Seattle Beaches

Do you like water? Well whether you like it or not live without it would be impossible. The same is the scene without the beaches in the city of Washington State. These beaches are just wonderful and the most admiring part of the biggest city in the state. Seattle is a popular city in the state and has some great features associated with it. The technological era has shifted the quality of the best cities to those which are really high tech. Seattle is said to be the home of the largest tech industry with the largest tech giants residing in their land. Microsoft and Amazon have their headquarters in this large city. The area which it covers is about two hundred and seventeen square kilometers of land which is surrounded by beautiful waters, and the lovely mountains and dense forests from all around. The natural life here is quite great along with the technological hub in the city. The Seattle beaches are famous everywhere for their sandy coast and beautiful waters having a great atmosphere altogether. The beaches are the hub of tourist attractions as people like to spend their valuable time with their loved ones on the bays of the many beaches which are around the city. A Large number of tourists, as well as natives, are seen to enjoy the blissful atmosphere and feel the natural vibes at their best here in the largest city of Washington State.

List of Best Beaches in the Seattle

Discovery Park

Seattle Beaches

The number of great Seattle beaches which you would be pleasured to visit is many and among them, one of the best places is the Discovery Park. With a wide stretch of about five hundred acres of land, all fully covered with the sands of the bay the beach offers great views and a comforting atmosphere to all who visit here. The Cascade and Olympic mountains are said to be visible at best from the beach. There is a total of two beaches in the discovery park and both are well maintained with the diversity of flora and fauna. The sandy beaches are famous for the people engaging in volleyball matches, enjoying swimming and splashing around in the waters along with having trips across the trails through the forest with their loved ones. This park is said to be among the largest in the city.

Alki Beach

Seattle Beaches

This famous beach among the Seattle beaches has served many people of the city and the tourists who visit there with its sandy environment as it has been around for about hundred and more years till now. This location has been popular since the early days of the eighteen fifties as the popular Alki point. This was the name of the amusement park which was present in this part of the city. The beach has a really wonderful path beside the sandy beach which is quite fun for people to engage in activities like walking, running, rollerblading. Sand volleyball is sure to be among the most loved sports activity here which the visitors engage in and have great fun playing around. Many people also engage in boating around in the waters at the beach. The city has only a rare few beaches which allow campfires at the site and the Alki Beach is one of them.

Golden Gardens Park

Seattle Beaches

All the well-known services of the Seattle beaches are available here at Golden Gardens Park. The park is home to one of the finest beaches across the city. This beach is said to be about eighty acres on land and is a spot for the people who are used to visit the beach on the weekends and enjoy the serene atmosphere. The people who love to swim enjoy swimming at the beach and play along with their friends. The park also has a dock for boating lovers and there are also quite great hiking and walking trails around the park. Many people like to play volleyball and engage themselves all over the beach area playing the sport with fun. The kite flyers also have quite a large area to spend time flying their kites in the air where the breeze continuously flows. Some people also like to visit the place just to be among the people and lay on their grounds. Also, campfires are allowed here too. It is worth a visit.

Green Lake Park

Seattle Beaches

The Green Lake Park is said to be home to the beach since the nineteenth century and has grown popular among the Seattle beaches. The park is quite a large place, it has two big swimming areas for the people along with the protection of the lifeguards at the pools. The area beside the swimming area is great to have a walk with your friends, family and even alone. They also have a historic place as the bathhouse. The place has many activities for the people who visit the place along with swimming, walking, and resting along the bay of the waters. The other activities that are also quite popular here are kayakers, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding. The services to these activities are provided along the park and availed by those who like to engage in these activities. The Green Lake is quite beautiful and the space is rich in natural environment all around. The people take the tour of the park which leads them to cover both the water areas.

Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park

There lies a city known as Renton which is said to be about just a few miles from downtown Seattle. This city is the home to the Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. This park offers one of the best beaches close to the city. The beach park covers about sixty acres and it was popularly known as the Lake Washington Beach Park. This place is home to the warming and serene beach which is loved by the people of the city as well as the people who visit the place. The swimming beach is quite good and the people love to swim in these waters and some of the other known activities involve boating around the waters. There is also a one-and-a-half-mile trail that is used by the people to engage in walking around the park and enjoying the atmosphere. The famous park has n=many other services to delight the people who visit here like the playground equipment’s, two large tennis courts for the tennis lovers, some good places for the picnic spots and sitting of the people in the park. The park also allows some great festivals on its own land which are run by various organizations and many people enjoy these events in this park.


The beaches are located in nice places and are maintained by the people who come to enjoy them here. The people of the city love the Seattle beaches and spend a lot of their time on these places as these are so lavish and heartwarming. The sunset and sunrise views will take you to another level of romance with the waters of this place. Many people just pull out their towels and all directly on the sea as to just enjoy the calming effects of the beaches of the city. The city is the largest in the Washington state and a great place for any nature enthusiasts, romance lovers, and even peace-loving people. Whenever you get a chance to visit these beaches don’t miss out on the opportunity and enjoy the sandy Seattle beaches.


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