Things to do in Casablanca

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco. The city is located on the Atlantic coast of the Chaoula plain in the central-western part of Morocco, it is the second-largest city in the Maghreb region and the eighth-largest city in the Arab world. Casablanca is Morocco’s chief port and is one of the largest financial centers in Africa. According to the 2019 population, the city has a population of about 3.71 million in the urban area and over 4.27 million in Greater Casablanca. Casablanca is considered the economic and business center of Morocco, although the national political of Morocco is Rabat. The total area of the city is 220 km square (80 square meters), The total area of the metropolitan area is 20,166 km square (7,786 square meters). It is a port city and the commercial hub in western Morocco, fronting the Atlantic Ocean. The city’s French colonial legacy is seen in its downtown Mauresque architecture, it is a blend of Moorish style and European art deco. Standing partly over the water, the enormous Hassan II Mosque, it was built in 1993, it has a 210m minaret topped with lasers directed toward Mecca.

If you are thinking to plan a holiday with your family and friends then go for it. There are several things to do in Casablanca. Casablanca is the main gateway to Morocco and most tourists or visitors first taste the country. The city is home to the primary international airport. This bustling city is Morocco’s business powerhouse and industrial center, with a modern swagger that is unseen in other parts of the country. When we plan to travel or decide to go on vacation first thing we make is budget and try to spend according to our budget, if you have doubt in your mind that Casablanca is expensive or cheap. You should know that you need to pay around $62 per day in the city on your vacation. The city might seem expensive for some and cheap or affordable for some people. Casablanca has some very humid months and above average humidity throughout the year in the city, if you are thinking to see snow in the city drop that idea from your mind because the city doesn’t get snow not even in the coldest month of winters. The city I worth visiting with your family and friends it has numerous top attractions to visit.

What to eat in Casablanca?

We all know every place or city has different-different types of cuisines to try. The city has numerous popular restaurants. Some popular restaurant of Casablanca is Le Riad Restaurant, it is popular for Moroccan cuisine, Blend Gourmet Burger is popular for Contemporary food in Casablanca. If you want to try some delicious Italian food then don’t forget to add Boccaccio to your things to do in Casablanca list, the restaurant is popular for its amazing pizza, Italian and Mediterranean food. If you want to try European cuisine then don’t forget to visit Khos Restaurant.

People of Indian face difficulty to find the perfect Indian restaurant but don’t worry Clay Oven is one of the best restaurants in Casablanca to try Asian and Indian cuisines with your family and friends. Brasserie La Tour is popular for French and Lebanese cuisine. Another popular restaurant in the city is ILOLI it is famous for its Japanese, Sushi, and Asian food. Zayna resto, Atelier Oriental, Le Cuistot Traditionnel, Organic Kitchen, Chez Michel Et Hafida, Pasapalos Latinos, Kasebaa are some other famous restaurants in the city where you can try some delicious and amazing food with your family and friends.

Things to do in Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque

Things to do in Casablanca

If you are in Casablanca and you didn’t visit this top attraction of the city then your trip will remain incomplete. Hassan II Mosque is located on the shoreline, it is situated just beyond the northern tip of Casablanca’s medina (old city), the Hassan II Mosque dominates the entire city. Mosque was completed in 1993, Hassan II Mosque is the second largest mosque in the world, the mosque covers two hectares in size with the world’s tallest minaret (200 meters high). The prayer hall of the Hassan II Mosque can accommodate 25,000 worshippers, while the courtyard of the mosque can fit more than 80,000 people. Hassan II Mosque is worth seeing in Casablanca, you will feel peace around yourself as you get entered in Hassan II Mosque. The mosque has astonishingly intricate decoration that covers every centimeter of surface, the location of the mosque is right on the tip of the rocky bay above the ocean. Many non-Muslim visitors or tourists have doubts in their minds whether they can visit the mosque or not. Yes, they can also visit the mosque on guided tours which begin at the mosque’s western entrance. Therefore don’t forget to add Hassan II Mosque in your things to do in Casablanca. Hassan II Mosque is worth seeing.

Place Mohamed V

Things to do in Casablanca

Place Mohamed V is the central plaza of Casablanca. Place Mohamed V is home to many of Justice, Prefecture, French consulate, and the main Bank of Morocco. The building facades all sport the neo-Moorish style that French Resident-General Lyautey planned out for the city as he set about modernizing Casablanca in the early 20th century. You can visit this place with your family and friends and explore more about the place by yourself because it is worth exploring. Therefore don’t forget to add Place Mohamed V to your things to do in the Casablanca list with your family and friends. The square has a central fountain and well-tended gardens. Place Mohamed V is the favorite local spot for promenading in the evenings.


Casablanca’s Corniche (beachfront district) is located in the Ain Diab suburb, it is the city’s vortex for those who want to see and be seen. Much of the shoreline of Corniche is now home to luxury hotels and restaurants. This is among the best place to visit with your family and friends you enjoy the food and view together in Corniche. During the daytime beach clubs here do a roaring trade, with the sun worshipers lapping up the rays and splashing in the clubs, swimming pools. The shorelines also have public beaches. This place is best for spending beach days with your loved ones, kids will love this place so do you. Therefore don’t forget to add Corniche in your things to do in the Casablanca list.  On sunny weekends this place is one the best place for people watching, with plenty of locals of the city, families, and tourists to the sand for picnicking and promenading. If you are on vacation with your families and friends then you must spend at least one day at the beaches.

Cathedarl du Sacre Coeur            

Things to do in Casablanca

The graceful Cathedral du Sacre Coeur was built in the 1930s, and the architectures of Cathedral du Sacre Coeur were the harmonious blend of both European and Moroccan styles. Unfortunately, it has been left to wither in the past few decades, and it is now in need of serious restoration. It doesn’t matter that Cathedral du Sacre Coeur needs restoration it is still a dilapidated state, and worth visiting with your family and friends. Cathedral du Sacre Coeur has a beautiful structure. You can also capture a sense of the building’s past glory from inside if the guardian allows you to go inside. You can also visit the beautiful Notre Dame de Lourdes church it nearby Cathedral du Sacre Coeur. The church is lit by a vast stained-glass window covering more than 800 square meters. Therefore don’t forget to add Cathedral du Sacre Coeur along with Notre Dame de Lourdes to your things to do in Casablanca list. You will surely enjoy your visit to this place with your family and friends in Casablanca.

Central Market

We all love to do shopping, aren’t we? If you want to go shopping in Casablanca then don’t forget to add Central Market to your things to do in Casablanca list.  Casablanca’s bustling central market is a must to visit for the tourists who want to throw themselves into the midst of city life. The market is located in the center of the city, the locals come to buy and sell-be it housewives bartering for vegetables, or grocers yelling out their special deals for you in the central market. The central market is the best place for the photographers or bloggers who use to record their experience in cities. The product in this market is very cheap and affordable so you can buy as many things you want to because the product they have very great quality. You will everything in the central market from plastic bowls to Morocco’s famous slippers. You can also do bargaining with the vendors. This place is a fun place you can enjoy shopping and can eat delicious snacks or street food in the central market. The central market is located in Rue Allal Ben Abdallah, Casablanca. Therefore don’t miss this amazing opportunity and must visit the central market with your friends and families.


Things to do in Casablanca

The sleepy seaside city is 28 km far from the north of Casablanca, it offers some fine beaches and it is a relaxing alternative to staying in Casablanca. If you want to spend your day on the beachside and enjoy watching the sunset with your loved ones then don’t forget to visit Mohammedia. Mohammedia is home to Morocco’s second-largest port, the city and its tranquil charms haven’t been affected by the industry. The little medina is a delightful place to wander through in the city. The New Town area is also worth visiting, it is laid out with grand, palm-tree-lined boulevards. On the coast of the city, there are several beaches where you can spend your day peacefully and get relaxed, not only beaches but there are various popular café and restaurants where you can try different-different types of delicious cuisines. This place is an escape for the locals as well as for the visitors or tourists. If you want to get escaped and surround yourself with beaches and nature then don’t forget to add Mohammedia to your things to do in Casablanca list, because the city is worth exploring. Therefore you should visit Mohammedia.


Things to do in Casablanca

Safi is located 237 km far from the south of Casablanca, Safi has been an important port since Roman times, but it was the Almohade rulers who surrounded the city with grand ramparts and made it an intellectual and spiritual center. Safi is Morocco’s most famous ceramic center, you should visit the fortress, Safi’s medina is a great place to spend an afternoon. Pottery Souk and the National Ceramic Museum are the old town’s start attractions that are mandatory to visit if you are in Casablanca. It has several historic monuments like Dar el Bahar Fortress. Therefore Safi is a must-visit on your Casablanca trip, so don’t forget to add Safi in your things to do in the Casablanca list.

Ain Diab      

Things to do in Casablanca

Ain Diab is also known as the place where they come to swim. Ain Diab is a luxury seaside community, it is located near Casablanca. It is a pleasant spot to spend a weekend or a mini-holiday with your family and friends in modern luxury hotels. The large sandy beach gets very crowded during the summer season, the water remains cold in summer and winter. You can spend your day laying in sun and splashing in the water. The real action starts at night because at night all the clubs and discos get crowded and people enjoy the night dancing and singing. Not every club serves alcohol on the beach. If you want to spend a night dancing, singing, and getting drunk with your friends then don’t forget to add Ain Diab to your things to do in Casablanca list. You can visit this place with your friends as well as with your family or kids. Kids will definitely be going to love the beach day at Ain Diab. You can also organize a small family picnic at the beach to make it more memorable.

King’s Palace

Things to do in Casablanca

King’s Palace is one the most favorite place for tourists. King’s Palace is an Islamic architectural masterpiece, it is surrounded by fragrant orange groves and an ornate water feature. King’s Palace is located in the New Medina quarter, there is a tall wall around the palace. The palace always remains guarded by the heavily armed guards. If you get lucky you can also explore the King’s Palace from inside. King’s Palace is truly a royal and lavish palace, the palace also hosts many important receptions and events and serves as the residence of the Moroccan king and his family while in Casablanca. If you want to experience and explore more about the lifestyle of Kings then don’t forget to add King’s Palace to your things to do in Casablanca list. It is worth visiting with your family and friends. Many people who haven’t visited Casablanca think that the city is filled with Islamic people and they have to wear hijab in Casablanca. Yes, women wear hijab in Casablanca but there is no such rule that says every woman has to wear hijab in the city. Only Muslim women wear that.

Musee Abderrahman slaoui

Musee Abderrahman Slaoui is located in a beautiful renovated private home. It showcases several collections of businessman and art collector Abderrahman Slaoui, presented in an exquisite gallery space, well out of the way of regular tourist lanes. You will see various corrections is on Moroccan antique jewelry, ancient travel posters, amazing crystal work, and figurative paintings of local artist Mohamed Ben Ali R’bati. The museum offers an interesting and illuminating glimpse of Moroccan culture and heritage, the place is a wonderful way of spending some time away from the street noise, smells, and frenzy. There is a nice coffee shop on the top floor, with a beautiful view and a relaxing environment.

Villa des Arts

Things to do in Casablanca

Villa des Arts are located close to the Parc de la Ligue Arabe. Villa des Arts are beautifully converted in 1930s Art Deco home that holds a gallery known for its exhibitions of modern Moroccan and international art. The gallery is a part of the ONA foundation, it promotes culture and creativity in Morocco. The goal of the foundation is to promote modern art and staying true to Moroccan heritage and culture. The gallery’s permanent collection is comprised of over 800 artworks. If you are someone who loves to explore art galleries then don’t forget to add Villa des Arts to your things to do in Casablanca list. Villa des Arts have a family-friendly environment. Therefore you won’t regret visiting this place with your family and friends.


Casablanca is a beautiful city in Morocco. If you are planning to visit this place then don’t forget to make a list of things to do in Casablanca. The city has many attractions like historic places, monuments, art galleries, beaches where you can relax and enjoy the sunset with your family and loved ones. You can try various kinds of cuisines in the city like Japanese, European, Morocco’s famous dishes or traditional dishes, Indian, Asian, and many more. The climate of the city is humid. The city isn’t that much expensive for traveling you can easily afford to travel to the city and if you want more discounts then book your flights tickets. Tour guides and hotel rooms from travel agencies will provide you more discount offers on your bookings. The city is worth visiting with your family or friends. You can also plan a solo trip to Casablanca. The city showcase Muslims and Islamic culture. There is no need to think twice before planning a trip to Casablanca because you won’t regret the trip and everyone needs a vacation and gets escaped from their busy hectic lifestyle. Casablanca could be your best place to escape.


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