Things to do in El Paso

El Paso is the Spanish word that means the pass, El Paso is a city in and the county seat of El Paso County in the far western part of the U.S. state of Texas. The population for the estimate for the city from the U.S. Census Bureau in 2019 States, and sixth largest city in Texas, and the second-largest city in the Southwest behind Phoenix, Arizona. The total area of the city of El Paso is 259.25 square meter (671.46 km square), the area covered by land is 258.43 square meter (669.33 km square) and the area occupied by water is 0.82 square meter (2.3 km square) and the density of El Paso is 2,637.97/square meter (1,018.53/km square. In 2010 and in 2018, El Paso received, All America City Award, El Paso also ranked in the top three safest large cities in the United States between 1997 and 2014, including holding the title of the safest city between 2011 and 2014.

It has a strong federal and military presence, William Beaumont Army Medical Centre, Biggs Army Airfield, and Fort Bliss are located in the area. The city of El Paso also called Sun City because, on the average number of calculations the city has 302 days of sun every year, it is also quite famous for its delicious Tex – Mex cuisine and its border town to Juarez, Mexico.

El Paso is quite expensive city the bus fares are 2 percent higher than the national average, El Paso has grocery prices that are 4 percent higher than the national average, so the place is quite expensive but it is worth visiting, the weather in El Paso is considered to have a desert climate, during the year, there is no rainfall the weather is hot there because the winters are sunny and mild, it get a little chilly in the winter, with snow on the mountains sometimes the best time to visit the city are from March to May and between September and November, temperature during these spring and fall are moderate so this is the best time to visit the city, so if you are planning a vacation with your family or friends then El Paso is one of the best options to spend your holiday and relaxation, we know that everyone needs vacation or want to take break from the busy working schedule so El Paso will be the best place for your escape from the busy lifestyle, you can always check their travel websites for best offers on hotels or tours. There several things to do in El Paso on your vacation.

What to eat in El Paso

El Paso a city help up as the Mexican food capital of the USA, the border cuisine here stands out it is famous for tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and soups, the food definitely makes you drool, there are some best restaurants which you should add in your things to do in El Paso list because the trip or your vacation is incomplete without the delicious food, while you are on vacation in El  Paso you must visit Café Mayapan which offers the best Mexican food in the city, Cattleman’s Steakhouse which is quite famous for its seafood and desert, and if you want to enjoy with your friends while sipping some amazing cocktails then you need to add L & J Café in your things to do in El Paso list because it is an amazing restaurant with amazing Mexican food and bar so you can enjoy the evening with some drinks and your loved ones, and they’re much more amazing place to eat the delicious food.

Things to do in El Paso

Franklin Mountains State Park

Things to do in El Paso

The spectacular Franklin Mountains State Park are a common sight on the El Paso skyline, it is quite a famous and common sight for not only the visitors of El Paso but it is famous among the state visitors too, it is a popular venue for hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. You can also do other things at this sprawling state park like you can do geocaching, ranger-led programs and can also participate in the extensive wildlife watching opportunities on offer, it is also for scenic drivers so everyone can enjoy this place and it quite worth it to add in your things to do in El Paso list you will definitely spend the best time there, you can also see the beautiful view from park and the maps and other info can be picked from the main office of the park.

Plaza Theatre

Things to do in El Paso

Plaza Theatre is located in the heart of downtown, the Plaza Theatre stands proudly as a testament to El Paso’s musical past it is originally grandeur in 2006, the Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Centre showcases some of the best live entertainment and attractions in Spanish Colonial Revival style, and it is the part of the experience here is simply appreciating the decorated beautiful auditorium space so you can visit this place if you are someone who is interested watching some drama, art or music so the Plaza Theatre is must for you and according to past visitors, this place is must if you are in El Paso so add this place to your things to do in El Paso list because you don’t want to miss this interesting and entertaining place.

El Paso Museum of Art

Things to do in El Paso

The El Paso Museum of Art house is an impressive and interesting collection of more than 7,000 pieces focusing on American, European, and Mexican art from the 12th century to the present it is kind of the whole era you can see in the museum, you can see the amazing work of these famous artists, Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell, as well as important portraits by Rembrandt Peale, Thomas Sully, and Gilbert Stuart. The modern artist’s work is also worth watching which is represented by Milton Avery, John Marin, and Max Weber, so if you are fond of art you must add this place to your list the place is worth visiting.

El Paso Zoo

El Paso Zoo offers an entertaining day for your kids and you will also enjoy the place will let you explore the Animals of Africa, Animals of Asia, Animals of the Americas exhibits each housing has a large number of small as well as large species. There also some Zoo adventure programs that will make your children’s vacation more amazing and interesting even adults can join that program it will fun for everyone so this place is a must add to your things to do in El Paso list because you will get to know about a more and different type of species and enjoy the day at the zoo, there are some other attractions in the zoo-like there are massive treehouse playground, water play area, and African star train so your whole day will be worth if you are visiting El Paso Zoo in El Paso.


El Paso, Texas is the place where you can enjoy the best and delicious food at the restaurants and can have cocktails with your buddies, if you are planning the vacation with your children then don’t forget to visit the zoo, and the people who are fond of arts will love the museum, the weather is hot not that cold so no need to think twice before planning the vacation in El Paso, Texas everyone needs to break from busy working life this place will be a perfect choice, amazing food with beautiful sight, and theatre you can spend your carefree vacation.


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