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You know people always travel to the mountain peaks because it gives them an experience of a lifetime. The higher the peak, the more is the pleasure of withstanding and reaching the Top. These mountains stand tall naturally and delight the lives of people in many inspiring ways. We are going to know a tale of one such historical mountain which lies in the southern province of the Republic of Turkey. The name of this mountain peak is Mount Nemrut which is a popular world heritage site known for having an extraordinary Universal Value because of its historical greatness. The visit to the mountain, the things which it is famous for, the regions around the mountain peak and the many attractions which it has for the tourists who visit the ancient site from all over the world will be known to you by going through this article which will help you get closer to reach the mountain top and admire its many prominent tales. The trip to the mountain top is said to be about three hours from the ground which is totally worth it. The visitors are swayed by its culturally rich history and the story of the formation of different monuments on the peak along with the world’s one of the most iconic monuments of Nemrut Dug. It is said that the mountain is known as the Mountain of Gods because of the presence of such great monuments which were built along the ancient times. Every mountain and nature enthusiast is attracted to this place because of such cultural identity in the whole world. Let us know more about it in the article.

Best Quality Food and Services of the region

Wherever you go, whether be it north, south, east or west, one of the best things which always keeps the attraction of the tourists and give them the energy to enjoy the different spots across the world is food. As we say humans are said to be foodies naturally and the best part is we are able to decide what we want to eat and we visit such places often where our demands are met. The Mount Nemrut region has been known for having quality food and respective services. There are different bars and restaurants for people to relax and gain energy for exploring the Turkish mountain. Some of the best food is available in Bear Tavern which has a bar, pub, and British cuisines that offer breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as brunches to the visitors. You can visit the place with both your family and friends. Standard Tandoori Restaurant offers wide cuisines from Indian, Bangladeshi to Balti with some of the specialties of the restaurant as vegetarian friendly, Gluten Free Options, and other Vegan options. It is located near Bearwood road.

Mount Nemrut Turkish Restaurant is said to be the best restaurant in the region. The food is said to be of the highest standards and tourists who have visited the mountain have been praising the food here as you can check online. The restaurant is famous for its services along with the best quality food. The food and atmosphere are said to be authentically Turkish. Some of the other best-known restaurants near the Turkish Restaurant are Adian’s dining, Zaalsha, Sion Cocktail Bar and Dining, Rouhi Persian Cuisine, Friendly Fire Restaurant, and Old Dresser Café among the others. 

A journey to the Kingdom of Commagene

The trip to the mountain peak is known to be more than two thousand meters high. But the popularity of climbing the peak is not only its high altitude but also the famous gigantic statues and monuments built in the time when Mount Nemrut was known to be a part of the Kingdom of Commagene. The story of this Turkish land is a major attraction that brings so many people to visit the mountain top. The constructions on the mountain top were known to be the most ambitious projects of those times. The great king named Antiochus was famed to rule the kingdom of Commagene. The place of the Mountain Nemrut was already a sacred destination for the people who lived in those times. It is found that the ancient sculptures were of the Gods of Greek and Persian mythologies combined together and praised by the people of the kingdom. Thus, it was also later called the mountain of the Gods, because of their sacred monuments which have stood against the test of time.

The land was already said to be pious for the people of both the eastern and western backgrounds. As the ground was the connection between these regions it gained more importance between the people and bonded people from far-off places by the rich cultural monuments on the mountain peak. The kingdom of Commagene was an ancient Greek or better said as Greco-Iranian region which was ruled by the Orontid Dynasty. The kingdom is said to be been spotted near the old city of Samosata. The part of the south and central Turkey was the region where it can be better said to have existed. Presently the mountain is located most closely from the city of Adiyaman. There are various ways to reach the mountainous region which can be traveled from either the city Adiyaman or some visitors are also said to visit in the spot by flying from Gazans. Some of the other ways of visiting the top are hiking to the top of the mountain and enjoy every inch of the journey you have to undergo. Tourists can take suggestions from the local people who live in the region. They have experience and also are providing the ways to delight your trip on the mountain and visit the sculptures along with beautiful nature all along. You can also take the help of the tours and travel services, they also help you show different ways to have a beautiful journey in the mountain of Gods.

The Tale of King Antiochus – Attracting tourists to the beautiful mountains.

The Mountain of Nemrut is so famous for the monuments on the top of the peak that it has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site. The climb up the top of this Turkish mountain is adored by the visitors who have been all in praise of the unique place on this earth. The tale behind the glory of the mountain is also world-famous. You would be astonished to know that among the Gods and the sculptures the magnanimous ruler King Antiochus also lies in his tomb which is also savagely created by himself. Such was his ambitions to be remembered by all, even the ones who came much later. Up to two thousand years ago the King Antiochus dreamed of existing even after his own death. He was such an ambitious person that he created his own tomb among the great sculptures of the Persian and Greek Gods who are said to be the pious legends of the time praised even now by the people of their faith. The Gods never feared the test of time but the King did. And in anticipation he had a powerful vision imagining himself being known as the king of the South Turkish kingdom of Commagene, and lying among the Gods on the top of the world in the mountain of Nemrut, Turkey.

And yes his soul will lie in peace that his vision has been accomplishing the dream of existing among the Gods standing the test of time and still having the great honor of a king. Well, the name of the king and his glory did fade away in the times when other rulers ruled the place and abandoned the people from visiting the top of the mountain but since the excavations which were done in eighteen eight one(1881) by Karl Sester, a German engineer. Since the first excavation trip, the others followed and devised the top of the mountain Nemrut with the tools they had. The successful study and connection of the historical figures and tales lead to the discovery of the Tale of Antiochus, who was the pioneer of the art and popularity of the monuments on the peak of the mountain. His tale will be told to the generations by the people of the place who have been attracted by the beauty and the culture the great Mount Nemrut displays. And the most savage part of the Tale is that the tomb of the king is still nowhere to be found and still remains a mystery for the excavations to discover and make the Tale a reality for everyone.

Exploring the Peak With your own Eyes

One of the greatest tourist pleasures to go through the journey of Mount Nemrut is the sights they capture with their own eyes. The glory of the king and the history of the kingdom are just some of the most highlighting parts of the travel to this UNESCO-listed site. The path of reaching the South region of the Turkish mountain is as told before through the Adiyaman city, Gaziantep, or say the Urfa city. Tourists usually have to travel from Istanbul to one of these cities and then track and plan the journey ahead. Most tourists are accompanied by the tours and travel agencies, so it’s predefined by the agencies on the ways to travel and reach the top finally. The most known place as the entry leading to the Nemrut Mountain has to pass through the Kahta along the way. Earlier there were only two ways to reach the top either with the help of animals or by foot. Which prevailed for a long time. But now even driving cars help people to reach the top of the mountain. Tourists do engage in long car rides at night time which is popular as they aim to reach the top and be able to gaze at the first light rays falling from the yellow burning sun. These moments make the trip to such destinations a memory of a lifetime.

You can always take a hiking trip which will lead you to an adventurous path up the hill. The Journey is often said to take about three or near about four hours and it does depend on your stamina. Climbing a mountain is always an exciting journey. You get to explore the beauty of nature from close and grasp as much as possible. The way to more than two thousand meters of hilly terrain has much to offer. The exasperating path will lead you to a peak where the sculptures of the mythological gods will fill you with awe. They are ancient and most revered among the people of the area. The place is still said to be a sacred site and thus holds utmost importance to the locals and the tourists who have reached the top. You have a lot to admire in the mountains of God. The Gallery of the Gods is one of the most famous sites to ponder. The sculptures represent Gods from the Greek and Persian cultures like the Persian Gods, Armenians, and also the king of Commagene lying on the top in the Nemrut Dag. The people have been highly excited to watch the realms of the ancient gods and the king and thus visit the place in curiosity to explore the mountain region with their own eyes. The listing in the UNESCO World Heritage was the result of the extraordinary universal importance which the Nemrut Dag holds. The name in the list is another feather on the cap of the mountain along with the historic kingdom of Commagene and the famous tale of king Antiochus attracting tourists from all over the world to travel and seek the fun of exploring the culturally pious Mount Nemrut.

Feast Yourself with the Natural Sunrise and Sunset Moments

You can entertain yourself just by being in the moment and spend some of the most beautiful moments of your life along with your friends, family, and nature. Nature has always been the major and the most attractive thing on this earth and elsewhere. The beauty of these things which are outside the reach of human control like the rising of the sun for example is immense. Hence, the naturally existing phenomenon which happens every day remains the most powerful source of joy for those who have the fruit to live those moments. The small moments of capturing this exquisite phenomenon give peace of mind to every individual. Such is its power that it lets you get attracted by nature and fall in love with it just by experiencing what has been occurring every day.

Greet yourself and enjoy the company of your friends and family, by having a view of the sun-rise and the sunsets from the top of this world heritage site. Tourists visit the place simply to get engrossed in the diverse and rich atmosphere of Mount Nemrut by doing these activities. The locals help you to have a successful journey over the hill and return safely from the tour. They have set and even earned a living in the businesses to offer service to the tourists who visit the ancient place. The sunset and sunrise views are just breathtaking for every adventurer and nature enthusiast. Their trip becomes extremely worth it as they are able to feast themselves in midst of the nature and the admiring aura of Mount Nemrut.


Do you still have a doubt about traveling to the mountain top of Nemrut? Well, all the major reasons for your visit to the mountain and travel guidance can be availed with this information. You can start your search of the tours and travel agencies which have successfully helped thousands of tourists to reach the destination. The trip is said to be affordable and every penny you have to put for reaching the top of Mount Nemrut will be worth it. The lasting epic moments will make you feel among the clouds and fetch you a great amount of happiness. A large number of nature enthusiasts have already explored the place and have been praising the story of their journey. What are you waiting for? The expense and the cost of all the services will be dependent on the many tours and travel packages you avail of from the various agencies. The cost of the trip is said to be affordable and much likely to boast you to visit Turkey soon. Such is the southeastern mountain region of Turkey and the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s attraction among everyone across the globe who has visited and is soon to visit the place. Hence, plan your next trip to an adventure-seeking and culturally rich destination to the land of the mountain Nemrut, Turkey. And you will surely be delighted by your decision as you will be able to explore the rich mountain and know its ancient glory with your own eyes. Visit Mount Nemrut and get the feeling of being with the Gods alive in this world.


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