Things to do in Cologne

The two-thousand-year-old cities of Cologne are a cultural hub for the western Germany region. In this article, we are going to see about Cologne, which is a city along the Rhine River in Germany. The city covers an area of about four hundred and five square kilometers of land. This vast land in Germany is home to a population of approximately eleven lakh people. There are many things to do in Cologne adored by the tourists visiting the riverside city of Germany. The city is one of the largest cities in the wonderful land of the country. If you must have heard about Rhineland, then you would find a connection to the city easily. As it is the historical, cultural, and financial capital of the region. The city is endowed with many beautiful places to watch out for including the famous twelve great Romanesque churches, the Cologne cathedral, some popular museums like the Wallraf-Richartz and Ludwig museum, and much more. There are various activities too which you can enjoy in the city. In this article, you will know about the best things to do in Cologne in brief. Let us start by knowing about the most delicious parts of the city and its various cuisines.

What to Eat in Cologne

Wherever you go on a trip the food is among the most important factor for your happiness. We have lots of reasons to have food. Some of the top reasons include our health and well-being. The delicacies which this city offers will surely delight you all. The various cuisines which are available in the city include Asian, French, Thai, German, Indian, Korean, and Lebanese among others. Some of the very popular dishes in the city are Himmel un Aad, Mettbrotchen, Schnitzel, Schweinshaxe aka Crispy Pork Knuckle, and Leberwurst. The German restaurants and cafes are attractive with lavish and serene environments. The tops restaurants of the city include Bulgogi-Haus, Kaizen, Caruso Pastabar, Zippiri Gourmetwerkstatt and Weinbar, Bei Oma Kleinmann, Jacob Gyros, Restaurant Brucken, Bangkok Thai restaurant, Menz Burger, Ox Royal, Café Noa and many more. Many travelers visit the city to enjoy themselves along with their friends and families. The various cuisines and restaurants are a delight to the people who love to savor the delicacies.

Visit the Cologne Cathedral

Things to do in Cologne

The city holds a towering landmark near the left bank of the Rhine River. This place is famously known as the Cologne cathedral. The Cathedral is also called the cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary officially. The popular cathedral is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is popular with tourists. Visiting the cathedral is among the top things to do in Cologne. This cathedral is also known as the largest all over Europe. So you can understand its importance and uniqueness. The Cathedral is built in the twelfth century and has been a landmark ever since. The project of building this monument is a highlight of the Middle Ages. This great city is proud to hold this landmark within its territory. It is said to be around one hundred and fifty meters high. It is to be noted that the area covered by the cathedral is about six thousand one hundred and sixty-six square meters. Some of the treasures which are stored in this cathedral include the twelfth-century Reliquary of the three kings which are said to be created by the local goldsmiths, the very well-known relief of the Adoration of the Kings, the tremendous treasure Chamber among the others. The cathedral is really historical and a proud monument of the city.

Go to visit the Historic Old Town Cologne

Things to do in Cologne

Altstadt is known as the Old town of the city. The Things to do in Cologne include an exploration trip through the old town. As the name suggests the historical town will connect you with the vast history of the city. It has a Church named as the Great St. Martin which is one of the oldest churches in the city. The old town is endowed with the traditional old houses, various shops, art and craft galleries and much more. The path along the river Rhine are also quite serene and peaceful. The route through the ancient town can be planed as you would like to. Go on the walk through the old ravines and capture the delightful ambience of historical aura which the place emits. You will have to just take your time out and enjoy the time you spend along the old town in Cologne. The various monuments and the fountains which can be spotted along the old town will also give you a feast through the city. You can also shop from the old shops which sell traditional items of the city and keep it as a memory of the city.

The Cologne City hall waits for you

Things to do in Cologne

Whenever you are going to visit the city of Cologne you will definitely pass through the Old town. The most highlighting figure in the old town is the Cologne City hall also called Rathaus. The hall is a kind of place which waits for the tourists to come and enjoy the atmosphere it has. It is one of the best things to do in Cologne to visit the Cologne City hall. This is one of the oldest buildings in Germany and it is more than nine hundred years old.  The building has been an important monument in the times of different rulers who ruled the place. Hence it is a sum up of the different architectural changes which happened at different times. The various famous building of the past which you can spot here are the fourteenth-century main building, the tower of the fifteenth century, and a Renaissance-style loggia and cloister among others. The hall is been highlighted with a lot of historical changes and still emerged out as a popular tourist attraction in the present time. The Hansasaal or the Hanseatic hall is also an attractive part of the Cologne City hall.

Enjoy Cruise over the Rhine River

Who does not like to spend time near the wonderful rivers? Many tourists who visit the city book a cruise along the Rhine River which is among the Things to do in Cologne. The river is offering a delight to the tourists who spend their time visiting the beautiful views of the city from the bay. There are various cruise ships that sail the people along the river at different times. The view of the riverside changes in the day and the night. And both these views are explicitly exquisite to endeavor. Some of the popular cruises are the Cologne Sightseeing Cruise, The Rhine River Evening Panorama Cruise, Cologne Rhine River Dinner Cruise, and Rhine River Cruise to Konigswinter and the KD Rhine Pass from Cologne. All these different cruise trips will let you get the best views of the city in their own way. You can choose for yourself the time and the cruise you want to take and enjoy cruising along the beautiful Rhine River.


There are many more things to do in Cologne which include having a trip to the many museums like the Wallraf-Richartz and Ludwig Museums, visiting the Ns Documentation center of the city, the Cologne Zoological Gardens, Spotting the city from the top view in the Cable cars and much more. The various things will definitely fulfill; your trip and you will have a great time visiting the city of Cologne.


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