Things to do in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is the largest city in the U.S. state of Wisconsin and it is the fifth-largest city in the Midwestern United States. The seat of Milwaukee County. The city is located on Lake Michigan’s southwestern shore and was incorporated in 1864. According to the 2020 census, Milwaukee had a population of 577,222. The population got decrease from 549,833 in 2010. Milwaukee is the 31st largest city in the United States and it is the fourth largest city situated along with one of the Great Lake. Milwaukee is one of the best places for weekend getaways or vacations and trips with your family or friends. You can also plan your honeymoon with your spouse. The city has numerous popular attractions to visit. There are various things to do in Milwaukee. The city not only offers amazing and popular places to visit but it also has some popular restaurants where you can have numerous delicious cuisines. The summers in Milwaukee are war and on the other hand, the winters in the city are freezing, dry, and windy, and partly cloudy throughout the year. If you are among those who love winters and snow then you should visit the city during winters (December to February), because Milwaukee has 45 inches of average snow per year. The city of Milwaukee lies just 90 miles north of Chicago on the west side of Lake Michigan. You will find several popular places to explore in the city which will help you to know more about the city. The city isn’t that much expensive so the vacation expenses will remain in your budget. Therefore visiting Milwaukee with your loved ones will make your visit worth it.

What to eat in Milwaukee?

We all know how much a delicious meal is important for you while you are enjoying and doing fun all day long and you want delicious food for yourself. Don’t worry there are numerous popular restaurants that serve mouthwatering and tempting food. You can try various types of cuisines in Milwaukee. One of the popular restaurants in Milwaukee is Story Hill BKC it is popular for its American cuisines. Mader’s Restaurant is popular for its German food. Some other popular restaurants in the city are The Capital Grille, Sanford, Harbor House is popular for their seafood, Bacchus-A Bartolotta Restaurant, Milwaukee ChopHouse, Zarletti, Buckley’s Restaurant & Bar. Therefore the food in the city won’t disappoint you.

Things to do in Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s Lovely Lakefront

Things to do in Milwaukee

Milwaukee’s Lakefront area is one of the prettiest downtown areas of the city. This place is best for shopping in boutique stores or galleries, you can also dine-in at al fresco on the shores of Lake Michigan, or you can just simply explore the city’s various walking trails, parks. Don’t forget to visit the Municipal Pier and the Henry Maier Festival Park, where the famous summer fest is held. While you go just a short walk away from the lakefront you will find a Historic Third Ward, this place is worth visiting with your family and friends. It is one of the city’s most vibrant creative hubs. You will find numerous old renovated warehouses with great art galleries and studios, along with amazing boutique shops and craft stores, and popular restaurants. You will also find a regular indoor market where the seller sells fresh products. When you walk around the shoreline to Discovery World and you will also the Denis Sullivan, a 137-foot replica of the tall ships and it is so common here. There are several things to do in Milwaukee and visiting Milwaukee’s Lovely Lakefront with your family and friends is one of them, to create unforgettable memories and do some fun while exploring the city.

Milwaukee Art Museum

Things to do in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Art Museum was founded in 1888, it is also known as MAM (Milwaukee Art Museum). The Milwaukee Art Museum is home to more than 20,000 works of art dating from antiquity to the present day. The building which is located near the lakeside, itself is an architectural work of art and resembles a cross between a sleek ship and an aircraft, with a tall retractable structure resembling wings perched atop its roof. The main highlights of the Milwaukee Art Museum feature many European, American, Modern, and contemporary works. This work includes many fine prints, drawings, and photographs, as well as Asian and African collections. Other popular galleries of the city are the Charles Allis Art Museum, with American and European art inspired from the 19th and 20th centuries. It is housed in a lavish Tudor-style villa built-in 1911, the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum is also counted as a popular museum in the city, it was built in 1923 in the style of an Italian Renaissance villa, inspired by the 15th through 18th centuries. If you love to explore more about the history of the city then don’t forget to visit these museums and you should add this to your things to do in Milwaukee list. You won’t regret visiting this place with your family and friends.

Pabst Mansion

Things to do in Milwaukee

It is a popular attraction for tourists and visitors. Pabst Mansion is located near the Pabst Theater, near Marquette University. Don’t forget to add Pabst Mansion to your things to do in Milwaukee list because if you missed the chance to visit this place your trip to Milwaukee will remain incomplete. Pabst Mansion is also known as the Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion. Pabst Mansion is counted among the most attractive building in the city, it was constructed in 1893 for the wealthy Pabst family. The mansion is famous for its Flemish Renaissance Revival style, with the beautiful furnishing and décor, and it is beautifully decorated for Christmas events and celebrations.  Therefore if you are visiting the city during Christmas month then don’t forget to bring your family and friends with you to see this mesmerizing Pabst Mansion. You can hire a tour guide for yourself if you want to see the Pabst Mansion from the inside out and want to know the history behind every single thing present in the mansion.

Milwaukee County Zoo

Things to do in Milwaukee

Everyone loves to visit the zoo not only kids but the adults too. If you want to visit the most amazing and want to go wild then don’t forget to add Milwaukee County Zoo to your things to do in Milwaukee list. If you are on vacation with the kids then don’t forget to take them to Milwaukee County Zoo. The Milwaukee County Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the US and it has a variety of unique and rare animals. The zoo has 1,800 permanent residents that include polar bears, gorillas, and cheetahs. The zoo covers the impressive 200-acre site. The Milwaukee County Zoo also offers an active educational program that features numerous fun seasonal events. You can also see North American animals in Milwaukee County Zoo that includes grizzly, polar, and black bears. You can also enjoy the sea lion show at the zoo.


Milwaukee is among the most favorite tourist destination. If you are planning a vacation to Milwaukee then don’t worry about the city’s attractions and activities. You won’t regret visiting this place. If you love snow then you must visit the city during winters. The city has popular restaurants that serve various types of delicious cuisines. You can also visit some historic museums and mansions if you want to explore more about the city’s ancient period.


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