Things to do in Montgomery

Montgomery is the capital city of the U.S. state of Alabama. It is the county seat of Montgomery. The city stands beside the Alabama River, on the coastal Plain of the Gulf of Mexico. According to the 2010 Census report, Montgomery’s population was 205,764 and on the other hand according to the US approximate census report of 2019 Montgomery is the third most populous city in Alabama, after Birmingham and Huntsville. Montgomery is the 118th most populous city in the United States. The Montgomery Metropolitan Statistical Area’s population in 2010 was estimated at 374,536 it is the fourth largest in the state and 136th largest state among the United States metropolitan areas. If you are planning a vacation to this beautiful city then you need to make a list of top attractions of the city so that you won’t miss any beautiful or exciting places to see in the city. There are numerous things to do in Montgomery. You can do several exciting and adventurous things in the city with your family or friends. The city is also a good destination for newlywed couples or you can travel solo and explore the beauty of the city. Some of the popular attractions of the city are the Civil Rights Memorial, the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Rosa Parks Library and Museum, Hank Williams Museum, The museum is among the most interesting place that you must add to your things to do in Montgomery list. The city is popular for its historic museums and art galleries. We assure you that you won’t regret going to this place for a vacation with your family or friends. The city also offers many delicious cuisines served by popular restaurants. The city is also not that much expensive when it comes to travel therefore it will easily fit in your budget.

What to eat in Montgomery, AL?

We all know that no matter where we go for our vacation trips or holiday, one of the things we all want to be perfect is the food. Don’t worry you can try tempting and mouth-watering food in the city. The city has numerous famous restaurants that serve different-different types of delicious cuisines. Some popular restaurants you must try and add to your things to do in Montgomery’s list are Jason’s Deli that is quite popular for its American cuisines and soups, Lek’s Railroad Thai is popular for its Thai food, sushi, and Asian cuisine. If you are one of those people who just can’t imagine their day without eating pizza then you shouldn’t forget to visit Sa-za that is famous for its pizza and Italian food. There are many other restaurants in the city where you can try some delicious Mexican, American, Indian, Italian, Chinese cuisines.

Things to do in Montgomery, Al

Civil Rights Memorial

Things to do in Montgomery

The Civil Rights Memorial is located across the street from the Southern Poverty Law Center offices. The Civil Rights Memorial commemorates those who died during Civil Rights Movement. The memorial is surrounded by a curving black granite wall with the words carved on it that says “until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream”. Below the black wall, you will see a black granite disc with water flowing over the surface that is engraved with the names of those brave people who lost their lives in the fight for civil rights. Tourists and visitors will find a variety of interesting exhibits and educational displays, as well as the Wall of Tolerance that displays the names of the visitors who have pledged to work toward tolerance and justice. If you are in the city and you haven’t visited this beautiful and interesting place then your trip or visit to the city will be counted as an incomplete trip. Therefore don’t forget to add the Civil Rights Memorial to your things to do in Montgomery’s list.

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Things to do in Montgomery

The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts has a permanent collection of more than 4,000 works. Most of the arts are based on American art from the 1700s through the present. You will also find an extensive collection of fragile paper-based artwork that features drawings, watercolors, etchings, woodcuts, and engravings by prominent American artists like Winslow Homer and John Marin. Another main highlight of the museum is its beautiful decorative arts gallery, with several examples of domestic and imported porcelain, and the Well Atrium Gallery, which houses glassworks from various celebrated glassworkers including Dale Chihuly and Tiffany Studios. The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts also hosts traveling exhibitions and educational programs. Therefore you must visit this interesting place with your friends or family and explore more about the city’s past. Don’t forget to add Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts to your things to do in Montgomery’s list. You are going to enjoy and learn new things about the city.

Montgomery Zoo

Things to do in Montgomery

Everyone loves to visit the zoo not only the kids. If you are in the city and you are tired of visiting the art galleries, museums, or historic places and want to see some different places then you must visit the Montgomery Zoo. If you are on vacation in Montgomery along with your kids then don’t forget to add Montgomery to your things to do in Montgomery list. It is among the most popular attractions of the city not only for families but for everyone. You will get a chance to see the wide variety of animals at Montgomery Zoo from all over the world. The Australian habitat is home to some of the continent’s most famous residents, including kangaroos and wallabies. You will also have several African animals in the zoo as well, that includes cheetahs, elephants, hippos, and giraffes, while Asian animals include the endangered Sumatran tiger and Indian rhino. The South American exhibits include the emerald tree boa, Chilean flamingo, a wide variety of frogs as well as endangered golden lion tamarin. There is also a North American area with bald eagles, bison, and black bear, as well as a petting zoo where kids can feed the African pygmy goats.

The museum

If you are in the city and you missed the chance to visit this most unique and interesting place then your trip will remain incomplete for sure. Therefore don’t forget to add The MOOseum to your things to do in Montgomery list. The museum is among the most unique place to visit in Montgomery. If you are on a trip along with your kids then don’t forget to take them to this unique and interesting place. Here, the tourists or kids will get to learn about Alabama’s cattle industry, from its beginning in 1495 to the present day through various timelines, history exhibits, and video presentations. You will get to learn about cows, their breeds, and their complex digestive system to the food and products they produce. Your kids can also dress as cowboys and cowgirls in the play arena and learn about the beef and food safety in Slim’s kitchen.


Montgomery is a very interesting city to explore. The more you explore the city more you will fall in love with it. You can visit various historic places to know more about the city’s ancient period’s culture and traditions. You can also visit the various types of memorials, museums, art galleries. Don’t forget to visit the zoo in the city. If you are looking for some extra discount on your tickets, hotel and tour guide bookings then you should check their traveling website before making any booking to get some extra discounts. The city is worth visiting.


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