In the heart of the Balkans region in Europe that is non-other than Serbia. This place has already emerged as one of the most traveled and exciting destinations around the world. From spirited a-buzz city life to the peaceful suburbs, this place is full of space for journey and culture.

Besides excellent historic spots, gorgeous stream scenarios and pleasant cuisines, you will find this place very known for its vibrant and thrilling nightlife. Many Serbian Hotspots can ensure its you that you are having much to do in Serbia. Late-night cafes, clubs, music festivals, and night rubber-necking have continually topped each traveler’s list who visit this place. Serbian nightlife is really meant for everybody, no matter if you are single, couple, or a family. You will definitely going to love this place.

So these are Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife:


Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife

Belgradeis the capital of Serbia. Beogradska Tvrđava is known as its most famous landmark. Tvrdava associate degree imposing defense at the confluence of the Danube and also the Sava rivers. Belgrade may be seems to be boring for you, if you enjoy a fun travelling. However if you love to visit a city which is packed with history & culture, then you should visit this place. Belgrade is also known as “the town that never sleeps” by the locals. Floating clubs, which are floats on the rivers are some of the best places to experience a vibrant nightlife. Skadarlija, the bohemian street, which is famous because it is said that the party didn’t end there till morning.

Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife

A lot of people who had experienced its unique nightlife, always left with something extra in them. Since this place is having some of the greatest party places in whole Serbia, you’ll definitely going to love it. This place is full of house music, progressive, tech house, and turbo-folk. However, you’ll also be able to notice some places which are very well known for R’n’B, pop, rock, trance, various, jazz, or simple any other trending music genre in the world. Several kids love to join the city clubs, as the promoters of those clubs. Belgrade is also one of the safest cities, where there is no such big crimes happen. However pick-pocketing and purse snatching do occur, and in fact, tourists are there main targets. This all make Belgrade one of the top 10 cities in Serbia known for its nightlife.


Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife

Kragujevac is the fourth largest city of Serbia. This place also known as the historic centre of the Šumadija District. You can also find many Archeological sites from prehistoric, antique and medieval period. These sites known as the testimonies as a proof for its long history. This place is located on the banks of the Lepenica River. This city is having favourable business climate and accelerated economical development. This was confirmed by the National Alliance for native economic development certificate.

Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife

Kragujevac contains a very exotic and extraordinary nightlife. This place also known for its ancient kafane (Public House), lane way bars and clubs. This place is best for those who love to walk in summer night in the streets. You’ll be able to notice plenty of pubs and bars within the streets, mainly in Lole Ribera Street. Several of them are opened till late within the night. Not like Belgrade, there’s no curfew in Kragujevac and also the drinks are available in very cheap cost.

Novi Sad

Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife

Novi Sad may be a town in Serbia which is located on the banks of the Danube. Standing atop a riverside bluff, abundant of Petrovaradin defence dates to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with associate degree picture tower and a network of tunnels. The Vojvodinian capital may be a terribly totally different town compared to Belgrade, one with a distinct history and a distinct design as well. Weekday within the centre of 1 of Serbia’s prettiest regions with a number of its most attractive villages, Novi Sad is price a visit all on its own. Novi Sad is that the town of kids, music, fun and nice nightlife. It’s the house of EXIT pageant, one among the most effective music events in Europe that has had its initial edition transpire in 2000. It is surely one of the Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife.

Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife

It appears obvious that Novi Sad contains a ton to supply once it involves history and culture, however Novi Sad Nightlife is additionally on a really high level. This city isn’t massive however offers numerous sensible places to go to for spirited nightlife. You’ll be able to notice several clubs, restaurants, pub etc. excellent time for visiting Novi Sad would be summer. Every July, the famed Exit pageant is command. It’s set at Petrovaradin defence and it’s characterized by a range of genres. Still, it’s primarily for the lovers of electronic music. For these twenty years of existence, several world stars performed here, as well as just about all foremost DJs.


Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife

Kraljevo may be a town in southern geographical region i.e. Serbia and also the place of work of the Raška District in central geographical region i.e. Serbia. It lies on the north bank of the Ibar stream in an exceedingly fertile agricultural region. The city’s serious trade includes the manufacture of railway wheeled vehicle, metal instrumentality, springs, wagons, ceramics, and brick. It’s set on the confluence of West Morava and Ibar, within the countryside of Šumadija, between the mountains of Kotlenik within the north, and Stolovi within the south. Several cities in {Serbia| Srbija| geographical area| geographic area| geographical region i.e. Serbia| geographic region} are packed with history, however only 1 will claim to being the King’s city. That’s the literal translation of Kraljevo, the central Serbian town famed for the enthronization of seven kings and plenty a lot of.

Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife

This place is additionally illustrious for its excellent party atmosphere, wherever you’ll be able to relax any purpose of your time and might fancy a number of the most effective cocktail parties in the dark. There are several numerous and fascinating choice of clubs, bars, and live venues, which is able to cause you to fall soft on with themselves.


Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife

Niš is that the third largest town in geographical region i.e. Serbia and also the body centre of the Nišava District. Consistent with the 2011 census, town correct contains a population of 183,164, whereas its body space contains a population of 260,237 inhabitants. Nis, somewhat off the overwhelmed traveller path, is but well price visiting. It offers some marvellous surprises as a result of it’s one amongst the foremost vital and active cities of geographic region, with an extended and legendary historical past. Nis was a really vital crossroads within the past. The most Roman road Via Militaries accustomed go through the city. The road would cause the East to Balkan country and Constantinople (current Istanbul) and additionally to the West to Macedonia.

Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife

There’s a huge stress on live music, with some specialist venues, however that pervades into most bars and clubs of town at some purpose. Within the summer, for nightlife in Nis, we’ve some open clubs. For people, UN agency like to dance, to own some fun, to pay attention nice music? We’ve Nisville festival too. It runs few day with heaps of special guest to perform and to get pleasure from it. For Associate in nursing expertise of native culture, explore one amongst many ancient restaurants with bands of recent geographic region taking part in nightly. Most different genres are often found elsewhere, from fusion funk to Latin, gypsy people to pop, and in fact jazz at the annual Nišville pageant. It is surely one of the Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife.


Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife

Vršac is a popular city which is situated in the South Banat District of the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia. Vršac is a city known for its well-developed trade. Particularly prescribed drugs, wine and brewage, confectioneries and textiles trade is also famous. As of 2011, town populated area includes a population of 35701, whereas town body space has 52026 inhabitants. This city is basically located within the nation-state of Banat. Vršac’s design is made with a range of designs that carry the determinants of the city’s history, most notably Baroque and Secession designs. The atmosphere of Vršac’s streets is completed by Kibic Fensters, windows that quit into area and from wherever maidens accustomed forged back glances at passers-by.

Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife

Life will ne’er be boring if you learn to party onerous. Do not simply watch for weekends, celebrate each accomplishment or maybe your existence. Explore the Vrsac nightlife scene with pool parties, discotheques, DJ Nights, pub crawls, trance festivals and lots of additional.

Sremska Mitrovica

Sremska Mitrovica may be a town and also the place of work of the Srem District within the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia. This place is also settled on the locality of the Sava watercourse. As of 2011, the town contains a total population of thirty seven, 751 inhabitants, whereas its body space contains a population of seventy nine, 940 inhabitants. This place is also known for its underground waters. Sremska Mitrovica is one in all the oldest cities in Europe. Archaeologists have found a trace of organized human life chemical analysis from 5000 BC ahead. Ionian jewellery chemical analysis to 500BC was excavated within the town.

Once the Romans conquered the town within the first century BC, Sirmium already was a settlement with an extended tradition. Within the first century, Sirmium gained a standing of a colony of the voters of Rome, and have become a really necessary military and strategic location in Pannonia province. Sirmium is surely one of the top 10 cities known for its nightlife


Požarevac is a city situated near Braničevo District in Jap Siberia. Požarevac city is located between the Danube, nice Morava and Mlava rivers. As of 2011, the town features a population of forty four, 183 inhabitants, whereas the town body space has seventy five,334 inhabitants. Požarevac city additionally referred to as the house of the oldest farm in geographic area, Ljubičevo, the Požarevac pact, Viminacium, the District Building, the monument to blue blood Miloš, the National repository, Milena Pavlović-Barili Gallery etc. The city’s main street, Tabačka Čarsija (Tabak – a Turkish word for animal skin, carsija – a Turkish word for street), accustomed smell like animal skin. Throughout the time of the Ottomans, there have been several animal skin workshops, once that the road itself got the name.

Top 10 Cities in Serbia known for its Nightlife

Nightlife in Požarevac is incredibly vivacious. A number of the foremost widespread discotheques square measure Madona and Rolex.


Sombor is a well famous city located near West Bačka District within the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia. The town features a total population of 47,623, whereas its body space has 85,903 inhabitants. Sombor is known for its leafage, cultural life and exquisite 18th and 19th century center. The most of its famous places are The National Theater, The Regional repository, The fashion gallery, the Centre gallery, the Teacher’s school, the Serbian Reading House, and therefore the many famous colleges.

Teacher’s school, supported in 1778, is that the oldest school in geographic area and therefore the region. Like during a fairy tale during which the time has stopped for a flash, this city has managed to preserve the charm of past, and mix it wonderfully with the spirit of the individuals, age and totally different times that have come back and older the corners and therefore the streets of the city, that accustomed be an area of frontiersmen and therefore the military.

Theater culture is still alive in Sombor. You can find those theaters from all over the Sombor to Nis. Sombor is known for National Theater in whole Serbia. And that we will definitely suggest you to must visit the Theater. An evening at the theater could be a good way to pay the night in Sombor, followed by a bit additional Rakia at the numerous bars on the most pedestrian drag.

Novi Pazar

Novi Pazar is a town which is located in Raška District of south-western of Serbia. As of the 2011 census, this place has 66,527 inhabitants, whereas the town body space has a 100,410 inhabitants. The city is one of the cultural centre in Serbia and therefore the region of Sandžak. Turkish coffee, culinary art and customs abound; the previous bazaar’s agitated lanes area unit choke-full of cafes and retailers marketing Turkish merchandise from jewellery to jeans. And yet, a number of the foremost sacred Orthodox sights – a UNESCO-listed cloister and therefore the oldest church within the country – area unit on the outskirts of Novi Pazar: this was the region of the medieval Serbian state of Raška.

Novi Pazar is basically a Muslim-city. That’s the reason which make it tough to find much bars and restaurents at that place. Note additionally that almost all restaurants do not serve alcohol. Head to a kafečajnica (literally ‘coffee-teahouse’) if the robust black stuff is your poison.

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