New Orleans Travel Tips
Thing to not do in New Orleans - Travel Tips

New Orleans is situated at Louisiana City on the Mississippi River. This place is known for its ‘Round the Click Nightlife.’ This place is famous for its distinct music, Creole cuisine, unique dialect, celebrations, and festivals. The historic heart of the city is also known for its vibrant nightlife along Bourbon Street. Below are some travel tips for New Orleans.

Is New Orleans A Party Place?

New Orleans Travel Tips

This city is also known as the birthplace of jazz and cocktails and hosts Mardi Gras every year, which is ‘no sleepy head.’ While here, music is the local language that can listen to any time of the day or night. After sundown in New Orleans, opportunities to listen and dance to live music and catch cabaret shows are in every nook and cranny. 

Is New Orleans Safe?

New Orleans is overall a secure town, particularly for tourists. It’s some dangerous areas that ought to be avoided. However, they’re removed from the standard traveler landmarks.

What Should I do if I am visiting New Orleans for the First time?

From the start, the city embraced the essence of individuality and variety. ‘Native Yankee Indians’ were accepted rather than suppressed, Europeans and West Africans commingled within the New World, Creole tangled with Acadian and French and Spanish equally wedged the town’s spirit.

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Here square measure a number of the most useful New Orleans New Orleans Travel Tips for any first-time traveler:

Soak within the French Quarter Architecture

New Orleans Travel Tips

Creole townhouses area unit may be the original picture items of design within the town of the latest Orleans, comprising an outsized portion of the French Quarter and the neighbor suburb Marigny. Creole townhouses were engineered when the lovely New Orleans hearth (1788), till the mid-19th century.

Build your tour of Pubs

New Orleans Travel Tips

The pub’s area unit typically found virtually within the shadows of flashier institutions. There’s Molly’s on Toulouse (732 Toulouse St. — not to be mistaken for Molly’s at the Market, below!), as an example, a lovely, unpretentious ginmill of soppy brick associated polished woodwork the color of burnt sugar housed in a recent Creole bungalow.

Take a Cemetery Tour

New Orleans could be a town enclosed by water and engineered below the water level. This is often why our departed pay eternity is entombed on top of the ground. Here, graves are family affairs, with remains subsiding over time to create an area for the consequent generation to maneuver into what we tend to decision the Cities of the Dead. Pay court to fallen infectious disease victims at St. Louis No.1 on Basin Street, the city’s oldest boneyard, or visit much newer, even as elaborate places.

Attempt Beignets at restaurant Cafe Du Monde

New Orleans Travel Tips

Du Monde Café du Monde is the world’s most notable eating place and a brand new Orleans establishment. Found at the tip of the French Market and the corner of Jackson sq. in New Orleans’ French Quarter, restaurant du Monde has been serving up their tender beignets and creamy cafés au lait 1862.

Have a great visit at the Famous Carousel Bar

New Orleans Travel Tips

The Carousel Bar & Lounge could be a classic and distinctive port of entry bar set within the celebrated building Monte Leone. The Carousel could be a merry-go-round bar that has been revolving since its installation in 1949. The bar is in style among locals and tourists World Health Organization square measure trying to relish a specialty cocktail and live port of entry jazz music in a very one-of-a-kind setting. The Carousel Bar hosts weekly live music amusement and overlooks historic Royal Street within the French Quarter.

Eat a Muffuletta from the Central Grocery and Deli

Central Grocery Co. is a relatively small, old-style Italian-American shops market with a sandwich counter, located at 923 Decatur Street within the French Quarter of recent Orleans, Louisiana. Central Grocery sells famous food from many places like Italian, Greek, French, Spanish, and Creole table delicacies. They conjointly carry less-mainstream picks, like chocolate-covered grasshoppers and bumblebees in soy, that square measure perennially displayed within the store’s front windows. Marie Lupo Tusa, Salvatore’s female offspring, is the author of the reference book Marie’s Melting Pot that has many Sicilian, French, and Creole-style recipes.

Travel through the Streetcars

New Orleans Travel Tips

Streetcars are charming and one of the most fantastic ways to travel through the many New Orleans areas. There are mainly four distinct lines, every originating from the Downtown, can take you through the French Quarter and on the other side to places you may not otherwise get to envision. The longest of recent Orleans’ self-propelled vehicle lines, the St. Charles Avenue line, is that the oldest endlessly in Operation Street railroad within the world. There square measure presently 5 in operation self-propelled vehicle lines in New Orleans: The St. Charles Avenue Line, the Riverfront Line, the Canal Street Line (which has two branches), and therefore the Ignatius of Loyola Avenue Line and Rampart/St. Claude Line.

Enjoy Shopping at the French Market

New Orleans Travel Tips

Like some European markets, this traditionally charming marketplace options searching, dining, music, and native tradition that’s unambiguously New Orleans, from restaurant du Monde close to Jackson sq. to the mart at the tip of mall Avenue, the French Market includes five blocks of native turn out, specialty art, hand-stitched crafts, retail searching and a lot. This New Orleans Travel Tips will save you lots of money.

Look into Harrah’s Casino

Experience a fun, friendly casino atmosphere at Harrah’s New Orleans, one that removes you from the standard, with useful dealers and attentive servers, United Nations agency guarantee your total comfort. New and previous friends cheer you on as you hit your lucky streak once you’re at Harrah’s New Orleans. Thus opt for your favorite casino game and let the pleasant times roll.


Things to remember, these are very important New Orleans Travel Tips.

  1. Keep attentive to your surroundings, particularly at night-time. Search for well-lit areas. 
  2. Keep track of your purse and notecase. Don’t carry your notecase in your back pocket or bring a giant bag. 
  3. It’s forever sensible to travel in twos, particularly once loads of drinking is concerned. 
  4. Bring comfy walking shoes due to the most straightforward thanks to seeing the town is on foot. 
  5. Bear in mind of scams: individuals approaching you asking queries like wherever you bought your shoes or serving to you with directions. Also, grasp if you’re taking an image of or with any of the ‘entertainers’ on the streets, they’ll expect and raise a tip. 
  6. It’s forever sensible to travel in twos particularly once loads of drinking is concerned.
  7. Bring comfy walking shoes as a result of the simplest thanks to see town is by foot.
  8. Bring some money, several of the bars have minimums on MasterCard purchases and/or are money solely institutions.


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