Things to do in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the prefecture and the largest city of the Grand Est region of Eastern France and the official seat of the European Parliament. It is located at the border with Germany in the historic region of Alsace, it is the prefecture of the Bas-Rhin department. In 2018, the city proper had 284,677 inhabitants and both the Eurometropole de Strasbourg and the Arrondissement of Strasbourg had 500,510 inhabitants. Strasbourg’s metropolitan area had a population of 790,087 in 2017, which makes it the ninth-largest metro area in France and home to 13% of the Grand Est region’s inhabitants. The city is an important center of manufacturing and engineering, as well as a hub of road, rail, and river transportation. The port of Strasbourg is the second-largest on the Rhine after Duisburg in Germany, and it is the second-largest river port in France after Paris. If you are planning to visit Strasbourg then go for it. The city is worth visiting with your family & friends. The city is filled with many popular tourist attractions.

 The city has an awe-inspiring cathedral, charming burgher’s houses, and elegant Louis XV buildings, Strasbourg has a distinctive old-world character. The quaint cobblestone streets and picturesque canals of the ancient quarters offer the tourist or visitors to explore the city. Strasbourg is a city of culture and boasts exceptional museums that feature fine arts, archaeology, traditional Alsatian crafts. If you are thinking to visit the city but you are confused about what attractions you should add to your things to do on the Strasbourg list. Don’t worry in this article you will get to know about the best places to eat and the best attractions of the city. Some popular attractions of the city are Cathedral Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, Wander the Narrow Streets of Quartier des Tanneurs (La Petite France), Maison Kammerzell, Eglise de Saint-Thomas, Eglise Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune, Maison de I’Oeurve Notre-Dame, Palais Rohan, Musee Alsacien (Alsatian Museum).  

What to eat in Strasbourg?

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We all know that food is among the most important thing we need to know about while making plans to visit a new city or country for vacation. The city is not only filled with attractions but it also has some popular restaurants where you can enjoy food with your family and friends. In Strasbourg, you can try different-different types of cuisines like Indian, Chinese, European, American, French, Italian, and many more.

 Some popular restaurants that you must add in your things to do in Strasbourg list are Le Bistrot Des Cocottes, Au Chruchon, La Petite Mairie, Le Stras, Chez L’Oncle Freddy, Dans Le Noir? Strasbourg. If you want to try the delicious steak and barbeque food then don’t forget to add Elite Steak House to your things to do in Strasbourg list. Therefore food won’t disappoint in this city.

Things to do in Strasbourg

Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg

Things to do in Strasbourg

Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg is considered one of the most beautiful monuments of Gothic architecture in Europe. The Cathedral of Notre Dame presides over Strasbourg with its soaring tower. The 142-meter spire was the highest point in the Christian world, until the 19th century. The distinctive look of the cathedral is due to its construction from red Vosges sandstone. Hundreds of Christian figures are sculpted from this stone on the façade. Its elaborate exterior functions as a lesson in biblical stories. Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg is among the most visited and popular tourist attractions of the city. The Cathedral has exceptional medieval stained-glass windows which are dating from the 12th to 14th centuries that compare in magnificence to those at the Cathedral in Chartres. The rose window is particularly splendid. The cathedral is the heart of Strasbourg’s UNESCO-listed Grande-lle district. The Grande-lle is the historic center of the city. As you know it is among the most visited historical monuments in the city, therefore, don’t forget to add Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg to your things to do in Strasbourg list. The cathedral is worth visiting with your family & friends.

Historical Museum

Things to do in Strasbourg

Historical Museum is located in the 16th century Grande Boucherie (Butchers House), the Historical Museum offers a comprehensive exhibit of paintings, graphic art, weapons, and everyday objects. The collections at the Historical Museum span the centuries from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution with a few rooms dedicated to the Napoleonic and modern eras. It is among the most historic museum in the city. If you love to explore ancient things as well as modern things then don’t forget to visit the Historical Museum when you are in the city. Tourists & visitors can also learn about Strasbourg’s politics, society, and economy throughout the ages. The Historic Museum dedicates exhibits to important political figures such as the famous General Jean-Baptiste Kleber. The museum also displays the costumes and furniture of ordinary citizens, which offers insight into the everyday life of Strasbourg in times past. If you are in the city and you missed to visit the Historical Museum then your trip to Strasbourg will remain incomplete therefore don’t forget to add Historical Museum to your things to do in Strasbourg list. The museum is worth visiting with your family or friends. After exploring the museum you can have lunch at a nearby café with your group.

Quartier des Tanneurs (La Petite France)

Things to do in Strasbourg

If you are in the city then don’t forget to wander the narrow streets of Quartier des Tanneurs. It is the most atmospheric section of Strasbourg’s UNESCO-listed historic center. The Quartier des Tanneurs is also known as La Petite France is a winding maze of canals and narrow, old streets lined by perfectly maintained half-timbered houses. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the neighborhood was home to the city’s leather tanners and fishermen. The beautiful & charming street of the quarter is the Rue du Bain-aux Plantes. Strolling this cobblestone street offers a chance to admire the traditional Alsatian houses with their flower-bedecked balconies. If you are visiting the quarter then don’t forget to look out for the Maison des Tanneurs, it is a half-timbered house at 42 Rue du Bain-aux-Plantes. It is listed as a Historic Monument, the Maison des Tanneurs is now a fine-dining restaurant with a terrace overlooking the river. Quartier des Tanneurs is among the most beautiful attraction to visit in the city. Therefore don’t forget to add this amazing place to your things to do in Strasbourg list.

Ehlise de Saint-Thomas

Things to do in Strasbourg

The Church of Saint-Thomas is located on the site of an ancient church built in the early 6th century, the church is dedicated to the Apostle Saint Thomas. After being destroyed by fire, the Church of Saint-Thomas was rebuilt in the 12th century. During its 800-year history, the Church of Saint-Thomas has been most renowned for the role it played during the Protestant Reformation of Alsace. The church was the center of the Lutheran movement in the region. The Elise de Saint-Thomas is still used as a Protestant house of worship and offers religious services on Sunday mornings. The church also has a clock, which for 400 years has struck the hours four minutes too soon. The idea was to make it the Cathedral clock strikes. Therefore don’t forget to add Ehlise de Saint-Thomas to your things to do in Strasburg list.


The city is filled with numerous attractions. The attraction of the city includes historical places, museums, art galleries, gardens, or parks. You will also find many famous restaurants where you can try different-different types of cuisines. Therefore if you are thinking to plan a vacation to Strasbourg then go for it. The city is one of the best tourist destinations for weekend getaways. Strasbourg is worth visiting with your friends & family.


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