Things to do in Munich

A popular city in Germany, Munich is an outstanding tourist destination in the country. It is said to be the capital of Bavaria and is among the top three largest cities in the country. The city is lively and has a number of beautiful sceneries for the people to feel blissful. The city invites tourists to involve in various sets of activities and enjoy the Things to do in Munich. The people who visit the city are known to immerse in the culture, films, sports, and other exciting activities while exploring the beautiful tourist destination. The population of the city is about one and a half million people who live here happily. The area covered by the city is about three hundred and ten-kilometer square. The various places which you can visit and enjoy include parks like the Olympia park, the famous English Garden, the Allianz Arena, the Oktoberfest, the historic St. Peters church, and many more things to visit. You can see them in more detail in this article.

What to Eat

Restaurant Food Pizza Delicious Lunch Table

The city is famous for many exquisite dishes among the people who stay here and also the tourists. Some of the most well-known dishes include German pork knuckle, white sausage, German pretzels, German egg noodles, crusty fish rolls, German beer cheese dip, German roasted chicken, and fermented raw cabbages, and much more. These dishes are famous among anyone who visits the capital city of Bavaria. Some of the best-known restaurants in the city include Trattoria Da Fausto, La Tavernetta, Chopan Schwabing, Oanh 65, Nur Einmal Leben, Restaurant Pils Corner, the Dinner Hopping, and many more. These are some of the best restaurants which will offer you different cuisines like German, American, French, Chinese, Thai and much more. The food here will surely feed you well enough to enjoy your trip to the city.

Things to do in Munich

Tour through Marienplatz and the Neues Rathaus

Things to do in Munich

This is popularly known as the central square in the lively city of Munich ever since the city has come into existence. The city has been a spot for many different things in the past times like jousting tournaments or crowded market hubs. It is definitely among the Things to do in Munich to visit its center. Also, the Neues Rathus or the new city hall at the side of the square is a must-visit place. A popular statue of the Virgin Mary is situated in the open square since sixteen thirty-eight. It also has some beautiful fountains which have some bronze statues attracting the passerby’s. The square is a popular fashion hub as there are many shops, boutiques, and restaurants that are always crowded with people all the time. The square also has a great market during the Christmas season attracting people of the city as well as tourists to the square. Some famous events and shows which are seen here include the Fasching carnival, Glockenspiel, and more. Some of the most loved traditional shows are also conducted here. You will not have to search much as almost all your needs might get fulfilled in the shops and restaurants in this central square.

Have a calming walk through the English Garden

Things to do in Munich

The English Garden is famous for all sorts of people visiting and enjoying their time. You can spot families, friends, younger couples, and children enjoying a picnic in this lavish garden. It is among the Things to do in Munich to walking through this famous garden. The garden covers an area of about more than nine hundred acres of land. The place has naturally occurring beautiful trees and plants which spread greenery all around the garden. The garden also has winding streams and a beautiful artificial lake to make the view more enchanting. The garden is as old as the seventeenth century. It used to be a military garden that used to attract walkers, joggers, and many cyclists to its long pathways and maze-like paths. Many people come here to enjoy the yellow sun and enjoy the calming surrounding of the garden. Just nearby lies a Chines tower which is about twenty-five meters tall here you can enjoy snacks and drinks and again get back in the garden to rest along with your mates. This garden also has the Bavarian National Museum which is famous for many things like the medieval German sculptures and tapestries, the Bavarian state archaeological collection, and a lot more. Tourists can enjoy the environment and walk through the garden happily.

Go on to visit the Nymphenburg Palace and Gardens

Things to do in Munich

These are also quite great places to enjoy in the city. The Things to do in Munich include visiting these places in the capital city of Bavaria. The large palace of Nymphenburg lies along the northwest outskirts of the city and is a must-visit palace. It is known to be the resting place of the Wittelsbach Electors in the seventeenth century. The large palace is about six hundred meters long and is surrounded by the Nymphenburg canals from each side. The fountains which connect the canals are so eye-soothing to capture. Just near the palace lies the Central Pavilion which is an interesting palace to watch out for. Many tourists have admired its beauty as they pass through. It is known to have existed since the end of the sixteenth century or so. The gardens which lie along the palace area are also delightful and are nice places to rest while enjoying the surrounding here. Near these gardens lies a palatial lodge which is famous for the Hall of mirrors. It is known as Amalienburg by the locals. The Hedge theatre maze in the gardens is also nice to enjoy and move a bit around the palace. This place has a lot to offer so you must definitely go and visit the palace and its gardens.

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Enjoy your time in the Olympic park

This park was the home to the nineteen seventy-two Olympics which were organized in the summers. The park is famous and visiting it is among the Things to do in Munich. The park is spread over a large area of about two point seven million square meters. Now it is a huge recreational center hosting many large events and concerts in the city. The popular Tollywood Festival is also organized here. There are many more activities which you can engage in this park-like stadium roof climbing, zip-lining, and many behind the scene tours through the park. The Olympic tower which is about two hundred and ninety meters long gives a breathtaking view of the city. Many tourists visit the top and enjoy the top view of Munich from the tower. It is said to be built in the year nineteen hundred and sixty-eight and has stood tall ever since. The park is among the best parks in the country and you should definitely enjoy your time here.


There are many more things to do in Munich including the Viktualienmarkt, the famous BMW museum which attracts car fanatics, the Heilbronn Zoo also called the Tierpark Hellabrun, the famous Christmas market, the Art Museum in the Kunstareal district, the St. Peters church and more. Enjoy the many places as you visit the grand city of Munich.


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