Top 10 Cities in Greece Known for its Nightlife

Greece is the place which is well known for its people, heritage, and great cuisine.  But more than that this place is famous for its great vibrant nightlife. Greeks are always known as fun-loving and partying people. So these are some of the great cities in Greece to experience a very vibrant and memorable nightlife. Let’s see what are the Top 10 Cities in Greece Known for its Nightlife.


Top 10 Cities in Greece Known for its Nightlife

Mykonos is an island that is situated in the Cyclades group near the Aegean Sea. This place is mainly popular for its summer party atmosphere. Beaches such as ‘Paradise’ and ‘Super Paradise’ have some great collections of Bars and Pubs which will make you fall in love with it. Mykonos has become increasingly popular for its beach bars and party atmosphere. This island charms history buffs and soul searchers alike with its vast array of whitewashed churches, shops, and museums. Massive dance clubs attract world-renowned DJs and musicians to host their monstrous shows here.

Mykonos probably is one of the best nightlife destinations in Greece which comes to mind even way before Athens or Halkidiki. As the night falls, this place turns into a wild party island, with beach bars and clubs pumping DJ sets loud and partygoers dancing the night away. This cosmopolitan island is having numerous great, and famous, bars and clubs where you can rub shoulders with celebrities every day. It is truly one of the Top 10 Cities in Greece Known for its Nightlife.


Top 10 Cities in Greece Known for its Nightlife

Ios is also known as ‘Io’ or ‘Nio’ which is a Greek island located in the Cyclades group of Aegean Sea. Ios is a hilly island which cliffs down to the sea on probably every side which is situated halfway between Naxos and Santorini. Ios is known for having one of the great nightlife in the whole of Greece as it is having some great bars, cocktails and pulsing music. You must visit Chora which is the island’s main town where you could enjoy wandering around the dark Cycladic backstreets, bar-hopping, and dancing till dawn.

Ios is not only having a relaxed attitude for lackluster parties because it is just a misconception, as this place is also one of the best nightlife destinations in the whole of Greece. The night never ends, with its endless supply of bars and clubs in Chora, while Mylopotas is known to be a major beach party destination. Every night capital of Ios transformed itself into a huge party scene where you can drink, dance, and have fun until dawn. The picturesque streets are so famous that they just fill up with thousands of people at night enjoying and having fun with each other. It is surely one of the Top 10 Cities in Greece Known for its Nightlife.


Top 10 Cities in Greece Known for its Nightlife

Skiathos is a Greek island which is located in the northwest of the Aegean Sea. This place is part of the Sporades archipelago. Skiathos is best known for its beaches and buzzing and vibrant nightlife. This place is mostly known for its great-romantic sandy beaches. This place is full of many exotic beaches with impressive landscapes and popular lively beaches. The action centers on Skiathos Town, where bars and restaurants spill onto sidewalks along the old harbor and Papadiamanti Street, the main pedestrian thoroughfare, are some of the many beautiful places to explore.

This island has many charms, including peaceful villages, beautiful beaches, and verdant interior, which makes this place one of the must-visit the place to experience the great nightlife. Polytechniou Street is downtown which is one of the most famous bars in Skiathos. This place is having some of the best nightlife which you must experience once. It is truly one of the Top 10 Cities in Greece Known for its Nightlife.


Top 10 Cities in Greece Known for its Nightlife

Zakynthos is a Greek island which is located in the Ionian Sea. This place is well known as a summer resort. The harbor city is the capital of Zakynthos that is one of the major hubs which is centered on waterfront Solomos Square. There is also a Dreamy Island of Zakynthos, which is definitely a worthy destination to visit. If you are with your love birds than you will like to go to this place and get lost in it because of the numerous exciting things to do and explore here.

The Ionian island of Zakynthos which is having some stunning beaches is one of the important nightlife hubs. You will find nice bars in this town. If you prefer dance clubs the Tsilivi and Laganas are two of the best places, you should definitely check out. Undeniably the most popular is Laganas which is located in the south-west part where you can find many strips of clubs and bars with loud music and is frequented by vast groups of partygoers all summer long.


Kos is one of the Dodecanese islands of Greece. This place is known for its beautiful sandy beaches. This place is also rich with Greek and Roman landmarks, particularly in and around Kos Town. This harbor town is dominated by the 15th-century Neratzia Castle. Today Kos is most famous for being the birthplace of Hippocrates who was known as the father of modern medicine.

Kos is one of the popular islands of the Dodecanese group when it comes to nightlife. This place is famous for a wide selection of clubs and bars catering to all tastes. Concentrated in two streets, in the heart of the main town, the bars and clubs host wild parties every night during peak season, Kos has it all. Kos is also said to be one of the best nightlife destinations in Greece. You can just walk in the streets of Kos, no matter what the time is.                                          


Corfu is an island off Greece’s northwest coast located in the Ionian Sea. This place is defined by rugged mountains and a resort-studded shoreline. Corfu’s cultural heritage reflects years spent under Venetian, French and British rule before it was united with Greece in 1864. With lots of mountains, over 200km of coastline, lots of sunshine, beaches, ouzo, and souvlaki as a start. Corfu is also known as Greece’s ‘Emerald Island’ because it is one of the greenest islands in Greece. 

Corfu also makes its name on this list because of many great nightlife hubs. You can find very vibrant nightlife in Corfu, as this place is having its own uniqueness. Kavos and Sidari are best-known places in Corfu famous for its great bars and clubs. Both the places enjoy a lively nightlife, including open-air nightclubs, beach parties, and a great collection of bars.


Santorini is the island that is one of the Cyclades islands, which is situated in the Aegean Sea. This place was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC. Without question I could say this is one of the most visited places in Greek, Santorini is instantly recognizable for its whitewashed, cube-shaped buildings adorned with blue accents, steep cliffs, and tangerine sunsets that light up the sky and sea.

Santorini is one of the most romantic destinations in the Cyclades Islands. This place is also a great nightlife destination for fun and crazy experience. But you can also victim the most wildly and more exciting nightlife is concentrated in the island’s capital, Fira. Fira is a popular seaside resort of Kamari and Perissa. There are many places on the Santorini for you to enjoy your drink, loud or chillout, busy or quiet, and romantic ones. Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic place to have a drink, a group of friends wanting to party all night long, or a solo traveler hoping to meet new people while on holidays, Santorini could be the place which makes you fall in love with itself.


Halkidiki is a region in northern Greece known for its jutting peninsulas, which feature Mediterranean forests that give way to sandy beaches in sheltered bays. Kassandra, the westernmost peninsula, is that the most developed, offering modern resorts and nightclubs. Halkidiki is a great springtime destination with water temperatures within the high teens and air temperatures around 20 degrees. Halkidiki (or Chalkidiki) is that the hottest holiday destination in northern Greece.

The center of nightlife in Halkidiki is Kassandra, the first peninsula of the region. There, visitors can find all-night clubs, lounge bars, seaside taverns, and even beach bars that organize parties on the beach. you’ll spend a more peaceful night out with an extended, romantic dinner within the many taverns of Halkidiki. These taverns are often found within the seaside and therefore the mountainous villages of the region and mostly stay open till around midnight.



Rhodes is that the principal city and a former municipality on the island of Rhodes within the Dodecanese, Greece. Since the 2011 government reform, it’s a part of the municipality Rhodes, of which it’s the seat and a municipal unit. It’s well worthwhile as long as you do add the additional days and do not attempt to squeeze it into your existing time-frame. Rhodes is a large island but if you plan some time according to what you would like to see and do there, it’ll be a rewarding few days on what a really historic and delightful island is.

On an island of contrasts, Rhodes’ nightlife can take you from lively and raucous to chilled and romantic within the space of one evening. For sheer number and variety, Rhodes’ nightclubs are the places to be seen, while plentiful tavernas and eateries leave you spoilt for choice too.


Athens is the capital of Greece. it was also at the center of Ancient Greece, a strong civilization and empire. the town remains dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings just like the colonnaded Parthenon temple. Athens is additionally the southernmost capital on the European mainland and therefore the warmest major city in Europe. Athens wont to have a reputation as a somewhat gritty (indeed grimy) city. an area to fly into simply because you had to if you wanted to go to the Greek islands. … Athens is now definitely one of the best cities to go to Greece.

Gazi is popular as a nightlife district of Athens with a plethora of bars, clubs, and restaurants. This stunning neighborhood in Athens will confirm that your night becomes an unforgettable one. it is a pretty big city, so it’s probably best to break down Athens’ nightlife by neighborhood. Club-hoppers should hit up the areas of Gazi and Monastiraki, where you will find huge venues hosting international DJs and therefore the streets full of partiers.

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