Things to do in Staten Island

Staten Island is a borough of New York City, coextensive with Richmond County, in the U.S. state of New York. Staten Island is located in the southwest portion of the city, the borough is separated from New Jersey by the Arthur Kill and the Kill Van Kull and from the rest of New York by the New York Bay. The estimated population of Staten Island is 476,143 according to the 2019 census. Staten Island is the least populated of the boroughs but it is the third-largest in the land area at 58.5 square meters (152 km square).

The total area of Staten Island, NY is 102.5 square meters (265 km square), the area covered with the land in Staten Island is 58.5 square meters (152 km square), and the area occupied with the water in Staten Island is 44 square meters (110 km square) it shows that the 43% of the area is occupied with the water in Staten Island. The total number of density the island is 8,030.3 square meters (3,100.5 km square). Staten Island is home to Lenape natives, the island was settled by Dutch colonists in the 17th century.

 It was one of the 12 original counties of New York City. Staten Island was consolidated with New York City in 1998. Staten Island was known as the Borough of Richmond until 1975, after that it was changed to the Borough of Staten Island. The North Shore of Staten Island especially the neighborhoods of St. George, Tompkinsville, Clifton, and Stapleton is the urban part of Staten Island. The island contains the designated St. Paul’s Avenue Stapleton Height Historic District that features large Victorian houses. The East Shore of the Island is home to the 2.5-mile (4 km) F.D.R Boardwalk, it is the fourth-longest boardwalk in the entire world, the West Shore of Staten Island is the least populated and the most industrial part of the Island.

There are several things to do in Staten Island on your vacation with your family and friends, the island is known for Staten Island Museum, National Lighthouse Museum, Chinese Scholar’s Garden, Historic Richmond Town, Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art these are some of the top attractions of the visitors or tourists in Staten Island. If you are thinking that Staten Island is expensive to visit then there is no need to worry because Staten Island is among the cheaper place in the borough in New York City.

The summers are warm, and humid in Staten Island and the winters in the Island are very cold, windy, and it is wet and partly cloudy year-round. If you love snow then there is good news for you that the Island has snow in winters, so if you are the one who loves snow or winters then you must visit Staten Island during winters. You can explore the Island and get to know more about the culture and religion of the Island’s people.  Staten Island is the perfect place for your vacation it doesn’t matter that you visit the Island during winter or summer you will enjoy both seasons.

What to eat in Staten Island, NY?

There are many popular restaurants waiting for you in Staten Island with their amazing and delicious cuisines. Some of the popular or famous restaurants in Staten Island, New York City that you need to add to your things to do in Staten Island list. Royal Crown Bakery is famous for their Italian and American cuisines, everyone knows that seafood is the most popular food In Islands so if you want to try some amazing, mouth-watering seafood along with Latin and Peruvian food then you must visit Inca’s Grill Peruvian Kitchen. Pier 76 is quite famous for its Italian cuisine especially pizza along with the bar facility. If you are looking for German and European cuisines at the same restaurants along with a bar facility then you need to add Nurnberger Bierhaus in your things to do on Staten Island list, they serve the best European food in Staten Island, NY. Mexican food is also famous on Staten Island so if you want to try Mexican cuisine then Maizai Restaurant is the perfect place for you. Best is popular for their Latin and Spanish food, apart from these restaurants, there are other popular restaurants in Staten Island where you can enjoy your meal.

Things to do in Staten Island, NY

Staten Island Ferry

Things to do in Staten Island

Everyone is aware about the orange-coloured three-tiered vessel in the pictures of New York City’s iconic Statue of Liberty. The Staten Island Ferry offers visitors or tourists a chance to view or can do sight-seeing of New York’s harbour and the world-famous skyline, you can see Lady Liberty and the Governors Island to the east and Ellis Island to the west if you want to see the best views then make sure you sit on the top deck of the ferry. You can also buy food and beverages on the boat. If you are in Staten Island then you must add a Staten Island Ferry ride to your things to do in the Staten Island list.

Chinese Scholar’s Garden

Things to do in Staten Island

Chinese Scholar’s Garden is among the popular attractions at Snug Harbor, it is one of the hidden gems of Staten Island, NY. In Chinese Scholar’s Garden, you can find your zen on a leisurely walk along with the several peaceful gardens where you can spend your day surrounded by nature, the garden have zigzagging paths, and koi-filled ponds which makes the Chinese Scholar’s Garden more attractive.  The garden is based on the 15th-century Ming Dynasty garden designs, the original structures and their stunning roofs, tiles, columns, beams were created in Suzhou China and it is completed on Staten Island.

The upper pavilion in the garden represents the both China and America in the central courtyard where you can find a mosaic of broken rice bowls and pieces of beer bottles. According to previous tourists if you are in Staten Island you didn’t visit the Chinese Scholar’s Garden then your trip will remain incomplete, so don’t forget to add Chinese Scholar’s Garden in your things to do in Staten Island list.

Staten Island Museum

Things to do in Staten Island

The Staten Island Museum is housed in the former dormitory for retired seamen on the grounds of the Snug Harbor Cultural Center. The Staten Island Museum is the only remaining general interest museum in the city. The Museum was founded in 1881, the main focus of the museum is on the arts, natural sciences, and the region’s history for kids of all ages. You can get know more information about Staten Island’s culture through the museum. The museum is a must to add to your things to do on the Staten Island list because you don’t want to miss this informative museum. The museum has general exhibits like Cabinet of Curiosities and Remember the Mastodon, tourists or visitors can also learn about the life of the Lenape tribe ( who are first people lived on the Staten Island).

Staten Island Zoo

Staten Island Zoo lives up to its biggest little zoo, the zoo has an extensive collection of reptiles, in particular the Staten Island Zoo has the largest collection of rattlesnakes, in 16,000-square-foot facility. The zoo showcases more than 800 species in an eight-acre space. The zoo is famous for its weatherman, Chuck the groundhog. The Staten Island Zoo also features a new aquarium with walls of water that shows various marine species or habitats, like the Pacific kelp forests, tropical coral reefs, and the Caribbean sea life. If you are on vacation with your kids then don’t forget to add the Staten Island Zoo in your things to do in Staten Island list, not only children but adults will also love the zoo.


Staten Island is one of the best travel destinations in the world, it has many activities to do while you are on your vacation. You can explore the Island you can enjoy near the beaches with your family and friends and if you are visiting the Island during winters then you can also enjoy the snow in the Staten Island. You can try different-different cuisines like Mexican, American, Italian, seafood, Spanish food, and many other cuisines on the Island. The Island has various museums, art galleries that depict the past of Staten Island. The Island is fun-loving place you don’t need to think twice before visiting or planning your vacation there because Staten Island is worth to visit.


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