Things to do in Little Rock

Are you thinking about planning a trip to the state of Arkansas? Then the capital city must definitely be on your to-visit list. Yes, I am talking about Little Rock. This famous city of the state of Arkansas is one of the most popular in the county when it comes to tourism and culture. It has a lot many attractions of its own to delight the people who visit here. The USA Today readers even named the capital of the state as the third-ranked Travel Worthy State capital of the country. There are a lot many things to do in Little Rock and enjoy with your near and dear ones. The capital covers about three hundred and eighteen square kilometers of land and is home to about two lakh natives of America. The city plays an important role in the history and tourism of the state as it is loaded with ancient museums and attractions which are popular among tourists. In this article, we are going to look out for the best things to do in Little Rock. If you are planning a trip to this city then you should follow this article and cover some of the best things which you need to do on your visit to the capital city of Arkansas. Its culturally rich history and the lifestyle of the city will definitely make you feel attracted to the capital city and mark a memorable journey which you will share with your friends and family.

Visit the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

Things to do in Little Rock

This school is historic for all the students who are now able to get a quality education without discrimination in America. The African Americans were the people who have faced a lot of discrimination and have to struggle for their right to education as well as other major things. This school is said to be formed in the year nineteen twenty-seven. And thirty years since then, in nineteen fifty-seven a historic moment occurred when the nine African American students were stopped from enrolling in this school at the capital city of Arkansas. This event is marked to play a very pivotal role in forming the African American rights after the Brown V. Board of Education. The historical event is world-famous and hence makes a visit to this site a must spot. You would have to book your visit to this famous historical site and then on the tour you can know in detail about the subject of the affair which carried the African American civil rights movement. Visiting this school is one of the must things to do in Little Rock. It is still an active school and demonstrates as a sign of equality for all races.

Visit the William J Clinton Presidential Library and Museum

Things to do in Little Rock

The famous library of the Little Rocks is a well-known research facility and home to the times when the historic President Clinton was in charge. His time is said to be one of the most loved times for the people of America. He was very famous and was cherished by many of his followers for his charming personality. The memories of his time are all stored in this famous complex and are visited by the tourists who visit this city. The people of the city know the importance of this building as it is home to the history of the land. There are about one million photos, interactive exhibits, and many gifts which were given to the president by the people during those times. The display of these things is worth watching as it helps us to connect with the people who used to live and their culture during the past times. This educational monument also holds the full-size replicas of the Oval Office and the Cabinet Room of that time. This place is highly active as many speakers and programs take place at this great library and museum. The tourists are seen visiting the building all time of the year, also many people guide the travelers through the building exploring the vast history of the city.

The Old State House Museum

Things to do in Little Rock

The Doric Architecture is a really famous and known architecture of the past times. This Old State House Museum is fully made up with the help of the same style and is famous in the southern states of the country. The building is old and was formed in the eighteenth century. The Walls of the Old State House are endowed with the really attractive history of the state of Arkansas. The museum is rich in historical images and displays the ancient time of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The tourists like to visit this place and get to know more about the people and the culture which prevailed here in this state. History is really attractive for many people and hence visiting this museum is also one of the must-do things to do in Little Rock.

The Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Things to do in Little Rock

This park is one of the most famous spots for adventure seekers and young enthusiasts who like to go on hikes and trails. The park is located near the northwest side of the downtown area and is a popular spot for all the people visiting and staying here. The natives also enjoy this great park as it becomes a picnic spot to spend time with their friends and family together. The mountain is said to be as tall as thousand feet and is surrounded by a river valley adding to its pristine beauty. There are two paths to hike and reach the top of the mountain and both of them offer splendid views from the top and through the beautiful nature. The hikers will definitely get a lot of fun while exploring the park which covers about twenty-five hundred acres of land. The park also conducts many other activities like interpretive programs, boating spots and services, and picnic spots for the people.

The River Market District

Things to do in Little Rock

 Are you an avid fashion lover? Then you will definitely like the famous river market district in the city of Little Rock. Many tourists who love to shop around the city are seen flocking here in the River Market. This market is famous and covers almost ten thousand shops offering different shopping products for shopping addicts. The tourist really likes to visit this place and enjoy the various shops, stalls and food services available here. It is one of the known things to do in Little Rock, to visit this splendid market and enjoy the local culture and lifestyle of the people who live here.


The capital city of the state of Arkansas is home to many more attractions like the State Capitol, people also like to spend time in the Old Mill, the famous Museum of Discovery is also a well-known family spot, and the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History is another popular building which is visited by the tourists. There are many more things to do in Little Rock as you can visit these places along with enjoying a little wildlife experience in the Little Rock zoo, spending quality time in the musical Wildwood Park, and also visiting some other spots like the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum and much more. Hence, the capital city of Arkansas is a must-visit city where you can enjoy the rich hospitality, famous history, and beautiful culture of the people all in one place.


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