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Hey everyone ! Today I came up with the blog covering the coastal area of Kerela that is Kovalam which is really worth visiting once in a lifetime.

Kovalam is not just a place for travelling it is a pack of happiness , joy , peace , enjoyment , mood changer altogether. The pristine beauty of nature in Kovalam is not just enough to define the reason why this town in Kerela is famous.

Kovalam is an idyllic coastal town located around 13Km from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerela. The beach resorts in Kovalam sets it apart from other places in the state. There are so many beautiful places to visit in Kovalam which boasting enticing attractions such as thrilling activities, admirable art, remarkable architecture of age-old castles, churches, and temples. It is a magical place this will pamper you with beautiful views of nature. If you want to explore the rustic side of Kerela then this place is best for it.

What are the famous places which you all should visit there?

Although the places in Kovalam are very beautiful there are some places which are attraction point of this place like:

Lighthouse Beach


Kovalam’s most iconic spot. Lighthouse Beach may be a hot favorite within the Kovalam area. you’ll climb to the top of the lighthouse through a spiral staircase until you reach the very summit. Here, all of your exhaustion melts away because the first breeze gently cradles your face. Couples flock here to require photographs that adorn family albums for a lifetime. it’s among the best vantage points to look at the coastline in Southern Kerala.

Howah Beach


Howah Beach Kovalam offers sumptuous food during a very relaxed setting. The restaurant’s interiors to are inspired by the greenery of Kerala, which combined with their food gives you as real a feel of Kerala as possible. therefore the next time you are feeling like feasting on rich flavors, head to the Howah Beach Kovalam restaurant.

Samudra Beach


Samudra beach which may be a scenic jewel to Kovalam is found towards the north most region of Kovalam beach. this is often separated from other beaches by disjointed fissures and giant promontory. The beach has enormous attractive features among which the foremost prominent is its isolation and therefore the feel of serenity it offers. you’ll never find a massive crowd of tourists pouring in here. This feature alone draws many tourists towards the beach as they will be far from the noisy howls and rushes of their routine city life.

Karamana River


Karamana is a river flowing through the town of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, India. The river starts near the southern tip of the Western Ghats at Agastyar Koodam. The river flows 66 km westward and merges with the Arabian Sea at Panathura near Kovalam.

Vellayani Lake


Vellayani Lake, or Vellayani Kayal as known in the local language, is that the largest water lake in Thiruvananthapuram district, of Kerala, India.

Halcyon Castle


Halcyon Castle was built in 1932 within the princely state of Travancore, in the modern-day state of Kerala, India. it had been constructed by M.R.Ry Sri Rama Varma Valiya Koil Thampuran In 1964 Valiya Koil Thampuran sold the whole property to the govt of India; since then it’s been a luxury hotel.

Kovalam Art gallery


Kovalam gallery is home to several intricate paintings, artifacts, and one among the favorite tourist spots in Kovalam. it’s at a proximate distance from Hawah Beach, Trivandrum located on the Samudra beach road. The age-old art which represents the cultural traditions of the Indian subcontinent is additionally displayed.

Valiyathura Pier


Earlier known amongst the traders for being the topmost ports of South India, and now famous within the travellers for watching just the awesome view of the ocean , Valiyathura Pier has always been the center of attraction in Thiruvananthapuram.



Edakallu is a popular Sunset Point located within the heart of Kovalam. With the white fluffy clouds floating across the clear, blue sky, Edakallu offers a bird’s eye view across the distant horizon where the sky and the sea meet.

Neyyar Dam


Neyyar Dam is a gravity dam on the Neyyar River in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, South India, located on the foot of the Western Ghats about 30 km from Thiruvananthapuram. it had been established in 1958 and is a popular picnic spot.

This is all about the places which you all can visit there but what about the food you all can eat there? So the answer is Kovalam is famous for street food as well as there are so many restaurants are also there. So there is no worry about it.

Kovalam’s street food includes both vegetarian and seafood, with a range of South Indian food and Indianized version of European dishes. Famous dishes are Putter, Kerela Appam, Karimeem, and south Indian food

But some people hesitate to eat street food because of hygiene and other reasons so for them there are many restaurants and eating joints. Some famous restaurants are:


  • German Bakery and Waves Restuarant
  • Suprabhatham
  • Swizz Cafe
  • Malabar cafe
  • Devi Garden Restaurant

This is all about the food and dishes which all you can eat there. Now when we go somewhere we all want to buy something as a remark for memory so what you can buy from there?

As it is visited by tourists all over India. The markets in the town have everything but the best things you can buy from there are:


  • Books
  • Sarongs / Lungi
  • Spices
  • Local handlooms and handicrafts
  • Shells

This is all about Kovalam. I hope my blog will help you to know about this place more and enhance your knowledge and you all have enjoyed it.  In a nutshell, I can conclude that this is a beautiful place to visit and you all should visit it once in your life.

So this is the time to say goodbye. I will come with a new blog soon. Show some love to my blog and comment on me if any changes you all want.



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