Things to do in Eureka Springs

The state of Arkansas is rich in cultural diversity across its cities. There are pretty well-known cities of the state which are popular among the tourists as they visit the state from time to time. One of the popular cities in Eureka Springs lies at the far ends of the northwestern region of the state. The Ozark Mountains which are famous for the abundant natural waterfalls, beautiful springs, lakes, caves, caverns, and the exquisite beauty of nature are the home to this city of Eureka Springs. In this article, we are going to see some of the Best Things to do in Eureka Springs. The city covers a land of about seventeen square kilometers and constitutes only a small population of about two thousand locals. The place is small yet elegant and is endowed with the natural beauties of the world. Tourists are seen flocking here to spend quality time with the natural, historical and cultural attractions of this city. The city has been chosen as one of America’s Distinctive Destinations by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It has many names out of which the popular ones are the “Magic City” and later it was named as “Stairstep Town”. The city has many things to engage the tourists as the natural surrounding is highly attractive here. The history and the culture of this city also offer some interest for the tourists. Let us see more about the Things to do in Eureka Springs.

A trip to the Thorncrown Chapel

Things to do in Eureka Springs

As the name suggests Thorncrown Chapel is a spiritual place and the locals are seen worshipping the gods in this beautiful wooden chapel in the middle of the forest. The wooden structure is said to be tall up to forty eight foot high. The Ozark mountain scenery can be enjoyed fully from the insides of the chapel. It is constructed in such a way that the scenery is fully visible from the inside as it has about six thousand square feet of glass and approximately four hundred and thirty windows to keep the atmosphere as natural as possible. The place is really calming with beauty as well as peaceful because of its holy atmosphere and hence visiting it is among the best things to do in Eureka Springs.  The chapel is an active part for the community people to gather on Sundays and also on various wedding events all through the year. The chapel is open most of the months except the months of January and February. It is estimated that about more than seven million people are said to visit the chapel every year.

Visit the Downtown Eureka Springs

Things to do in Eureka Springs

The downtown district is one of the most historical and popular places in the city. It is definitely among the Things to do in Eureka Springs to visit the downtown area as it has a lot of things to engage the tourist’s in. The spring and Main Streets will definitely delight you with all the amenities and services at your bay. There are many local shops which sell various different materials, special boutiques, the local food vendors and much more to give you the experience of the city life. The people who are interested in shopping will get a lot of chances to visit the various shops as per their wish and shop as you would like to in the downtown districts of the Eureka Springs. The evening entertainment services along with the local food will fill you with a delightful experience of this beautiful city on the Ozark Mountain. The Basin Spring Park is also a popular place where the tourist can just relax in the natural environment and take a calming gap from their shopping experience. The walking tours are the best way to see the life across the city and enjoy the atmosphere here.

The Great Passion Play

Things to do in Eureka Springs

This is one of the most attractive plays which can be enjoyed in the city. The play takes into the story of Christ’s death and his resurrection to life and displays it with an enigmatic drama in the Great Passion Play. This play is well artistically performed in the open surrounding of an outdoor amphitheater which is densely surrounded by the lavish green landscapes of the mountain. All the play is based on the Old Testament prophecies and the accounts of the New Testament about the last seven days of Jesus Christ. The play is a huge casting of about more than one hundred and fifty actors, live and trained animals all together on a huge stage. Watching this sound play is definitely among the Things to do in Eureka Springs. The performances are usually delivered in the evening time and the best time to capture the play is in the month of October. The place also has a huge monument of Christ which marks this place as friendly and welcoming to the tourists with their families. It is a great ambiance and rich atmosphere to spend quality time here.

Visiting the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

Things to do in Eureka Springs

The flora and fauna of this city are really attractive for anybody who visits the state of Arkansas. The Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is a must-visit spot and it is among the best things to do in Eureka Springs. Have you ever seen the big cats roaring for real? Yes, I mean the tigers. Well, guess what you can spot these along with the various other creatures from close by in this place in the city of Eureka Springs. Wildlife enthusiasts must definitely visit this refugee park as it has a lot to offer to them. This place is home to many ignored and neglected tigers, lions, leopards, bears, bobcats, cougars, and many different creatures. Seeing them live is a totally different feeling. The tourist who visits the center is allowed to get interacted with different species of animals and enjoy knowing more about their favorite animals directly from the ones who live with these animals every single day. There are guided habitat tours of the place which are seen to be conducted on daily basis and also some of the exclusive behind-the-scenes tours are also conducted on the weekends for the people who are interested. The Turpentine’s efforts are to give refugee to these wild creatures and provide them with general care and accommodations so they live in a protected and free environment without harming the other people and creatures. Some of the well-known funding functions which are popular every year are the kite-flying festival, blues weekend, and other various educational programs for the kids.


All these things are among the Things to do in Eureka Springs and enjoy your time in this magical city. Some of the other well-known activities which have also attracted a lot many people from different parts of the world are spending time in the Blue Spring Heritage Centre, the Basin Spring Park for kids and all, and the historic place of the Quigley’s Castle. Another historic thing is going around the city on the Historic Train at the Eureka Springs and North Arkansas Railway Company. Going underground in the Onyx Cave Park a unique spot, exploring the beautiful outdoors at the Lake Leatherwood, visiting the ST. Elizabeth Catholic Church and much more. The city of Eureka is really attractive and has a lot many things to engage you and your family on your trip to this city in the rich state of Arkansas.


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