This is a town brim-full with marvelous food choices however port of entry dish is one dish particularly that’s a must-try whereas you’re here. We insist.

As if you required associate degree excuse to eat dish, right? San Diego has no shortage of dish places serving up varied takes on the classic childhood foodstuff, from essential slice outlets to tavern-style restaurants with good pie/pint pairings, and it’s time everybody else realized it.

From ancient thin-crust metropolis to face pies and top-of-the-line toppings, dish perfection will be found throughout the county, whether or not from a mother and pop, red-sauce Italian eatery or a stylish, upmarket eating house. And also the region’s recent inflow of chefs and restaurateurs from Italia — WHO import with them huge wood-fired dish ovens, primo Italian 00 flour, prosciutto, San Marzano tomatoes, recent cheese and additional — has solely enriched the standard.

Here are the Top 10 Best Pizza in San Diego:

1. Ambrogio15

Address: 926 Turquoise St., Pacific Beach, (858) 291-8650; and 550 West Date St., Little Italy, (619) 450-6839.

A trio of young friends from Milano — Giacomo Pizzigoni, Andrea Burrone, and Luca Salvi — catapulted San Diego’s pizza pie scene to new heights in 2016 with their Milanese-style pies. Connexion their stylishly casual spot in Pacific Beach and stand at the limited Italian Republic Food Hall this spring are a 3rd location at The Sky Deck at Del Mar Highlands city Center. The buddy’s area unit clearly going for full pizza pie domination, collaborating with known Michelin-starred Italian cook Silvio Salmoiraghi on a next-level gourmand pizza pie menu.

The name Ambrogio15 is Associate in nursing respect to each the shielder of Milano, Ambrogio, and also the dimension of their pizzas, 15 inches. However we predict Ambrogio is Numero Uno. Pairing Petra flour foreign from Italian region with a forty eight hour rising method, Ambrogio15’s paper-thin, metropolis vogue pizza pie may be ordered with a custom crust made of either white, whole wheat, or protein free flour. You can’t miss with the classic Margherita, or the indulgent Hannibal Lecter (with San Marzano tomato DOP, cheese fior di caffe latte, grated Parmigiano Reggiano, spicy salame Calabrese, Italian sausage, porchetta, foreign prosciutto cotto, and organic grilled red bell pepper). Combine your pie of selection with a bottle of wine sourced from an association of little scale biodynamic winemakers in Italian Republic.

2. Buona Forchetta

Address: South Park, 3001 Beech St, San Diego, CA 92102

This neighborhood favorite, currently with outposts in South Park, Liberty Station and Encinitas, offers 3 dozen completely different pies able to crush your car and cheese cravings (all of which might be created gluten-free). you actually can’t create a foul decision, whether or not you choose one thing straightforward just like the margherita or strive one thing more odd, just like the Agenese, that is loaded with porcini mushrooms, shrimp, scallop, ricotta, and cheese.

Professional tip: Hold onto the oil and balsamy from bread service, as you’ll desire a puddle of it to tug your crusts through. Buona Forchetta has it all. House owners Matteo Cattaneo and spouse Alexa Kollmeier employed a world dish champion (a real thing) to coach them in creating authentic, Neopolitan pies. Their kitchen appliance (named “Sofia”) is best, requiring a truck and a crane. And Cattaneo’s family owns one among Italy’s foremost oil firms, and that they send their expat son barrels of every harvest’s best.

3. Blue Ribbon

Address: 897 S. Coast Highway, Encinitas.

Chef Wade Hageman came from four-star fine feeding, therefore he is aware of concerning the acid-fat balance, the elevated sauce, wherever to search out the simplest of the simplest gourmand ingredients. That interprets onto his pies at badge that became Encinitas icons. Their “Signature” pie has lemon EVOO, contemporary cheese, ricotta, Parm-Reg, lemon zest, red onion, and basil. Their cheat-day “Staff’s Favorite” is additionally mine, with pasta sauce, fennel sausage, cream, Parm-Reg, and basil.

The candy pudding with sea-salt caramel and house made topping doesn’t hurt, either. Simple, top quality elaborations vary from the brilliantly seasoned Signature dish lidded with contemporary cheese, ricotta, lemon zest, red onion, basil, and further virgin olive oil; to the employees Favorite, house pasta sauce, sausage, basil, Parmigiano Reggiano, and a drizzle of cream. If you can, save area for his or her signature course, a creamy, delectable candy pudding.

4. Blind Lady Ale House

Address: 3416 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116.

They’ve been voted the most effective metropolis brew house for 5 years in an exceedingly row thus clearly grasp specifically what they’re doing on the brew front. So, what goes well with beer? Pizza, of course. They started with a goal of serving a hundred beers and fifty pizzas an evening. Ten years later and that they have notched up one. 2 million indie beers and created about to 1,000,000 pizzas.

That quantity of consumers simply can’t be wrong! Thin-crust pies with crisp, injured edges and a superb choice of brews keep this traditional Heights pizza parlour busy. It ought to return as no surprise to listen to we tend to want there was another location (or locations) within the works. For now, we’re quite proud of the cheese-heaped quattro formaggi and meat lovers’ pies topped with house-made sausage and chorizo.

5. IL Dandy

Address: 2550 Fifth Ave., Bankers Hill. (619) 310-5669. 

This up to date Calabrian hotspot in Bankers Hill was one in all the simplest new restaurants of 2019. Brothers Pietro and Dario Gallo (Civico 1845) have partnered with father and son Michelin-starred chefs — and fellow Calabrians — Antonio and Luca Abbruzzino to push San Diego’s cooking boundaries with trendy, nevertheless approachable, preparations and unlikely flavor mixtures. That thinking has North American country mirthfully rethinking everything we have a tendency to thought we have a tendency to know regarding Italian food, dish enclosed.

Il Dandy’s ethereal, ethereal pizza crust is wafer lightweight, because of a direction that reverses ancient dish dough proportions of 70%  water, 30% flour (versus 70/30 the opposite approach around), uses a 100-year-old starter from Italy, and permits its dough to rise for seventy two hours before it’s fell into 1,000-degree kitchen appliance. We’ve dear each version we’ve tried, particularly the Calabria with yellow cherry tomatoes, fior di caffe latte, caciocavallo, n’duja and orange rind, the Buongustaia with pumpkin, guanciale, recent truffle slices, hazelnuts and pecorino, and therefore the vegetarian preserved eggplant, tomato, pistachio and mint pizza.

6. Pizzeria Luigi

Address: 4207 Park Blvd, University Heights.

This is correct New York-style pizza pie that’s oversubscribed by the slice that has been in business since 2004. Anyplace serving that quantity of pizza pie for that length of your time is doing one thing right. An extra bonus? They need multiple brews on faucet permitting you to relish a large slice with ice cold beer – one amongst life’s nice pleasures. This is often another house that’s nailing the Neopolitan-style pizza pie that has received official certification from the Associazione Verace pizza pie Napoletana in Italy.

Certifying a pizza pie could seem slightly excessive, however their obsession is your ohgodyes. It’s wood-fired just like the others, which ends up in an exceedingly quick-cooking pie with crust bubbles and leopard spots. They show associate degree appreciation for our native, Mexican-ophile palates with the “El Jefe,” with cheese and Oaxacan cheese, Spanish chorizo, poblano peppers, and jalapeno pepper cream. And meat lovers can notice cheese, pepperoni, soppressata, prosciutto di Parma, and sausage on the “Porktacular.”

7. Sicilian Thing

Address: 4207 Park Blvd, University Heights.

Sicilian-style dish is tough to search out in metropolis, however no one will it higher than this long search in North Park. Don’t be fooled by the modest digs: apart from perfecting someone’s vogue, it additionally will a cracking job on New York-style pies.

Undecided what to order? The Sicilian-style nearly Lasagne could be a nice choose, that includes numerous meatballs, cheese and savoury red sauce. Daily specials just like the $7 slice-and-a-beer deal on Tuesdays encourage mid-week dish consumption, whereas everyday costs are thus cheap that it is sensible to order one pie of every vogue and set up on many leftovers.

8. Siamo Napoli

Address: 3959 30th St., North Park. (619) 310-6981.

Everything at this charming, neighborhood eatery tastes sort of a billet doux from urban center, right down to the wall-sized photograph of an abashedly attractive Sophia Loren within the feeding area. Helmed by proprietor Flavio Piromallo, Siamo Napoli serves the foremost authentic city fare anyplace in city, from the colourful spaghetti sauce sauce to food that tastes just-pulled from the ocean to the dreamy ricotta-filled squash blossoms to crisp street beignet-like zeppole.

And after all, there’s dish, Naples’ most vital export. Siamo Napoli’s pies emerge from the custom, azure-tiled dish kitchen appliance piping hot and these rustic rounds square measure legit. Among the pie choice, none is full with ingredients, faithful city pizzaiolos’ less-is-more approach. Case in point: the sensationally straightforward burrata and carciofi (artichoke) with cherry tomato, basil, and zilch else. Purity of flavour doesn’t would like adornment.

9. Tribute Pizza

Address: 3077 North Park Way, North Park. (619) 450-4505. 

Our favorite pizza pie construct all told of metropolis pays deference to the nice pizzas of the planet — from the big apple to city, national capital to American state, Costco’s food court to at least one of San Diego’s best (see No. 8). Matt Lyons’ former pop-up place down roots in North Park in 2016 and, because the line out of the door indicates, the pizza pie aficionado’s mission to recreate celebrated pies may be a triumph. Time of day specials square measure among the most effective in city and Tribute is additionally the sole native place we all know that provides soft serve flat-top with arbequina vegetable oil and ocean salt. Genius.

Clearly an acquaintance of Brooklyn pies, Lyons’ menu represents pizza pie from 3 of the borough’s neighborhoods. Thus however are you able to not take the “Brooklyn’s Best,” a tribute to Best pizza pie in trend central, Williamsburg. The cheese, cheese and wood-roasted caramelized onions on prime square measure terrific, however it’s the seasoning crust that soars. A tasty second is that the Biancoverde, in honor of Phoenix’s noted pizza shop Bianco and Lyons’ muse Chris Bianco. Easy and sensational, it options cheese, ricotta, recent garlic, red chili flakes, pecorino and little heap of garden rocket.

10. Buona Forchetta

Address:  3001 Beech St., South Park and other locations. (619) 381-4844.

The first South Park outpost of Matteo Cattaneo’s wildly well-liked and ever-expanding empire of pizza pie restaurants was cited by the big apple Times in 2017 as having San Diego’s best pizza pie. Buona Forchetta’s legions of fans wouldn’t disagree. Cattaneo, from Bergamo in Northern Italia, looked to the Naples space to supply the signature gold-hued pizza pie kitchen appliance, referred to as national capital, for his South Park eatery. Today, national capital seems 30-plus sorts of spherical pizza pie, from classic Neapolitans to white pies. Currently, solely the Petco Park location of Buona Forchetta options rectangular Roman pizza pie al taglio, however future restaurants can have it on the menu.

The non-profit-making Matteo, gap before long in South Park, can serve four sorts of breakfast pizza pie, and North Park’s future Gelati & Peccati also will prove pizza pie al taglio. Heresy alert! We have a tendency to would not have to wait in line for pizza pie, thus it’s an honest factor we have a tendency to contemplate Buona Forchetta’s best pizza pie to be the pizza pie sandwich at Petco Park, wherever there’s commonly solely the shortest of queues. large enough to share, this two-fisted sandwich could be a focaccia-like, crusty pizza pie al taglio, sliced and stuffed with luscious burrata, roquette and mortadella that’s thus high-quality, the pistachios studding it style just-cracked. Raise them to heat it up, order a glass of premium Italian wine, and you’ll ne’er eat a hot dog at the ballpark once more.

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