Things to do in Delaware

Along the Atlantic Ocean lies a small and great state of Delaware in the United States. This state is said to be a quiet historic and attractive tourist destination. Many people are seen flocking the area along the great ocean all time of the year for various purposes. Tourists usually come here to enjoy various things to do in Delaware. And it is for the many good reasons that the tourists like to visit the state as we would see in this article. The state of Delaware is said to be originally categorized with thirteen colonies of people. The capital city of this small state is known as Dover. And some of the other well-known cities of this state are Wilmington, New Castle, Milford, Middletown, and many more. The state is spread over an area of about five thousand one hundred and thirty kilometers and is home to a population of nine lakh ninety thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven natives. With many nicknames as the Blue Hen State, the First State, the Diamond state, and more the place is a popular spot for people as they can engage in many things to do in Delaware and enjoy their time with their loved ones. Starting with many historical landmarks, the state also has some really beautiful natural areas and beaches where families and friends are seen to spend quality time together. Let us see about some of the best ways of enjoying in this state.

Visiting the Rehoboth and Delaware beaches      

Things to do in Delaware

The Atlantic coasts on which the state lies are the home to these splendid beaches. These beaches are made up of white sands and are loved by the locals as well as the tourists who visit here. The weekends are the best times for the natives of the state to enjoy these beaches with their near and dear ones. The beaches are also endowed with popular resorts like the Rehoboth beach Resort. The laid-back atmosphere of these beaches makes them really unique and attractive for all the people. There are various restaurants and boutiques as well near these beaches which are also used by the tourists who come here to have a great time. The Dewey Beach in the south, the Delaware Seashore State Park, the Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, Cape Henlopen State Park are some of the popular spots in these beach regions where tourists can enjoy a lot. Visiting these beaches is one of the top things to do in Delaware. Another popular place here is the Funland which is as old as the mid-nineteenth century.

Nemours Estate

Things to do in Delaware

Alfred du Pont was a famous person in the du Pont family. It is known that he gifted this beautiful Nemours Mansion to his lovely wife Alicia at the start of the nineteenth century. This place is occupied with almost seventy-plus lavish rooms and is well built around the gardens which are impressive and well maintained. There are about two hundred acres of land which are covered by the lawns, meadows, and woodlands in the vicinity. The place has a lovely ambiance and tourists are delighted to spend some quiet time here along with everyone just admiring the place. Visiting this place is also one of the popular Things to do in Delaware. You can walk all around the beautiful gardens, capture the greenery, and see the beautiful reflecting pool, with showers of sprinkling watery fountains adding to the delightful views. This place also has a vintage age-old collection of automobiles in the Chauffer’s garage. It is located at sixteen hundred Rockland Road in the city of Wilmington.

Winterthur Museum and Gardens

Things to do in Delaware

Another well-known personality of the Pont family, Henry Francis du Pont is said to be the founder of this beautiful museum. This place is a bit different as it has various collections of timeless antiques and art materials for display and showcasing for tourists. Many people come here every here and capture the epitome of the classics of an old time. There are about one hundred and seventy-five rooms n total in the museum. The museum has a collection of historical items and the rooms are built according to the respective historical times as per the artifacts in a highly accurate way. This is to keep those things still connected with the history of the old times. The place is beautifully designed as there are various different designs, crafts, and the artifacts are also very classically placed to delight the tourists.

The place has more than ninety thousand objects along with other wall hangings and designs, paintings, and exhibits displayed along with the rooms. The tour of the whole museum is not possible in one day. Hence people can take out their free time and enjoy the various rooms as they would like to. In the category of decorative arts, the place is one of the best in America. The botanical gardens which were also planted and loved by Henry Pont are also very eye-catching. These gardens are spread in a large area of about a thousand acres of land and hence cover a lot of variety of trees and flowers to make the beautiful views. Visiting the Winterthur Museum and the gardens is definitely among the best things to do in Delaware.

Visiting the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover and the Hagley Museum and Library

Things to do in Delaware

Many people just love airplanes and will definitely love to visit the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover. The place has a great collection of old school planes as old as the times of nineteen forties. Tourists can wander all around and know the history of the Doer Airbase along with the sightseeing of the various air jets which are kept at the display here. There are more than thirty airplanes at the display in the museum which includes the C141B Star lifter, C130 Hercules among many others. People like to visit the insides of these classic planes and feel the synergy.

The Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington are other great spots that are also associated with the Pont Family and the tourists like to visit this place whenever they visit the state of Delaware. The old vintage cars in the garage of the museum area are spectacular and add to the fun of exploring the place. Also, the Science and Discovery Centre is a must-visit for the tourists as it is also included in the best things to do in Delaware. Tourists get a chance to see the spacious suites and their various intricacies in the Centre.


The small state of Delaware has a lot to offer to its tourists as visiting these places results in various other things to do in Delaware and enjoy their time here. The various other beautiful and highly attractive things are to visit the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington, the John Dickinson plantation, the Brandywine Creek State Park, the Nanticoke Indian Museum, the Delaware Old State House, the Grand Opera House among the many other places. The people who like to roam around and capture the various historical intricacies, fascinating museums, splendid white sand beaches will have a really great time in this state of the United States. Delaware will be a trip worth remembering for them as they would have a great time exploring all the adventures and fun of exploring the state along the Atlantic Ocean.


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