Things to do in Ojai

Ojai is a city in Ventura County, California, it is located in the Ojai valley, it is in the northwest of Los Angeles and east of Santa Barbara, the valley is a part of the east as well as of west trending Western Transverse Ranges and is about 10 miles (16 km) long by 3 miles (5 km) wide and it is divided into a lower and an upper valley, each of similar size, surrounded by hills and mountains, the total area of Ojai, CA is 4.37 square meter (11.32 km square), the area covered by water is quite little that is 0.01 square meter (0.04 km square) 0.35%, and the area occupied by land is 4.36 square km (11.32 km square). The density of the area is 1,714.88/ square meter (662.13/ km square.

Ojai is a small city in Ventura County, California, it is set in a valley in the Topatopa Mountains, the city has a village-like center dotted with art galleries and New Age shops, the bordering the north, Los Padres National Forest is crisscrossed with meandering trails, the city has Lake Casitas is another popular recreation area. Ojai also organize Ojai Music Festival every year that features famed classical artists and you are the fan of Britney Spears, Hailee Steinfeld and many more artist lives in the Ojai Ventura County, California. The meaning of Ojai is the nest or valley of the moon it is a Chumash word, and if you are planning a vacation to Ojai, CA then don’t worry about the expenses because Ojai is not that expensive in comparison to other counties. The weather of Ojai is warm and temperate, the winter months are much rainier than the summer months in Ojai, no there is no snow in Ojai, CA but the winter are quite nice if you love the cold weather then you must visit the during the month of December or January, if you are a beach person then visiting in summer will best for you for your lovely and relaxed sunbath on the beach.

Ojai is a tourism destination everyone knows that because of its boutique hotels, recreation opportunities, hiking, and farmers market of local organic agriculture, the city people have small businesses specializing in local and ecologically friendly art, design, and home improvement, chain stores are prohibited by city ordinance to encourage local small business development and keep the town unique, the city also has a self-styled name that is Shangri-La referencing the natural environment of the health and spirituality focused region as well as the mystical sanctuary of the 1937 film adaption of James Hilton’s novel Lost Horizon. Ojai, CA will be one of the best places for your vacation there are several things to do in Ojai, CA everyone needs to break from their lifestyle to go some new place enjoy, to know about their culture and you can do much more adventurous thing in the town.

What to eat in Ojai, CA

If you want to try some delicious and mouth-watering food in Ojai, CA, then you to visit these amazing restaurants in Ojai to try their different cuisines and have the amazing food in the city then you must visit the restaurant Izakaya Full Moon which serves the best and delicious Japanese food, if you are looking for Spanish food with the bar then you have to add AZU restaurant in your things to do in Ojai list because they serve the best Spanish food in town and if you are someone who’s happiness starts with pizza then Ojai Pizza Company is the best place in Ojai to have pizza and Italian food.

Things to do in Ojai, CA

Ojai Valley Museum of History and Art

Things to do in Ojai

Ojai valley museum of history and art is a worthwhile tourist attraction is an eye-catching landmark along the main street, when you go inside you can explore two rooms of exhibits that unveil the valley’s history from the Chumash Indians to present-day stories from the descendants of Ojai’s first settlers, highlights include the Chumash Interpretive Garden and the Sespe Wilderness diorama, in the corner of building hosts a tourist information office, where they will guide you or recommend you nearby places so this place is must add in your things to in Ojai list if you love art and have the curiosity to know ancient stories.

Libby Park

Things to do in Ojai

Libby park is a place where you just chill with peace you plan a picnic with your family, your children will like Libby park and it is the best picnic spot. People of town, as well as visitors or tourist, gather here under shady trees in the heart of downtown, children can go wild on the playground, and organic café area near Libby park so you can also chill at café and kids favorite ice cream stalls are also near the Libby park, you just relax or play with your family and friends, you just relax while you are surrounded by nature. Libby Park is also famous for hosting many of Ojai’s fun art and music festivals, that includes the Ojai Music Festival, and it’s also home to the 973- seat Libby Bowl, Ojai’s famous live music venue.

Hike the Rose Valley Falls Trail

Things to do in Ojai

It is surrounded by rippling peaks, rugged canyons, and ancient oaks, Ojai offers some beautiful hikes, there are many places for hike perhaps the most picturesque and popular is the hike to Rose Valley Falls, which is tucked in the Los Padres National Forest this the best place to enjoy your vacation to have an adventurous day but small children are not allowed, the wheelchair facility is also not available but you can take leashed dogs and enjoy with your family and friends. It is equally beautiful, and longer than the hike itself, it is the approximately 40-minute drive from the downtown Ojai to the trailhead, which meanders through canyons and along curving mountains roads, you can park outside the gates of the Rose Valley campground to avoid the fee. The place is worth adding in your things to do in the Ojai list.

Ojai Valley Inn

Things to do in Ojai

If you want to make your weekend memorable then you have to add Ojai Valley Inn to your things to do in the Ojai list. If you are with the love of your life and want to plan some romantic weekend in Ojai, CA with them then you can’t beat snuggling up in a plush suite at the Ojai Valley Inn, it is set on oasis one of the best in California top resorts. Just hideaway in Spanish style comfy suites or penthouse suite, you can also have a couple of spa treatment, if you are the one who loves arts then you can go to artist cottage & apothecary, where you can try your hands on art like candle making, painting, and floral design, you can also play games like golf or tennis or even try hike or horseback ride in the surrounding hills, you also book private area pool or picnic area so this place is must for those love birds.


Ojai, CA is one of the best travel destination, you try delicious Japanese, American, Italian and many more cuisines, can do hiking, visit the museums and art galleries, plan picnic with your family or friends at Libby park and also visit during the Ojai’s music festival to see your favourite artist perform. The weather is amazing and the place is not that expensive and you can also get discount or great offers deal at Ojai’s travel website and plan your vacation in your budget, so the Ojai, CA is worth visiting to refresh your lifestyle from the boring working days.


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