Things to do in Dusseldorf

Germany is a huge tourist attraction. Many people yearlong come to visit the country. In this article, we are going to explore a fashion hub and an artistic city known as Dusseldorf. Lying in the Western side of the country the city is not just beautiful but also has highly entertaining to visit. The city of Dusseldorf covers an area of about two hundred and seventeen kilometers square and is home to a population of approximately six lakh and more inhabitants. The fashion capital is a really attractive city to visit and spend time in. There are many things to do in Dusseldorf which include passing through the Konigsallee, visiting the museums such as the Neanderthal Museum, old neighborhoods like Dusseldorf-Kaiserwerth, and many more. The city is artistic and holds adorable artifacts in some popular museums such as the North Rhine-Westphalia Art Collection. You will have a great time exploring the whereabouts through different regions of the city including the famous Old Town Dusseldorf. The city attracts many tourists all the time and is popular for the fashion industry and its artistic shows. Follow the article to know more about the Best Things to do in Dusseldorf and have a great time in this city.

What to Eat Dusseldorf

Restaurant Food Pizza Delicious Lunch Table

No wonder the food attracts many people to a place. Without the proper and delicious food stalls and restaurants, any place will just be devastated. The city of Dusseldorf is rich in a variety of cuisines for the visitors like German, French, Greek, Italian, Korean, and many more to add to the list. The various popular dishes of the city include Halve Hahn, Westfalischer Pickert, Himmel und Erde, Westfalische rinderwurst, Blutwust and more. These are some of the popular traditional dishes of the city. For any tourists, the best restaurants in the artistic city are The Dutchy Restaurant and bar, restaurant Setzkasten, Rubens, the Lox, restaurant La Luce Due, Spaghetti and stars and many more. The best restaurants will treat you with their savvy dishes and fill you with joy. We will see about the various things to do in Dusseldorf ahead. All the tourists can visit these restaurants and have the best food in the city while exploring their time in the city.

Things to do in Dusseldorf

Enjoy your time in Konigsallee

Things to do in Dusseldorf

Popularly translated as the king’s Avenue, Konigsallee is a must-visit street in the city. It is definitely of the top things to do in Dusseldorf. The locals of the city can be spotted here selling different items as it is one of the busiest shopping destinations in the city. Every tourist will spend ample time in the elegant streets of King’s Avenue. The locals are really satisfied with the amount of income they are able to produce while selling their items in this area. It is said to be as old as eighteen hundred and two and ever since attracted a large number of people to the city.  The various facilities which are available here include a mix of boutique shops, designer clothing stores, art galleries, various luxury shopping arcades, and many more. Also, the number of great restaurants and cafes in the area are also accommodating too many people who visit the large street to enjoy their time. The street spreads over an area of one kilometer and has all these shops and cafes in the same area. It is densely surrounded by the crowd any time of the year. The Triton fountain lies at the end of the street which also marks the beauty of the elegant avenue.

Spend time in the Rhine Embankment promenade

Things to do in Dusseldorf

The city has beautiful riverside scenes which can be captured best at the Rhine Embankment promenade. It is included in the list of things to do in Dusseldorf to visit the riverside spot with your friends and family. The riverside is always a beautiful place to capture the natural beauty of the ethereal waterfront. The city is endowed with this embankment which adds to its scene and artistic glory. Many tourists are spotted around the area as it is one of the most popular areas in the city. You have to definitely visit this area whenever you go through Dusseldorf. It is said to be opened in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-seven and has been attracting the crowd ever since. This long route which is popular among the pedestrians gives a Mediterranean touch to the city of art and fashion. The embankment is surrounded by a harmonious environment with cafes, restaurants, art galleries, and various other shops along the street. The embankment is said to connect the Old town of Dusseldorf to the state’s parliament building. It is about one and a half kilometers long and offers various sightseeing options to tourists. Even though the area is old still it is popular among the locals to equal lengths as the tourists. Locals are also spotted all the time near the embankment as they also like to spend their time here.

Visit the beautiful Schloss Benrath

Things to do in Dusseldorf

A splendid monument popularly known as Schloss Benrath which is the Benrath palace is a top spot to calm yourself in beauty and comfort. Visiting the beautiful mansion is among the Things to do in Dusseldorf. The mansion is said to be built at the end of the seventeenth century but doesn’t look old at all. As it is well maintained by the people of the city. The mansion is a treat to the eyes of anyone who is able to see it live. The palace has an eye-catching interior and emanates a sense of prestige in every way. The palace is said to be built for Elector Carl Theodor and it is not just a boring palace. It also has up to three great museums and large grounds and gardens for the tourist to stroll around. The well-known museums of the palace are the museum Corps de logis, the Museum for European Garden Art, and the museum of natural history. The three beautiful museums are popular for the historical artifacts they uphold. These museums are clean and attract the tourist with interest displaying the architecture and history of the city and the palace.

The Old Town Dusseldorf

Things to do in Dusseldorf

The Old Town of Dusseldorf attracts everyone who visits the city. It is also among the Things to do in Dusseldorf to visit this place and get to know about its past. Altstadt is the name of the Old Town and it is well maintained by the people of the city. It is not a must-visit the place without a reason. The place is home to the Marktplatz, the Town Hall, the castle tower, the famous Schiffahrts museum, the Hetjens museum, the popular St. Lambertus church, the Ehrenhof district, and the domed townhall among the must-see things. The Old town holds great importance for the locals also as it is the home to the people and places which have been existed as a part of the city since the old times. Exploring through this Old Town will let you get the most of the city and complete your journey through the most fashionable city of Germany.


There are many more things to do in Dusseldorf which include having a trip to the wasteland at the Dusseldorf Hafen and Neuer Zollhof, the Rhine Tower, or the Rheinturm, the North-Rhine Westphalia Art Collection, the famous museum of Art, and many more. The city of Dusseldorf is a great destination to visit in Germany with your near ones.


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