Things to do in Paphos

The island of Cyprus is home to the beautiful city which is famous for its many tourist attractions and activities are known as the Paphos. On the southwest coast lies this naturally loaded city where many people visit every year and enjoy taking part in various things to do in Paphos. The city is spread across an area of about four hundred square kilometers of land and is said to accommodate about thirty-six thousand people in the city itself. You will be able to get many choices among the different restaurants and resorts to stay and enjoy the extravaganza lifestyle in the city along with your people. Travelers from all across the world keep looking for places to spend time in beaches which are beautiful and lands which are historic with the culture and traditions of the old people. And this city is exactly one of it and thus offers many things to do for the visitors pleasure. All the families who are looking for a place to enjoy the sun and sand along with the calming ambiance must definitely visit the city and enjoy the time they have to spend here. The city of pathos is said to be divided into two broad parts which are the Kato Pathos and the Ktima. Each of this part is famous for different thing as compared to the other. In this article we will tell you about some of the best Things to do in Pathos.

The House of Dionysus

Things to do in Paphos

This is said to be one of the top sites to capture in this city and across the Mediterranean. These mosaic pavements which are paved along the House of Dionysus are seen only here. Hence, visiting these is among the best things to do in Paphos. The Paphos Archaeological Site is the area where these splendid views are captured. It has a tale attached to it that this beautiful and rare pavement was found by a farmer who is who was working on his field. The people and the government of the city have well preserved the House of Dionysus and it has become a highlight to all the tourists who visit the city. The Greek mythology is said to be depicted in these pavements which have been made with the help of naturally occurring limestone colors. A famous mosaic which is known as Ganymede is depicted here which is shown to be taken to Olympus by an eagle. The picturesque mosaic has always been the charm to the eyes of the visitors who come here. But the most famous mosaic which is seen in the House of Dionysus is the mosaic which is shown highlighting the triumph of Dionysus with the God which is accompanied on a chariot with leopards. Some other popular mosaic displays are just near the house of Dionysus called the House of Aion and the house of Theseus. These are exquisite sites to ponder on.

Agora & Odeon

Things to do in Paphos

Though it is said that the artwork of the mosaics in the Paphos Archaeological Site is the most famous of the spots to visit in the city yet there are many other historic and equally delighting spots like the area which contains the last of Odeon, Agora, and Asklepion from as old as the Roman period. The Odon is an area that consists of a small theatrical area that is still used in the summer festivals attracting some people to spend some musical time here. It is said that the old Roman marketplace used to be situated right at the large court which is about ninety-five meters long. These were called the Agora. There are many things which used to be here in the past times but could not stand the test of times and only some of the things are left. Visiting this place is also among the Things to do in Paphos.

Tombs of the Kings

Things to do in Paphos

Just outside the city lies a widespread area of about two kilometers where you can capture the various tombs of the Kings. These tombs are said to be as old as the fourth century and are well built in the old style with solid rocks, also some of the tombs are even decorated by the Doric pillars. All these display the Egyptian touch in the carving of the tombs. These tombs are among the UNESCO World Heritage site. This place is also said to be the burial place for the city of pathos when the Greeks and Romans ruled over the place. You can capture the ancient culture along the widespread area and get a feel of the ancient life which existed hundreds of years ago. Visiting these tombs of the kings is one of the Things to do in Paphos for the tourists who are the fan of the history. The architectural elements in each of the tombs are unique and worth capturing yet the most famous of the seven tombs is the third tomb. This tomb has some differently attractive architecture designs to mark its place which always captures the tourist’s sight.

The Beaches in the City

Wherever you travel across the world if you are not able to spend a great time in the natural beauty and across the beaches then any trip seems incomplete. The same goes for the beaches in the city of Paphos. People like to enjoy their lives and live with joy along with their friends and family. The history of the city takes you to a sometimes hectic world of different cultures and their traditions. So people usually lookout to spend time along the bay just to relax and chill out from the past. The moments spend along the beautiful beaches of the city will definitely give you immense joy and satisfaction. Travelers who have visited the city in the past will also tell you about the fully endowed beaches with the sun, sand, and a calming atmosphere along the beaches of the city along the seashore. The Alkyles beach is located across the east side of the town and is full of charm attracting the people of the city on their weekends and also the tourists on their holiday trips. Some people like to enjoy time in quiet and spacious places where there are fewer people along the bay. Those people can visit Kissonerga bay and enjoy their own time. The couples can take walks under the sinking sun around the bays of this quiet beach and romance around with their partner. The Lara beach is also a popularly visited beach just along the north of the city. The spot on Akamas Heights is said to be the best among these. Spending time on these beaches is one of the best things to do in Paphos.


The city of Paphos is always delightful for the tourists who visit here. There are various things to do in Paphos as we just saw some of the best of them. Other activities which can also bring pleasure to you include visiting the Hrysopolitissa Basilica & St. Paul’s Pillar, The Agia Paraskevi, The great Archaeological Museum, The Sanctuary of Aphrodite, the beautiful village of Fyti, the Akamas peninsula, The Paphos Coastal boardwalk, and much more. These things will make you accustomed to the best things the city offers to its visitors. You can visit any time you want as the city is quite welcoming to all the tourists who come here to enjoy along with their friends and family.


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