Beacon, New York

The region has spread from the Capital District which also has Albany and more in Western County bordering New York City. This valley is famous for its history, the beauty of nature, and many popular food and market scenes. In this valley lies many cities among which is the Beacon, New York. This city is famous for the contemporary arts in the Hudson Valley of New York.  The city is full of happy people who live peacefully in their homes in this rich artistic city. There are many well-constructed and maintained parks and places to have great food in the city where tourists usually flock and explore the famous places present here. The city holds up a population of about thirteen thousand six hundred and thirty-four people in the land which covers an approximate area of some twelve-point sixty-three-kilometer square. In this article, we are going to discuss the attractions and the activities which people engage themselves in when they visit, here in Beacon, New York.  People from New York and the tourists who visit the place are attracted to the natural beauty of the place. Its calmness and relaxing vibe, along with the rich art museums, shops, and shopping sprees which are also a privilege, that the city offers. You will surely say that it is worth all your time to have a visit here to this city.

A place having tasty and delicious food is always a prime thing attracting the happiness of the tourists as well as the natives of the place. In this city along the Hudson Valley, you will definitely feel the deliciousness of the food.  Some of the names of the places offering the best dishes of the city are Kitchen Sink food and drink, Homespun Food, Beacon Falls Café, The Vault, Bank Square Coffeehouse, Beacon Pantry, The Towne Crier Cafe, The Roundhouse, the Beacon Hotel Restaurant, and Lounge and many more places are the famous for the foods they offer. Some of the best dishes which will make your taste buds up for more here in Beacon are the Italian cuisines, vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food for brunch, lunch, and dinners, the cafes are loaded with their exquisite menu’s, pizza, American cuisines are also present in them. The best thing about the food here is the variety which you can have. You can try many of the dishes which you must have never tried before and enjoy the surprises you will get. Make sure you try different dishes each time you want to feed your stomach and mind with delight.

Visit the Art Galleries

You want to start having a good time in the city then start with the best they offer. The city is said to be known for its art museums and galleries which have attracted artists of different genres to prosper and showcase their talents in the city along the Hudson River. The famous Dia Beacon is worth a visit to this city for the glorious number of displays it has for the tourists. This famous gallery was established in the year 2003 and has since grown to become the best in the whole country. Artists from all over the country are attracted to this place and hence the gallery holds a lot of importance. It is really a beautiful environment inside Dia Beacon.

The Bannerman Island Gallery is also a known name in 150 Main Street. Here also the artists get space for displaying their work of art regularly. The Beacon Fine Art Gallery along The Inn and Spa at beacon 151 Main Street is also a known gallery offering opportunities to talented artists. The Hudson Beach Glass is a studio and an art gallery that has unique spaces that allow the people who buy the arts to have a view of the glassblowing process. Some of the best-known museums are the Morphicism, Beacon Historical Society, and Mount Gulian Society among the others. You can enjoy your time just by visiting these museums and galleries in Beacon, New York.

Walk along the Main Street

Beacon New York

You would definitely love to have a stroll on the Main Street of Beacon, New York. The fun of visiting some delicious restaurants on the main road of the city will let you get to know the city well enough to enjoy the atmosphere. This city’s main street is one of the fifteen most beautiful main streets across America. The street is well equipped with lots of shops, restaurants, and various other businesses run by the locals of the city. The great Dia Beacon museum and art gallery are also just some miles away from the main street, just some miles away from the Metro-North Railroad Station on the banks of the famous Hudson River. The street has nice boutiques and the majority of shops make a good business all the time in this street. The locals are usually seen to have their daily visit the café’s located across the spot near the Bank square coffeehouse. Some of the best art galleries which mark the artistic glory of the city lie within the area.

Bannerman Castle

Beacon New York

The officially called name of the Bannerman Castle is Pollepel Island. It takes about two and a half hours to have a private tour of the island which was just built for the purpose of storage of the military surplus of New York City. You can also book your own kayak tour to reach Bannerman Castle and explore the beautiful island which lies along with the Hudson Highlands. It covers an approximate distance of about six acres of land near the city of Beacon, New York.

It is known to be built by the family which was of a Scottish family who was living in the twentieth century. The tours and travels along the island are said to run under the guidance of the Bannerman Tours and Events. You should definitely have a walk and tour around the island for some time away from the fast-paced life of cities like New York.

Local Flea Market of Beacon

Beacon New York

The Sunday market is full of rush and is a popular walkover through the city of Beacon, New York. The treasure hunters are the regular customers of the marketplace. The streets become lively around every Sunday except for some of the special festivals or holidays. The tents and tables of all the small shops are set up on the market road. The popular things which are usually looked out by the people are the vintage designers, jewelry ornaments, products of the glass and other local materials, home furniture’s and daily needs products are also sold by the local people of the place. It is usually seen that the vendors who sell the services range from about forty to fifty-five. The services offered work usually on a cash basis and are well known to the locals. The flea market supports the other restaurants and café’s which have been holding onto their business daily. Thus the market does not sell eating items so that the people use the local restaurants and feed the business of the other locals too.

The Farmers Market

The iconic farmer market is a famous part of the Hudson Valley. The timing of the known farmer’s market is from ten a.m. to two p.m. every Sunday. It gathers people from the city and supplies the foods produced by the farmers. It is one of the most known events among the citizens. The natives along with the tourists are seen to flock in the farmers market supplying the fresh products from fruits to vegetables of the seasons. The Beacon’s framers market was started for the sole purpose of allowing the local farmers of the city to prosper and earn a living in return for the products they grow on their local farms. The city farmers are able to supply fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, sauces, syrups, honey, and products that are produced naturally by them in the city of Beacon, New York.

The Beautiful Parks

Beacon New York

The city of Beacon, New York is loaded with many beautiful parks as we would see. If you are traveling in the city then you should make good use of your time and spend some relaxing time in these parks along the Hudson River valley. These parks are said to be open all around the year and are well maintained by the authorities for tourists to have some peaceful times in the city. The Scenic Hudson’s Long Dock Park is a beautiful space around the Hudson River attracting everyone who visits the city of Beacon. The park has many different areas to explore. You can explore the park on a walk or just slag around the fringes of the park to find your spot and have a good picnic with your loved ones. The wildlife and area between the natures are the Fishkill Ridge which is famous for its scenery between the jungles which can be a place for successful hiking trips. Another well-known place is Mount Beacon. The hiking up the mountain I simple a difficult one. It will test you and you will have to survive the hike with your physical ability.

The space is full of greenery and rich in flora and fauna. This whole park is managed by the Scenic Hudson organizations which also undertakes several other parks. The climb up the top is most famous among the hikers. Yes, they do enjoy the weather but the climb is more than awesome. It is really challenging along with very breathtaking views of the top. The people of the city have a place which they like known as the Long Dock Park which has been created to serve as a terminal which was used to carry ferrying rail cars over the river. This is was the time in the nineteenth century whereas now it is one of the most loved places to spend quality time in the afternoon along the banks of the river. People are used to engaging in various activities like fishing in the river, kayaking with friends and family, and spending happy evenings along with the other activities. Also, you can get to know the first person who was the first European settler in the city of beacon, New York. Her name is Catherina Brett, the park is named on her behalf known as Madam Brett Park. The park has lots of aquatic mammals, bald eagles, ospreys, and other amphibians for the tourist to have a look at.

Visit the Towne Crier Cafe

The park is said to be started in the town of Pawling in the year nineteen seventy-two. This was said to be the original park. But the Towne Crier Café is running since the year two thousand and thirteen by the beacon Institution. This place has become the favorite of the people of the town these days. It has become very popular among them for it has really good activities which are cherished by the people of the town. They have a series of sensational melody-rich music played by talented artists who make the mood of the people present there. The Sunday brunch is famous for the people which also includes some live entertainment shows which used to delight the people. The music would be of different genres right from jazz to rock and they used to build such an auspicious atmosphere that it would delight the people with loads of happiness. The place was also made with rich band artistic designs which would boast the mood as soon as you step your foot in the park.

Visit the Howland Cultural Centre

Beacon New York

The culture center used to be a library called the Howland library, but it was later converted into the Howland Cultural Centre which became a center of attraction as a historical place and is known nationally as one. It is made in the old eighteen thousand and seventy-two, which has become the inspiration and is admired by many people in the city of Beacon. The cultural center is a not-for-profit organization that has been used to lead the changes in arts and culture in this region. The place has been a stage setter for people with artistic talents and helped them to make a name for themselves by giving them an opportunity to entertain the audience with their art. Joseph Howland is said to be the constructor of this historical building. The architecture design is such that they have adopted some elements from Norwegian Gothic architecture. Also, they have successfully been reducing the use of fossil fuels with the help of the geothermal heating system which used to be the first such system installed in those times.

Get to know the History of the Madam Brett Homestead

Beacon New York

The story of the Bret family is important for the people of Beacon. Roger and Catherina Brett used to live in New York before the eighteenth century, later at the start of the eighteenth century, the couple left the place and got settled in the Duchess County in their Dutch-style house. And this house used to be the house of the Bret family for the following seven generations. Now, it is known to be the oldest building in the country. The turned Museum is rich for it holds the history of the Beacon’s past. The land is saved and maintained with pride for the tourists and they get to know the city more through their visit to this great museum of the city Beacon, New York.


So if you think you need to decide your best activities to do in the city of Beacon, New York along the Hudson River then just follow up the activities listed in the article. The places are well enough to attract the people of the city and even outer areas to enjoy and spend time relaxing from the fast-paced life of the cities like New York. You just don’t need to wander around the places as the atmosphere around each one of them will give you a specific feel of the moment you will have to witness. The large number of people who stay here are happy with the way the city functions. This city may be small but that is its strength as it is just perfect according to its size. The quality of the things you can get here is great.

This region was not that popular until some old twenty years back. But ever since the factory was converted into the largest museum in the whole country, the dynamics of the city changed to become popular. The art which was accepted by this museum lead to an enormous rise in the number of people who were artists. A large number of artists gathering in the city and displaying their beautiful talents just made this city famous for the art it has offered. Thus these museums started to grow and made the art of the city a well-famed quality of the people. Visiting these galleries, going through the farmer market, enjoying food in the delicious restaurants and cafes are some of the activities including others as listed in the article. You can surely have fun in the artistic atmosphere of the city of Beacon, New York.


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