Things to do in Baton Rouge

Traveling around the various states of the United States is definitely a great way to know the country. Tourists enjoy a lot visiting the different states of the country and getting engrossed in various different activities and attractions that these states offer. In this article, we are going to explore the various Things to do in Baton Rouge.  Louisiana is a U. S state which is home to this abundant city of Baton Rouge. It is the capital of the state of Louisiana and lies along the eastern bay of the Mississippi River. The city is the second populous in the state with a count of about four hundred and fifty-six thousand people residing in it happily. The place is really good for families to live in and has a happy and accommodating atmosphere for the visitors who are seen to pass through. The place has various historical buildings, museums,s and adventure centers which are popular among the visitors who come to visit this part of the state of Louisiana. It is a hub of all the various events and has various things for the visitors to engage themselves in. The food at this place is also delicious with various restaurants being the favorites of the natives. They offer various cuisines such as Greek, Mediterranean, Italian, American, and much more in variety to enthrall the tourists with the delicacies. The various Things to do in Baton Rouge are as follows.

Visiting the Old State Capitol

Things to do in Baton Rouge

It is known to be built in the year eighteen forty-seven and is an honorary building of the city attracting various visitors all through the year. This castle is a popular demonstration of exquisite architecture and of immense historical importance for the city of Baton Rouge. Visiting the Old State Capital is one of the common Things to do in Baton Rouge. The building has a beautiful aura of itself and people are delighted to have just a view of the Gothic-style castle. This castle used to be known as the capital of the state until the year nineteen hundred and thirty-two. During these times this place is a well-known museum which the tourists like to visit whenever they visit the city of Baton Rouge. The popular exhibits here are the Legacy of Huey Long, The Governors Portrait Gallery, Baton Rouge and the Civil war, and various others. This place is popularly booked for various events and even family functions like weddings by the natives.

Capture the great USS Kidd Veterans Memorial

Things to do in Baton Rouge

If you do not know then let us tell you that a popular destroyer ship known as the USS KIDD was used in the attack on Pearl Harbor and is named after Admiral Isaac Campbell Kidd. The USS Kidd Veterans Memorial is built on this very ship and is among the Things to do in Baton Rouge. The once popularly known as the Pirate of the Pacific is now home to this memorial which is loved by the tourists. The ship is not an ordinary ship, it has been captured in various Hollywood movies and other historical documentaries. The visitors are allowed to go right on the ship and climb the stairs to see for themselves what this majestic ship has for them to offer. They like to capture the past of the ship’s history and its journey from the time it was being produced. The USS Kidd Veterans memorial also has a museum and an observational tower in its vicinity. They have a Historic Warship and Nautical Center which also holds various eye-catching artifacts. A memorial is a must-visit place in the city.

Louisiana State University

Things to do in Baton Rouge

The Louisiana State University dates back to the mid-eighteenth century. It is said to be established in Baton Rouge in the year Eighteen sixty-nine. The famous things of Louisiana State University include the LSU Rural Life Museum and the LSU Museum of natural science. There are also the famous American Indian mounds which are also seen at this place as old as the sixteen hundreds. The place is full of quality and charming lifestyle. Visitors love the aura of Louisiana State University and it is a must-visit place in the capital city. The popular activities which are also conducted here include the famous sport of Basketball. The Alex Box Stadium or the Skip Bertman Field and the large football stadium of the LSU Tiger Stadium are also quite known for the sports here. So make sure you visit the place as it is included in the Things to do in Baton Rouge.

Visit the Magnolia Mound Plantation

Things to do in Baton Rouge

It is said to be built at the end part of the eighteenth century and is popularly made by the architects of France and the West Indies. This place has been the home of many different people in the last centuries. SO this place has been admired and liked by many great personalities and also they have added their touch to this beautiful place. The place gives a feel of the ancient culture throughout its area and is adored by everyone who gets a chance to visit this exquisite site. Visiting the Magnolia Mound plantation is among the Things to do in Baton Rouge. The state capital is known for this famous building. It holds great historical importance for the people of the city as well as the natives of the nearby cities. Make sure you get a view of this ancient building.

Explore the LSU Rural Life Museum

Things to do in Baton Rouge

The Louisiana state has been famous for many historical buildings and museums. And the famous LSU Rural Life Museum is one of the well-known museums and to visit this place is among the Things to do in Baton Rouge. This museum holds many great artifacts for the delight of the tourists which includes the Louisiana Folk Architecture, there are various building also showcases the various inhibitors of the land of the capital city. The museum covers about an area of twenty acres in total and contains almost thirty-two historic buildings in its vicinity. Who does not like to visit the history which has been famous for the people of the past? We come to know about the cultures and the various richness of the life which existed before us. This place adds to the history of the city and holds the prominent highlights such as the Folk Architecture which include various churches, cabins, Acadian house, and the popular potato houses. There are also various tours of this place which are conducted by the locals of the city as they have a source of earning through conducting these tours. The place is must visit for history enthusiasts.


The capital city of Louisiana is thus a very popular sport in the state. There are various Things in Baton Rouge which can engage the tourists to enjoy and explore the city more. The various other well-known places to visit in the city include the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Centre, the Louisiana State Capital, visiting the Baton Rouge Zoo, Shaw center for the Arts is also popular place, the Louisiana Arts & Science Museum, Old Governor’s Mansion, Capitol Park Museum and many more. You would be astonished to find so many more sites as you visit the city. Thus the various activities and attractions of this place will definitely fulfill you and let you know the capital city of Baton Rouge.


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