Things to do in Split

Split is the capital and largest city in Split-Dalmatia County, Dalmatia, and Adriatic Croatia and it is the largest city on the Eastern Adriatic Croatia, while it is the second-largest city in Croatia. The city lies on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea and the city is spread over a central peninsula and its surroundings. The city is a popular tourist destination. Split is linked to the Adriatic islands and the Apennine Peninsula. If you are planning to visit Split for your vacation then go for it, you won’t regret visiting this amazing place. There are numerous things to do in Split with your family and friends. Everyone needs a short break or needs to escape from their busy hectic schedule. Therefore Split can be a great option for your getaway. The city is a combination of both modern and ancient things. Split is also one of the Croatian cities used as a Game of Thrones set, and if you are among the top fan of this amazing show then you can join an organized tour there. You will get to see many historic places there. The city has numerous art galleries and museums. It has many popular tourist attractions. Some famous attractions of the city are Diocletian’s Palace, Cathedral of St. Domnius, The Ivan Mestrovic Gallery, Marjan Forest Park, and the Marjan Stairway. If you love to explore the museums then don’t forget to add Split Archaeological Museum to your things to do in a Split list. Klis Fortress and many more. The city is not only famous for its attractions but it is also popular for its amazing restaurants where you can try delicious cuisines.

What to eat in Split?

The city has numerous attractions to visit and explore, it also has many famous restaurants where you can try different-different delicious cuisines like American, European, Italian, and many more. We all know that food is among the most important thing you need to know about before visiting new places for your vacations. Some popular restaurants of the city that you should add to your things to do in the Split list are Basta Gourmet Bar where you can try Italian cuisine, the restaurant also has a bar facility. FANTAZJIA Kitchen & Wine is popular for its Japanese cuisine. Monika’s Wine Bar serves European food along with a bar facility. If you want to eat something healthy then you can visit Kat’s Kitchen Deli. Some other famous restaurants of the city are Feel Green, Resroran Re Di Mare, Pizzeria Gust, Mini Bota – Oyster & Sushi Bar, Kasa Grill & Bar, CHOPS Grill Steak & Seafood.

Things to do in Spilt

Diocletian’s Palace

Things to do in Split

Diocletian’s Palace is a spectacular palace, it is a well preserved UNESCO World Heritage Site built in Roman military camp style. Diocletian’s Palace is among the top attractions of Split. The basement of this amazing palace has served as an asset location of the popular TV series Games of Thrones. Emperor Diocletian only lived here for eight years until his death in AD 313, the palace continued to play an important role as an administrative center and the government residence, the palace is also used as the refuge residents during AD 615 when the city was sacked by the Avars. The palace is originally 215 meters long, 180 meters wide, and enclosed with thick walls up to 28 meters high. The Diocletian’s Palace is also protected by the towers at each corner and boasted four entrances. Your trip will remain incomplete if you missed visiting the Diocletian’s Palace. Therefore don’t forget to add Diocletian’s Palace in your things to do in the Split list.

Cathedral of St. Domnius

Things to do in Split

The Cathedral of St. Domnius lies within the ancient area of Diocletian’s Palace. It was designed by Filotas and consecrated in the 7th century. The cathedral has changed little since then, apart from the addition of a 60-meter-tall bell tower built in stages from the 12th to 16th centuries. It is laid out on an octagonal pattern and with a double line of columns. This amazing Corinthian-designed cathedral also contains many notable interior features, in particular, the Altar of St. Domnius and the 13th century hexagonal Romanesque stone pulpit. The Cathedral of St. Domnius is counted among the top tourist attraction of the city. Therefore don’t forget to add the Cathedral of St. Domnius to your things to do in the Split list.

Plan a day trip to Zlatni Rat and Nearby Beaches

Things to do in Split

It is located from a short distance from the ancient city of Salona and an easy day trip from Split. It is a popular beach. The most visited beach is Zlatni Rat are Brela, Solta, Milna, and Pakleni Island are the tourist favorite destinations. Zlatni Rat is among the most beautiful beach location. It is located on the south coast of Brac. It is famous for its unique shape and is formed largely from pebbles deposited here by wind and currents. It is the fascinating spit of land juts out into the sea some 500 meters. It is surrounded by shady pine trees and the tall Vidova Gora Mountains. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing at the beach, you can also do some water sports such as paddle boating, Kayaking, and windsurfing. You can also plan a family picnic or beach day and spend some quality time with your family or friends. Other beautiful beaches that you visit are Brela, it is among the best beach of Europe and the Pakleni Islands, is a wonderful place to visit, it is a 10-kilometer long chain of islands boasting numerous quiet coves and lovely beaches. There are numerous things to do in Split and visiting these beautiful beaches is among them. Therefore don’t forget to visit these spectacular beaches with your friends and family.

Klis Fortress

Things to do in Split

Klis Fortress is located about 12 kilometers northeast of the town center, it is well worth visiting and you can also reach there by the city bus. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones or you have watched the show then you might easily recognize the castle as the City of Meereen. It is the impressive fortress that sits along a limestone bluff, which is 385 meters at its tallest point and it is used to control the valley leading into town. The Klis Fortress is long and narrow all because of its lengthy existence, which led to constant extensions as the centuries progressed. You can also get a tour of the small museum on-site that features displays about the castle’s bloody past, as well as traditional costumes and swords. There is also a room dedicated to filming Game of Thrones. The visitors or tourists can also climb over the fortifications inside. If you are a true Game of Thrones fan then you will love to visit this place. Therefore don’t forget to add Klis Fortress in your things to do in Split.


The city has many top attractions. You can also try delicious cuisines at the city’s popular restaurants. You can try different-different cuisines like European, Chinese, Italian, and many more. If you are a Game of Thrones fan then you can also get a tour of those amazing places that have been featured in the show. The city has beautiful museums, galleries and many more things to explore. Therefore what are you waiting for plan a getaway with your friends and family to the Split? It is worth visiting and explore. To get extra discounts on your booking, book your tour guide or hotels through their travel agencies they will show some amazing deals that will save you money.


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