Things to do in Marseilles

A popular city of France, Marseilles is a great tourist destination. It has a great urban environment which is really attractive to all the tourists who visits the port of France to enjoy with their friend and family. The port city lies on the southern side of the country. It is said to be founded by the Greeks during six hundred B.C. There are many things to do in Marseilles and tourists would like to explore the city of France with joy. The total area covered by the port city is about two hundred and forty kilometers square. It accommodates a huge population of about more than eight lakh people. The city was popularly known to the Greeks and the Romans as Massalia. It used to be an important trading center during that time and has been a crowded hub ever since. It holds the Mediterranean touch as it is the largest city along this part. The best things to visit here include the Basilique Notre Dame de la garde, the huge Abbaye Saint Victor, Musee d’Histoire de Marseille, the Cathedrale de la major and many more. In this article, we will see about the Things to do in Marseilles in brief.

What to Eat Marseilles?

The food of any place is a must to attract tourists to the places. The French people are well aware of the art of cooking. Hence, they know the importance of traditional dishes of different cuisines. The popular dishes which are prepared by the locals of this city are the iconic Marseille soup known as Bouillabaisse, a traditional Provencal appetizer called as Tapenade, the Pastic, the navettes, the Grand aioli, the Chichi fregi, the Panisse and may more. Some of the best restaurants and cafes in the city are popular for all the various dishes and cuisines. The list of best of them includes the Le Petit Nice Passedat, the les Bords De Mers, the Chez Michel, Douceur Piquante, the Schiling, the Sepia, the Le Café des Epices and many more. All these restaurants are the best in the city and are regularly packed with a crowd. The tourists, as well as the locals, can be seen visiting these all along the year for its delicacies.

Things to do in Marseilles

Tour through the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde

Things to do in Marseilles

The place is situated at the top of the mountain location and is the most important landmark of the city. The place has a lot of historical importance and it is among the Things to do in Marseilles to visit the place. It is said that a hilltop spot is a place of worship as well as military importance in different times. It used to be the observation point at one time and later it is said to be converted into a chapel that attracted people of the same faith together at the destination. In the eighteenth century, it was made and has been praised by the locals ever since. The design of the building is truly beautiful and also its location at the top makes it a worth visiting spot for anyone who is new to the city.  Therefore on your trip to the city you must definitely visit the monument and get the top view. The terrace of the building is also open for the tourists to visit and capture the view to the best of their limits. Even the interior of the monument is a spectacular sight. You can capture most of the city from the top of the building and enjoy your time at the start of the journey through the city.

Abbaye Saint-Victor

Things to do in Marseilles

This is yet another place of worship for the people of the city. It is said to be founded in the fifth century and used as a place of worship. The basilica is among the oldest building in the city and has traveled to the test of times of different rulers. Visiting this old monument is also among the Things to do in Marseilles. The history is always worth visiting of any city. We get to know about the beginnings of these cities. The people of the city have always adored these spots and been worshipping these places as the home of the almighty. The structures made and the walls with age-old designs attract any art enthusiasts to this place. The various towers which seem like guarding points around the basilica tell us that the spot was important as per the security aspect of the old times. The Abbaye Saint Victor still stands tall and keeps attracting tourists who are artistic and historians. The aura around this building is emanating a sacred atmosphere to everyone who visits here. Here you can also see the crypt houses of the sarcophagi which are said to be as old as the fourth century. The monument is not open all the time and is only open on Tuesdays and special days. So for tourist who is going to visit the monument should crosscheck before their tour.

Go on to explore the Vieux port

Things to do in Marseilles

Better known as the Old port the Vieux Port is a tourist attraction of the city. It is said to represent the birthplace of the city. The various things to do in Marseilles include your trip to the old port. This was the place where the city began to exist as the port city in Greek times. The port is surrounded by the serene blue waters which will fill you with ecstasy. Who does not like to visit the riverside? Yes, you will have a splendid environment around here. This spot is famous for couples and romantic gateways and active people. The cafes and restaurants which are located here will also serve you some quality food and drinks to cheer up your mood. The harbor spreads a long walk for you to visit in this city. Even the locals are regularly spotted around the harbor to cheer up their life along with their families. This place also has a popular fish market which is on the east side of the harbor. Many people who love to fish around and used motorboats along the port can also visit the Vieux port to enjoy.

Visit the Streets of Le Panier

Things to do in Marseilles

The Old Town of the city is made up of colorful streets that spread a jolly atmosphere all around. You should definitely visit the old town to enjoy this place in the city. It is among the best things to do in Marseilles to pass through these streets and have fun. It is located just above the Vieux port and is a popular spot for tourists to visit. Le Panier is one of the ancient quarters, where families are living since the beginning of the city around the six hundred B.C. The streets are steep and narrow with pastel-colored buildings around the old town. It is now a residential place as many people have their homes here. This neighborhood is always talked about as the serene environment in these streets is always fulfilling for anybody who passes through it. Some popular monuments around are Hotel de Ville, Cathedrale de la Major, and the Vielle Charite.


There are many more things to do in Marseilles like capturing a glimpse of MuCEM which is known as the Musee des Civilisations de Europe et de la Mediterranean, enjoying the beautiful nature walks and tours at Calanques National Park, and much more to make your trip through the city a joyous and entertaining one.


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