Isla Baru

The Isla Baru or Isla de Baru is peninsula in south of Cartagena, Colombia. The Isla Baru is approximately 25 km long and the place is less than 1 km wide, approximately 20,000 people live on the island. Island is cut by Canal del Dique from the mainland but it is still connected by the bridge. The island projects out southwest from the southern end of Cartagena towards the Islas del Rosario. The economy of Isla Baru mostly depends on the tourism and summer homes, and the visitors to its white sand beach.

Isla Baru becomes a popular or demanding place in the last 5 years, it is one of the favorite destinations of tourists visiting is Cartagena de Indians in Colombia. It is a beautiful landscape and has amazing beaches with crystal clear water and has many more things to enhance the beauty of the island and to attract more tourists/visitors towards the island.

Visiting Isla Baru is not that expensive because when you visit the place see it by yourself you understand that its all worth it and who doesn’t love to go traveling and you can get amazing offers through a different kind of travel agency, you can try the offers which are having an amazing discount.

How to travel to Isla Baru from Cartagena?

Isla Baru

For traveling to Isla Baru from Cartagena you can take a ferry, bus, taxi or you can choose any kind of private transportation. Most of the traveler/visitors prefer boats to go Isla Baru from Cartagena because it is the fastest, more convenient, and popular way for the crowd.

What to eat at Isla Baru?

Isla Baru

Colombian food has mainly the typical dishes of the coast is a delicacy, everyone knows how tasty delicious and mouthwatering the island food is. You can enjoy the seafood there mostly people love to eat coconut rice and some delicious lobsters or smashed fried plantain, you can try as many variations you want to eat of fish you can try fried, stewed or grill fish there but don’t forget to hydrate yourself with some natural juices and to avoid fall on the beaches.

What to do in Isla Baru?

The island lends itself to all types of plans, you can enjoy going with everyone family, friends or the love of your life. It is a destination to explore new adventures; kitesurfing or a ride a jet ski; the islanders also offer fishing plans and thousands of other things to explore. Isla Basu will make you fall in love with the beauty and peaceful environment. Some of the best places to visit in Isla Baru are

Islas del Rosario

Isla Baru

The Islas del Rosario (Rosario Island), is also referred to as Corales   Islas del Rosario is an archipelago located off the coast of Colombia, it is approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Cartagena, it is one of the 46 Natural National Park of Colombia, it was founded in 1998. Isla Rosario has an aquarium and open sea oceanarium that people can visit. People can try swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. The islands have become popular tourist destinations for day tours as well as hotels and lodges on a few of the islands. This island is beautiful, diverse, and well worth a visit.

They are a nice contrast to the city as well as being satisfyingly close to the city it is nice contrast landscape and pace, it is one of the best escape from the urban environment, cool breeze, beautiful warm sunsets and sipping your cocktail it’s perfect. And if you are adventurous you can go scuba diving and enjoy the experience of underwater life.

Bendita Beach

Isla Baru

This tiny island tip of white, white sand jutting into clearest water use to be known only as Isla island is also known as the sand island. A 45-minute boat ride from Cartagena and in the heart of the Rosario and San Bernardo Islands National Natural Park is located Bendita beach an island with natural beauty. Bendita beach has been a private island to visit in the Rosario islands since 2005.

To travel to Bendita beach you have to take a boat which takes about 40 to 45 minutes. The ride can be tough as the island and the beach is natural it is not manmade. There is a number of sand beaches surrounded by the beautiful calm water, you can enjoy swimming there, it had several day bed lounge chair available you totally relax and calm your soul and mind there, people also like to do camping at night to enjoy and sleep under the sky full of stars.

Playa Blanca

Isla Baru

Playa Blanca on the Isla de Baru, is one of the most popular tourist destinations around Cartagena and while many other beaches near or around the city itself are far from spectacular in comparison, Playa Blanca offers soft, white sands, crystal clear turquoise water, colorful tropical fishes, local delicate like ceviche, and tasty cocktails frozen or otherwise to delight even the most jaded traveler.

Playa Blanca has often been voted one of the best beaches In all of Colombia, they truly deserve appreciation. It represents what most people bring to mind when they think of beautiful Caribbean beaches. You can swim take sunbathe, snorkel or simply lounge in a chair and relax by listening to your favorite music or reading your favorite book. The food has variations of fishes and amazing mocktails to enjoy your holiday at Playa Blanca.

National Aviario

Aviario Nacional de Colombia is located in Isla Baru, National Aviary of Colombia Aviario in Cartagena is a conservation organization that seeks, through a modern and representative exhibition of avifauna in natural environments, to promote knowledge about Colombian biodiversity, its sustainable use, and responsible management through animal welfare practices.

People who have the curiosity to know about animals and birds to know about their habitat and many more related knowledge of animal welfare can visit this place. Children seem more curious about these kinds of places in comparison to the adults, they going to love this place.

How to Make Your Vacation to Baru Colombia Incredibly Memorable

If you want to visit Isla Baru for your next vacation, here is something that you should pack.

Your beachwear! To visit Baru Island, you must pack the following items: swimsuits, bathrobes, eyeglasses, sunscreen, and a sundress. Additionally, wear sneakers and bug repellants to avoid being bitten by pesky insects.

Because Isla Baru is home to magnificent vistas worth photographing, don’t forget to pick up your camera! You’ll want to document your most memorable memories throughout your journey.


Isla Baru is a beautiful island for everyone because it has various places to explore like scuba diving, people can do swim at beautiful beaches, can enjoy various types of delicious seafood(lobsters, crabs, various types of fishes and can have the best natural fruit juices) and they can also enjoy their cocktails with a beautiful view of sunsets on the beaches, children’s favorite place to play is on the beaches with sands and making sand castle and playing with water so they will love to explore various types of beaches at Isla Baru, Colombia.

Some important thing to remember before visiting these naturally beautiful places (beaches) always carry cash because to every tourist spots have ATM machine near the places, as we already know about the poor network at islands so if you want nice network connections you have to choose your hotels wisely you have to pay a bit expensive charges if you won’t have the best connections, one should definitely visit these amazing beaches with natural beauty, amazing sunny beach weather and the beautiful sunsets with a cold breeze. So this was all you need to know before visiting this beautiful island Isla Baru.


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