Waterfalls in New Jersey

A U.S state lying near the Atlantic coast is the land of New Jersey. It is said to be famous for its special sights of the beaches, heavily trafficked roads, highly complicated political system, and a popularly diverse culture among the tourists. Many people are said to visit the destination during their vacations along with their friends and families. The state is said to inhibit a population of about eighty-eight lakh people as their natives. The city of Trenton is the known capital of this state along with other well-known cities like Newark, Paterson, and others. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the really attractive things about the state which is the Waterfalls in New Jersey. The state is said to be the home of many beautifully big and small waterfalls to delight the tourists who are visiting the state to get the joy of spotting them. As many as twenty natural waterfalls are said to be lasting in the land of New Jersey presently along with the other man-made parks and waterfalls which are also quite exciting to visit. The deep forests are home to many of these waterfalls as you will have to explore on trails and hikes to capture the beauty with your own eyes. These waterfalls are really lavish and would let you immerse in their surroundings without even forcing them on you. You would love to spend this time in the natural environment on your visit to these waterfalls.

List of Best Waterfalls in New Jersey

Paterson Great Falls

Waterfalls in New Jersey

The world-famous Niagara Falls is famous all over the world for its larger-than-life features all over the world. Well, then you should be happy to know that these Paterson Great Falls are said to be the second-largest waterfalls behind the greatest on the earth. This is among the best Waterfalls in New Jersey which is the best to visit along with everyone who wishes to have a great time in nature. The water from the Passaic River rushes making huge sounds of splashing water like thunderous lightning striking on land. The atmosphere is said to be worth capturing at least once in your lifetime. The waterfall is about two hundred and sixty-foot wide and has a height of seventy-seven feet. The city of Paterson is constructed around the famous waterfall by Alexander Hamilton. Hence, it is among the most popular sports in the city for tourists as well as the natives.

Buttermilk Falls

Waterfalls in New Jersey

You would definitely like to visit the largest Waterfall in New Jersey, the Buttermilk Falls. The waterfall is said to be about eighty-five feet high and is said to be quite narrow along with the height. It is set around with splendid views of the trees and high splashing water along with the adventurous path around the road. The waterfall is easily captured by the people as it lies near the roads which are heavily trafficked all time. The people who visit the spot are said to take the Buttermilk falls hiking trail to get the most of the waterfall and see every view of the waterfall. The trail is said to be quite long since it is a huge waterfall yet the hiking trip is definitely up to the mark and will be delightful if you could cope up with the hike. The total length of the hiking trail is said to be around one and a half miles long approximately. The trail allows you to spot the waterfalls from different angles and passing valley sites. The base of the waterfall is spread over a nice area so the people who visit the place can also engage in swimming around for fun when the place is not crowded. The Appalachian National Scenic Trail is also quite famous among the tourists as they will help you to explore the beautiful waterfall all in all.

Hemlock Falls

Waterfalls in New Jersey

Essex County is known for many things among the tourists who have been there and one of them is Hemlock Falls. It is among one of the best Waterfalls in New Jersey and offers a rich experience to all who get to visit the place. The South Mountain Reservation Park is the home to this famous waterfall. The park is quite huge and offers many other things to explore along with the beautiful fall. Nature enthusiasts have always adored the site and enjoyed their time here at Essex County. The Hemlock falls are said to be a special spot almost all time of the year. The tourists love the falling water as it splashes and makes thunderous sounds. The chance to capture the frozen waterfalls is more than an awesome feeling as it takes your mood on a roller coaster ride in the winters.

Tinton Falls

Waterfalls in New Jersey

Lying in the Monmouth County of the state, Tinton falls is among the best Waterfalls in New Jersey. It is said to be about nineteen feet tall and the waters run straight in the Pine Brook River. The water is beautiful as it runs continuously with a constant flow all the time. In the coastal plains of New Jersey, it is said to be the highest natural waterfall among the others which are present here. People love to visit the place along with their friends and family and have a walk around the area of the waterfall. Many people are seen to visit the place as a picnic spot on their holidays. There are a lot of great views which one can capture around the waterfall yet the best views are said to be seen from the wooden platform which lies at the seven hundred and forty-one Tinton Avenue. The place is definitely calming and lets you rest in the midst of its serene environment.

Tillman falls

The Tillman falls is said to be situated in Sussex County and is as high as seven hundred and twelve feet above ground level. It is among the best Waterfalls in New Jersey for many reasons. The Tillman falls will surely fill your fantasy to spend a great time in the trees and around the calm waters of the waterfall. Many people are said to go on trails which help you hike around the place with great fun. Many people who do not wish to go on the hiking trip can also lend a drive from the service providers as per their choice. The walking area is not as large as the bigger trails but it is surely a worth walk as you will be among the rich flora and fauna of the place and will be able to feel the calmness in the dense atmosphere.


The best Waterfalls in New Jersey are all set to keep you attracted to the state at all times of the year. These are delightful and really beautiful to spend your soothing time with your near and dear ones. Some of the other well-known waterfalls which also lie in this state are Worthington State Forest Waterfall or the laurel falls, the Chikahoki Falls, the Hacklebarney State Park, the tumble falls, the Boonton falls and many more to add to the list. These waterfalls are the must-visit sites offered to us by our mother Earth as gifts. Though these waterfalls are said to be worth watching in any season of the year the spring season is said to be the best time to capture these waterfalls as they run with a heavy flow during this time of the year.


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