Things to do in Nicosia

Nicosia is the largest city and the capital seat of the government of Cyprus. It is located near the center of the Mesaoria Plain, it lies on the banks of the River Pedieos. According to Greek mythology, Nicosia was a siren, one of the daughters of Acheloos and Melpomene and its name translates as “White State” or a city of White Gods. It was the world’s 32nd richest city in relative purchasing power. The city is a tale of two halves. The southern half part of Nicosia belongs to the Republic of Cyprus. Everybody needs a vacation or weekend getaway from their busy lifestyle. If you are planning a vacation with your family or friends then Nicosia could be a great option for your getaway. There are numerous things to do in Nicosia. The city has several popular tourist attractions. The city is a fantastic base for discovering historic sites and tourist attractions. Some popular attractions of the city that you must visit are Cyprus Museum, Venetian Fortifications, Buyuk Han, Selimiye Mosque, Leventis Museum, Old Town, Mesaoria Region, Bellapais. The city has many things to explore. By exploring the museums and art galleries you will get to know more about the city’s ancient period as well as the modern period. Therefore the city is worth visiting. Not only amazing places but the city also has some amazing and popular restaurants where you can try some delicious cuisines with your family and friends to spice up your vacation.

What to eat in Nicosia?

Amazing and delicious food is equal to an amazing vacation. You can’t enjoy your vacation without having delicious food at the popular restaurant in the city. The city has several famous restaurants, bars, and café where you can try delicious and mouth-watering cuisines. Nicosia’s restaurants have a variety of cuisines like American, European, Greek, Italian, Seafood, and many more. Some popular restaurants of the city that you must add to your things to do on the Nicosia list are Moondog’s Bar & Grill that is famous for its American food. Zanettos serve one of the best Greek food in the city, To Anamma, Syrian Club is popular for its middle eastern and Mediterranean food. If you love to eat pizza or you are an Italian food lover then don’t forget to add II Forno to your things to do in Nicosia list. Other popular café and restaurants are To Elliniko Ouzomezedopoleio, Artisan’s Burger bar, Kathodon, Sawa Syrian Restaurant, El Greco Restaurant, Fanous Lebanese Restaurant, and many more.

Things to do in Nicosia

Cyprus Museum

Things to do in Nicosia

The Cyprus Museum is among the top attractions of the city. The Cyprus Museum is an exceedingly well-thought-out museum. It is among the most popular and most visited museums in the city. The museum has an extensive collection of artifacts swoops from the Neolithic period right up to the Byzantine era. Room one of the museum contains excavated finds from the Neolithic age, including a large number of Steatite idols. The second room of the museum features the Bronze Age, with many vases and jugs decorated with rather endearing animals. Mycenaean artifacts from Ancient Kourion are displayed in the third room of the Cyprus Museum. The fourth room of the museum views the highlight collection of votive figures that include Minotaurs, warriors, and charioteers from 7-6BC, it was found at Ayia Irini, near the Morphou. Room five and six have sculpture galleries with artifacts from a wide range of periods and you will find a limestone female statue from Soli and a huge bronze statue of the Emperor Septimus Severus. The eighth, nine, and ten-room feature bronze tools and assorted weaponry, a statue of gods. You will get to see the Egyptian amulets and the green-horned god from Engomi. The room also represents the rock-cut tombs from (2500 BC -400BC) along with the objects that were found with them, votive inscriptions, and other artifacts from tombs. Last but not least rooms 13 and 14 features marble statues from Salamis and the terra-cotta figurines. Therefore don’t forget to add Cyprus Museum to your things to do in the Nicosia list.

Selimiye Mosque

Things to do in Nicosia

It is the most recognizable landmark in North Nicosia. The mosque began life as the Church of Agia Sofia and was finished after a 78-year old construction process in 1326. The Selimiye Mosque has been known as the mosque since the 16th century when the Ottomans took control of the island. You will love to see the merging of elaborate medieval church architecture and the simplicity of mosque design that has created a fascinating space with the soaring interior of the Gothic structure. There are some strict rules made by the members of the mosque that females have to bring headscarves when they enter the Selimiye Mosque and no shorts or shoulder-less dresses are allowed for females inside the mosque. You can reach the mosque by a 5-minute walk from the Ledra Street green line crossing. The mosque is among the top attractions of the city therefore don’t forget to add Selimiye Mosque to your things to do in Nicosia list. You can visit this peaceful place with your family and friends. Selimiye Mosque is among the top tourist attractions.

Leventis Museum

Things to do in Nicosia

Leventis Museum has been recently renovated. The Nicosia’s Leventis Museum is housed in a beautiful old city mansion and presents the history of Nicosia through a carefully selected collection of ethnographical displays and artifacts. People who love to know about the history of the city must add Leventis Museum to your things to do in Nicosia list. If you really want to know and explore more about Nicosia’s history then you can’t miss visiting this museum. Leventis Museum has also won the European Museum of the Year for its brilliantly curated exhibits that trace the city’s modern and eventful past. The museum features the items from 2300 BC right up to the Ottoman and colonial era with some of the most fascinating exhibits being with wonderful traditional costumes on show, with the help of this museum you will also get to learn and understand the impact of British rule on Cyprus and the city’s modern history with the island’s division in 1974. Therefore Leventis Museum is worth visiting with your family and friends while you are having a vacation in Nicosia.


Things to do in Nicosia

Bellapais is among the island’s most famous tourist attractions. If you are in Nicosia and you haven’t visited Bellapais or missed visiting this beautiful place then your trip to Nicosia will remain incomplete without it. Therefore don’t forget to add this beautiful place to your things to do in Nicosia list. It is a beautiful old-fashioned village of humble whitewashed cottages that sprawl down the hillside ending at the evocative ruins of Bellapais Abbey. If you love to surround yourself with nature and want to breathe some fresh air then this village can be the best escape for you. The village is incredibly picturesque itself, the main sight of the village is Bellapais Abbey. It is an old Augustinian monastery and carved arches and cypress trees that surround it. Therefore the village is worth visiting and explore the village life.


The city is worth seeing because it has everything that will make your vacation memorable and amazing. The city has museums, beautiful and popular palaces, galleries. The city is also popular for its delicious food you can try various types of cuisines that will blow your mind. Nicosia isn’t an expensive city when it comes to travel and explore it, therefore, you can easily afford to visit the city with your friends and family.


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