The world is full of a diversity of plants and animals. And they together live on this earth and strive. For thousands of years, humans are said to be ruling the Earth as they have achieved more and more understanding of how things work on this planet. Humanity has been the force driving life on earth. And we have been well attracted to the flora and fauna of nature and we try to protect and nurture them along with keeping our safety as a priority. Zoos are the popular places which we have been building for keeping the animals of different species under protection as well as in such environments where we can cherish their presence. The Top 10 largest Zoo in the world, are the best places where you can admire the beauty of wildlife and nature co-existing together. The beauty of zoos is that they are the natural habitats for the plants and animals which are present in those specific areas prepared by us. Humans have segregated specific proportions of land and their workforce in understanding, nurturing, and helping different species of animals to thrive on earth. With the passing of time, we have seen that the survival of the fittest allows only the powerful species to stay on the planet as a rule of nature. Hence, many times the weak and less adaptable species have become extinct. The zoos also play a pivotal role in protecting such species of animals and safeguard them to live on this beautiful earth. Let us know more about the topic.


1Berlin Zoological Garden, Germany

The Berlin Zoological Garden lies in the Hardenbergplatz 8, 10787 Berlin, is one of the oldest living and the most popular zoos in Germany for a long time. The Berlin Zoological Garden is said to be visited by about three and a half million visitors every single year and the number is ever increasing. The Largest Zoo covers a land of about thirty-five hectares under its premises nurturing wildlife and plants that exist beautifully along with allowing people to get the best of them through the zoo. The garden is said to be opened in the year eighteen hundred and forty-four and is composed of a variety of about thirteen hundred and eighty different species of and up to twenty thousand animals in the zoo. It is one of the largest and even sometimes known as the largest in the whole world for its collection and exhibit of many different species on the premises. Some of the key highlights of the zoo are. Knut is a species of Polar bear, Tosca which is another species of the polar bear, giant panda, or the well-known Jiao Qing, Bao Bao species of the Giant panda, and many more to add to the list. It is a major tourist attraction and people from all over the world visit the zoo with their friends and family to enjoy nature’s gift of wildlife and fauna spread in the huge area of the Berlin Zoological Garden. The day is said to be closed only on the eve of the Christmas celebration and remains open all time of the year. The garden is said to have the world’s best collection of wild cattle, and also has an excellent collection of many birds of prey antelopes among others. The trip to the zoo is worth all the attention and fame it holds in the whole world. If you get a chance to visit Germany then do visit the biggest zoo in the world.

2Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium lies in the state of Ohio in the United States. It is also known to be among the Largest Zoo in the world. This zoo is home to around eleven thousand animals of different species altogether. Which holds up to six hundred species in total and is run by the non-profit organization which has been rated to be among the world’s biggest with a four-star rating. They are able to accumulate up to four million dollars every year which are used for the conservation of wildlife all around the globe. All your expectations would just be left shattered with more than what you could have seen in the zoo. You could capture many extraordinary moments with your naked eyes like the racing of the world’s fastest animals Cheetah, visiting history by going on a walk in the dinosaur exhibit, the kids will just love the place because it has so much to offer for them along with their family. You can spot African Grey parrots, American Alligator, African lions the pride of the continent, Asian elephants, Bornean Orang-utan, and many other unique animals just roaming and playing around in their respected regions warming the eyes of the visitors with joy. This place is also said to be closed on the days of thanksgiving and Christmas Eve while it remains open on other days of the year. You will be astonished to spend time with your children’s here as they would learn about so many beautiful creatures of this planet earth. Their interests will be at their peak when they will see these creatures live walking around in front of their eyes. With many exhibits to cover and entrails yourself in the joy of learning with fun and real-life experiences.

3Toronto Zoo

The Toronto zoo lies in Ontario, Canada. The land of the zoo covers about seven hundred and ten acres of land and it is the Largest Zoo in Canada and also is among the biggest zoos in the world. Some of the most famous animals which are found here in the Toronto Zoo are Goober which is a Bactrian Camel, Orang-utans’, different species of deer, monkeys, reptiles, and many others are also present in the zoo. The month of May is said to be the best month to visit the zoo and its atmosphere. The wildlife and flora of the place will attract you to such an extent that you would be amazed to see so many species of plants and animals in a single place and living in harmony. They will be right in front of you and you would be able to spot them on daily basis just like the many visitors who regularly come and go to the tourist hub. It is suggested that you might take a walk around the whole area while also engaging in capturing some of the best moments through your eyes in the vicinity of the wild creatures present in the zoo. You can also enjoy the facilities of roaming around in the vehicles and see the animals by going in their allotted zones to get the best of the experiences. These animals are provided necessary care and are quite peaceful as a whole unless they get irritated by some actions or events. Still, the mentors have full control over the animals as they are in close proximity to their livelihoods and help them live with proper facilities of food and health care all at their own zones. You would definitely enjoy a trip to the Toronto zoo, Canada as it is among the best zoos in the world for a solid reason and will keep on attracting tourists to visit the place rich in flora and fauna.

4Beijing Zoo

 The biggest zoo in China lies here in Beijing. It is one of the Largest Zoo in the world. The Chinese zoo has been a hub for the tourists visiting the place which also has an aquarium on its premises. They have a collection of about five thousand animals and up to four hundred and fifty different species in their vicinity. You must have seen the movie known as King-Fu Panda. Here the giant panda is the main feast to the eyes of the beholders and this being is present in the world as a native of China. The giant panda is known as China’s national symbol and is a species that holds a lot of importance for the Chinese people. You can take a tour to Beijing and capture the Chinese culture along with enjoying the wildlife and the fauna of the biggest Asian country and it will be worth your attention.

5Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Henry Doorly was the husband of Margaret Hitchcock Doorly who is known to be among the main reasons for the start of this Largest Zoo in Omaha. It is known that Margaret Hitchcock had donated a vast sum of money near about seven lakh fifty thousand dollars and had reserved the name of this famous zoo on behalf of her husband. He is said to be associated as the chairman of the World Publishing Co. This zoo is well known and has many awards and is also called a paradise for the animals living here. It has been continuously listed in the list of top zoos in the whole world. The zoo covers a vast space of about one hundred and thirty thousand acres of land which is home to near about nine hundred species of animals. About thirty thousand wild animals are said to be inhibited in the famed zoo and aquarium. The zoo is also run by a non-profit organization and is popular in the whole nation for its accommodations for animal conservation and research for the welfare of the wildlife nationwide and elsewhere.

6Moscow Zoo

 The popularly known as Moscow Zoo or also called the Moskovsky Zoo Park is one of the Largest Zoo in the world. It is said to be opened in eighteen hundred sixty-four and has been popular ever since because of its vast species and collection of wildlife and their natural habitat. It is built in Old Russian style and has emerged as a well-known tourists spot for the times of its establishment. It spreads over an area of about twenty acres. The zoo has a famous collection of many of the northern animals and also is home to many exotic species of the world. About eight thousand and seven hundred and twenty animals are said to be living in peace here in Russia. It is a must-visit site for people all over the world if they are interested to capture the best of the wildlife and plants kingdom in unison spreading a real-life pleasure of the natural earth.

7The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

South Africa is an ancient land and also to be noted that the elements in the history of man=kind are said to be the first-ever existed here. The land is pious for it has a very large variety and famous species of plants and animals living together on this continent. The National Zoological Gardens of South Africa or also called the Pretoria Zoo is the Largest Zoo all over Africa and also is one of the biggest in the world. The park is said to be spread in an area-wide across about two hundred acres of land. The zoo is said to be a living home of about nine thousand animals who are protected and nurtured with the best of care and are there for tourists to have a look at these gifts of nature. They have about seven hundred species of different animals in their hospitality, who are regularly visited by tourists from all over the World.

8Bronzo Zoo

This zoo is also a tourist attraction and is popular as the Largest Zoo or the largest metropolitan zoo in the world. The zoo is home to about more than four thousand animals in their vicinity which includes up to six hundred and fifty species of different animals. It is so popular that it is said to be visited by about more than two million tourists every year. This zoo is spread over a large area of about one 100,000 square meters and is run by the Wildlife Conservation Society. The animals are provided with the best quality environment and taken care of by the authorities as their priority and hence have been able to make such name all over the world. Do visit the place if you are a wildlife enthusiast.

9London Zoo

The capital city of the United Kingdom is home to many of the fantasies of people from all over the world. And one of its star attractions is the London Zoo which is been running for decades. This land has been home to wildlife enthusiasts across the world and is one of the Largest Zoo in the world. It is a place that has inhibited more than twenty thousand animals of about seven hundred different species. These animals are well protected and are a delight to all the people under the Zoological Society of London. It is said to establish since the year eighteen hundred and twenty-eight. The park is spread over a wide space of around one lakh fifty thousand square meters of land.  Tourists can capture the Gorilla Kingdom, animal adventures, Tiger territory, the land of the lions, Penguin Beach, and much more in this famous zoo of the United Kingdom.

10San Diego Zoo

This zoo is situated in the California State of U.S and is said to be the innovator of the culture of keeping the zoos with a concept of the open-air natural environment for the animals in the zoo. The San Diego Zoo is among the Largest Zoo on the planet Earth. It is leading the supervision of the endangered species and has been preparing different programs for the protection of animals and providing them the real jungle life atmosphere so that they are able to live free and not in cages. It has been a revolutionary approach in the wildlife sector for having such facilities for the animals in the zoos. Millions of tourists have been visited the place ever since its arrival as an organization that has inspired all the other zoos across the world to have the best facilities for the welfare of animals. Such is its uniqueness. You would be delighted to spend time in midst of these creatures make sure you do visit the San Diego Zoo famous all over the world.


Nature and its wildlife creatures will always attract humans as we are also the organisms produced by this very nature. Nature consists of all the living beings on our planet Earth. The zoo is said to be the safest and best place to capture views of these iconic creatures which exist on earth along with us. These creatures have been present on the earth even before our arrival as Homo sapiens and hence these are more ancient and historic beings that are to be saved along with us to have peaceful life on earth. You will have a feast of a lifetime when you would spend time with the most loved animals and such exquisite ecosystems which these large zoos have constructed for the welfare of the animals as well as a gift to us. Capture the best of wildlife on earth in real and feel the richness of nature by visiting any of these world-famous zoos.


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