy a day-use sticker to access the park. The falls are a half-mile back from the road and represent a calm and sloping waterfall. The easiest way to visit the Eighteen-foot fall is to pass through the twelve-foot fall. Hence you can enjoy both the falls if you plan a trip with your friends.

Amnicon Falls                

Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin

The Amnicon falls is a disintegrated locality in the city of Amnicon which lies in Douglas County, Wisconsin. It is located on the Amnicon River which lies along the U.S Highway 2 which is 13 miles apart southeast of the Superior River. The flowing water of Amnicon Falls is really breathtaking. There is a total of four waterfalls in the park. And several of them drop off before the Amnicon Falls. The name of the falls is Upper Amnicon Falls, Lower Amnicon Falls, Now and Then Falls, and Snake Pit Falls. All these four Falls drop before the Amnicon fall.

A very good trait of Amnicon Falls is that the upper falls drop about 15 feet, with a water pool where people enjoy swimming and fishing. The lower part of Amnicon Falls is also about 15 feet high and is a slide of about 30 feet, so the scene is like a movie. A great vantage point for the falls is the bridge which is present above the river between two of the drops.

Tourists and people across the place can have fun by enjoying many activities which include adventure sports, biking, mountain biking, water activities on beaches and pools, winter activities like cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Thus this place offers many entertainments to the tourists hence it is also included in the Best Waterfalls in Wisconsin.

Long Slide Falls

As we can see the name suggests the falls offer long and steep slides through which the water runs and makes the scene. This waterfall is part of the Lake Michigan Watershed, it is spread for about 50 feet in an extended slide of flowing water over large rock formations and boulders. It is popularly the best waterfall in northeast Wisconsin.

One can also go for a hike to the Smalley Falls which lie nearby this long slide falls. While visiting the long slide falls, you should wear good sneakers and be prepared for an adventurous ride. It is a very good scenic hike all along the way from up to down. Due to the uneven and rocky surface, it is a tough walk through rocky terrains and steep drops. In the town Of Pembine, it is located in the Long Slide County Park which is also a very well-known destination. There are a whole bunch of waterfalls back to back as you move from the highway. This fall maintains a constant flow regardless of the season you visit. It is also included in the Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin.

Cascade Falls

Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin

In western Wisconsin in the town of Ceola, an amazing waterfall is located near the St. Croix River. This is called Cascade Falls. It is located in the center of town through Route 35. This waterfall is not only beautiful but it is easy to find since anyone can go through the waterfall from the main road across the town. You will find a set of stairs that will lead you to the base for having an enlightened view of the falls.

While Cascade Falls is the main scenic stop attracting the tourists in Osceola, it used to serve a practical purpose when the village was founded back then. There was an old mill operated by the water, which one can still see as you go and visit the cascade fall along the western part of Wisconsin. The trails of the Cascade falls is 1.4 mile which is usually heavily trafficked out by the people who trails along the fall. It is so heartwarming to stand near the fall and enjoy the splashes of water flowing from above. People gather and entail this natural beauty, one of the Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin to visit.

Potato Falls

Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin

The absolutely wonderful Potato Falls in northern Wisconsin is worth being a specific destination on your list through all the waterfalls in Wisconsin. The waterfall which comes out from the Potato River is 90 feet high, with cascading and plunging falls into the water down to the ground. The waterfall is not the only scenic in appearance but it is also quite huge, so tourists like to go around it excited with high spirits. It is located inside the town park in Gurney, Wisconsin.

The falls are divided into Upper Potato Falls and Lower Potato Falls. There are trails to pass through both, but the terrain in the area can be tricky for new hikers. One of the best ways to safely view and enjoy the waterfalls is from the deck located near the parking lot. This waterfall is best used from April to October and is one of the Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin.


Wisconsin is a beautiful state in the U.S and is a tourist hub for people across the country and outside to visit this state to enjoy its scenic beauty with its numerous waterfall sites. Whenever you are going to plan a trip across this state, remember that it covers almost 40 beautiful waterfalls. And every waterfall is accustomed to its specific individuality. Some are naturally artistic while some have been maintained by the authorities to attract tourists across the state. Many people come and visit Wisconsin to take time away from their busy lives in the U.S. after all, nature is the best healer.

It has been evidently seen as a result of the healthy lifestyle of the people living in the state, they have given the credit to all the natural places present and these include the breathtaking waterfalls, which have helped the people to harmonize their life and add joy to it. The tourists along with the people of the Wisconsin state get involved with nature through many activities as we have seen like walking, fishing, skiing, relaxing, hiking, and enjoying picnics, and more. These vast number of waterfalls provide the medium of living through all these activities. We have seen a lot about some of the Best Waterfalls In Wisconsin and still, there are more to cover. Thinking about seeing waterfalls, go and visit Wisconsin to dance, sing, relax and enjoy the natural beauty which the beautiful state offers.


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