Things to do in Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is home to many beauties. It lies on the east side of the great Mediterranean Sea and is among the many tourist attractions of the world. Officially called the Republic of Cyprus is popularly known as an island nation that is one of the largest and heavily populated countries along the Sea. The country is famous for holding a lot of history and diversity of different cultures in its own land. The people who have ruled in the past have left their marks across the country which are worth visiting. These are captured in various museums such as the Cyprus Museum. The history can be captured almost in every part of the country with some of the best tourist attractions such as the Ancient Kourin, the House of Dionysus, Ancient Salamis, and many more. There are various beaches to visit for the people who come along with their friends and families to enjoy. Tourists do not have to worry about the Things to do in Cyprus as there is no shortage of places to visit and activities to engage in within the country. For the people who are attracted to luxury, there are various exquisite resorts like the Alexander The Great Beach Hotel, Capo Bay Hotel, Adams Beach Hotel, Atlantica Mare Village Ayia Napa, and many more to make your stay one of the best. In this article, we will be looking at some of the tourist attractions which are the must-visit in the country.

What To Eat in Cyprus

Food is a thing that will not just give you the energy to roam around but also fill your heart with its taste and make it a destination to be remembered. There are more than three thousand restaurants in the island nation of Cyprus serving the purpose to bring delight to the people of the country and those who visit it. Some of the most famous restaurants within the country are Meraki market café, Captain’s Table in Zygi, La Maison Fleurie in Limassol, To Pantopoleio kali Orexi in Nicosia, and many more. The various traditional dishes which are famous in the country include Halloumi, Kleftiko, Souvlaki, Tarhana, Moussaka, Sheftalies, Kebabs and many more. The various delicious cuisines and dishes offered to you within the country land will definitely feed our stomach well. So make sure to enjoy to the best of your stomach and include this in the Things to do in Cyprus to get the most of these dishes as you wish.

Ancient Kourin

Things to do in Cyprus

The history is Cyprus is preserved in many different places and one of the most famous of them is the Ancient Kourin. Visiting this place is among the best things to do in Cyprus. And this place is not to be missed for sure. It is said to be one of the most magical places in the country on top of the Mediterranean Sea. Tourists are always seen around Kourin from across the world. The total size of the ancient Kourin is magnificent with the most popular spot to visit here being the theatre and the house of Eustolios which are said to be showcasing the various mosaics and shows for entertainment. Walking around the place exploring the history attached to it and engaging with the locals here can be delightful for all. The Byzantine basilica is also a spectacular area in Kourin which you should definitely go to see and have fun.

St. Hilarion Castle

Things to do in Cyprus

Exploring the most handsome castle in the Mediterranean is also a prominent Thing to do in Cyprus. The famous castle of ST. Hilarion is really eye-soothing and majestically built along with many different legends and tales which make this place more worth knowing. One of the tales even tells the story of the fairy queen who is said to be behind the building of this splendid monument. For the history buffs, this place has a lot to offer as you will see lots of travelers and guides telling you various stories to fill the people with amazement and admiration for the place. People are also seen to follow various trails across the lower castle buildings which consist of soldier’s barracks, stables, towers, chapels, and many more things to see. The view from the top is always breathtaking and you can climb the top of the tower too. The St. Hilarion castle is one of the best-preserved castles in the country and you should definitely visit this place with your friends and family.


Things to do in Cyprus

 If you ask for a spot where most of the holiday travelers will be seen flocking in the island nation. Then Larnaca is the top spot to visit and coming here is among the Things to do in Cyprus for sure. People from across the world are accustomed to the naturally beautiful area of this place and enjoy visiting the islands located on the southeast side. The place is endowed with the best facilities as you can seek out for fun. The place is not just well known for the tourist’s holiday spot but also has some historical monuments like the Turkish Quarter and the Agios Lazaros which are popular among the locals as well as the foreigners. Whenever we go out for a holiday we always are interested in a set of activities to engage in and when we are able to feel the beauty of our destination our hearts fill with smiles and the energy of the whole area to celebrate our stay. Such is the delight of enjoying your time in Larnaca. You can roam around or just relax all around the place which is used by travelers and tourists visiting to spend quality time.

Nissi Beach

Things to do in Cyprus

Anybody who is out to enjoy likes to interact with the calming and fun environment of a beach and take a tour of it. Visiting the Nissi beach is also among the Things to do in Cyprus without a doubt. Agia Napa is famous for its beautiful white sandy surface and is a popular tourist attraction. The summertime on this beach is fully loaded with lots of people enjoying themselves together. This beach is so attractive that even after the locals know that it will be populated still they are the regulars to visit the beach in their free time. People are seen visiting with their families to picnic around in the shallow waters of Nissi Beach. Its calming and soothing aura is really cherished by all the visitors who have visited the place. You can spend an entire day on the beach and enjoy the various things which the people have to offer to you there along with your loved ones.


The island nation of Cyprus is spread over an area of about nine thousand and two hundred kilometers. It is quite populated with eleven lakh ninety thousand people staying and calling it their home. The island nation is worth traveling with many historical, fun, and worthy Things to do in Cyprus. Some of the other well-known tourist attractions of this place include the Karpas Peninsula, the Kolossi Castle, Cape Greco, Troodos Villages, the Cyprus Museum, the pretty town of Kyrenia, and much more. This place along the Mediterranean Sea is worth a trip and you will definitely enjoy all the time you spend here with your near and dear ones. So if you are thinking to plan a holiday trip then go visit the island nation of Cyprus and have fun.


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